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5 Secrets to Work From Home Successfully

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to start your own business and work from home. Congratulations, you are among a very fast growing trend of American small business owners that are working from home.

Gauri Singh with her brother

An Indian Entrepreneur’s Plea to Her Brother

After a heated argument, Gauri Singh wrote a letter to her brother which offers insights into the complicated nature of gender in India and is a passionate plea for hope.


Laura Zander, Founder of Jimmy Beans Wool

Knitter Turns Hobby Into a Multi-Million $ Business

By keeping an eye on the bottom line, Laura Zander has grown her tiny idea into a major success.

Dr. Maya Angelou by Dwight Carter

Maya Angelou’s Advice to Young Women Seeking Power

Develop courage, celebrate success and don’t let anyone bring you down.


Image by: psphotography / 123RF Stock Photo

25 Years Since Women Needed a Male Co-Signer

Today’s the anniversary of the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988, transforming women’s enterprise development.

Giuliana&Bill Rancic

Breast Cancer Diva

Learn how entrepreneur Roxanne Joffe found an unexpected role model in a celebrity news personality.



Fostering Female Social Entrepreneurs

Longtime activist Servane Mouazan says women are drawn to mission-based businesses. She hopes her London network will help thousands grow their social enterprises.

Seila P. Coates, Founder of BYOB

How to Be Your Own Brand

“People form an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you before you even say a word.” That’s the mantra by which Sheila P. Coates has lived her life and founded her business BYOB (Be Your Own Brand).