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Riva Richmond
Riva Richmond
Riva Richmond, the Director of Digital Media for The Story Exchange is a longtime journalist focused on technology, global business and small business. She was most recently a senior editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit and has written for The New York Times, Entrepreneur.com, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires and other national publications. Riva is passionate about travel and has traversed the Middle East, Europe, India and Central America. Formerly a dancer and then a martial artist, she now practices hatha yoga and surfs her local Rockaway break.
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Family and Eggnog Makes a Happy Christmas

Heidi Fausel’s eggnog company, Christmas Milk, won’t let a little fall misfortune ruin a season of happiness, or its annual gift to help foster kids find “forever homes.”

Riva RichmondFamily and Eggnog Makes a Happy Christmas
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Young Entrepreneurs in the Age of Obamacare

We asked young entrepreneurs at a Brooklyn coworking space what access to insurance through the Affordable Care Act has meant for them — and what they’ll do if a Republican-promised repeal means it’s taken away.

Riva RichmondYoung Entrepreneurs in the Age of Obamacare
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Scaling Up: When Equity Matters

Meet three women entrepreneurs who took on the male-dominated world of equity investing and got cash infusions to expand their companies under terms just right for them.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Equity Matters
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Scaling Up: When Debt is a Good Four-Letter Word

Many women business owners believe debt is “bad,” but it can be a very good thing for entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach, without giving up ownership or control to an equity investor.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Debt is a Good Four-Letter Word
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Scaling Up: When Cash is Queen

Laura Zander has relied on cash and cash alone to build a $9 million business. For her, getting scale has been more about honing product strategy and organizational chops than injecting capital, she says.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Cash is Queen
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When Dreams of Growth Require a Business Shift

Kryshon Bratton of Houston runs a solid pool-building company, but she sees her real opportunity for profit and scale in another sort of construction business.

Riva RichmondWhen Dreams of Growth Require a Business Shift
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Creating a Company that Gives

Rebecca Thomley has established a pervasive culture of volunteerism at Orion Associates. All of its more than 2,500 employees are expected to participate in community work.

Riva RichmondCreating a Company that Gives
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Women’s Vote Watch — The Democrats

Hillary Clinton is dominating the women’s vote in the 2016 Democratic primaries, and that edge is likely to win her the nomination.

Riva RichmondWomen’s Vote Watch — The Democrats