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December Jobs Report: Not Exactly What We Wanted

The latest weak numbers could signal more economic instability. What impact will that have on your business?
Traci Phillips_260x152 NYT

Traci Phillips: Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess

Loyal to her Native American roots, the Tulsa business owner is in the business of preserving Mother Earth with her company, Natural Evolutions.

Business: E-Waste Recycling

Nina Vaca_NYT

Nina Vaca: A Billion Dollar Story

A Latina trailblazer resurrected her IT company, Pinnacle Technical Resources, from the ashes and turned it into a major industry player.

Business: IT Solutions


Xiaoning Wang_NYTslider

Xiaoning Wang: From Mao to Manhattan

Born and raised in Beijing, the founder of ChinaSprout is selling what she knows best - Chinese culture.

Business: Cultural & Educational Products
Sheela Murthy_NYT

Sheela Murthy: Representing the American Dream

The entrepreneur's harrowing experience to get her green card led her to start her own immigration law firm.

Business: Legal Firm & Website

Nada Kiblawi, founder of NHK Consulting

Nada Kiblawi: From Refugee Camp to Successful Entrepreneur

A survivor of multiple wars, the founder of NHK Consulting has finally found safe haven and economic independence as an entrepreneur in the U.S.

Business: Engineering Consultancy


Judi_Mannequin Madness_new marquee

Judi Townsend: Woman Entrepreneur Cashes in on Body Parts

The founder of Mannequin Maddness has been selling, renting and recycling mannequins for nearly 15 years.

Business: Recycling & Reuse

Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Kommon Denominator video profile for the Story Exchange

Alma Jadallah: Immigrant Makes Peace, Near and Far

From hostile religious groups in Iraq to community boards, the 'Kommon Denominator' founder gets people to talk and resolve their problems.

Business: Conflict Resolution

Joy Opfer_new marquee

Joy Opfer: Woman Entrepreneur Turns Steel into Eco-Jewelry

The San Francisco businesswoman left her internet job to return to her steel industry roots and hand craft eco-jewelry, now worn by top celebrities.

Business: Hand-made Jewelry


Ana Perez_Marquee

Ana Perez: The Beauty of the Hair Salon

Ana Perez overcame her fear of failure to found her hair salon, Kika.

Business: Hair & Beauty Salon

Talia Leman_Featured

Talia Leman: A Random Kid Mobilizing Millions

Determined to create positive social change, Talia started RandomKid to help kids help others.

Business: Non-profit


Deborah Olivo: Simply Unstoppable

By mixing essential oils in her kitchen Deborah discovered an untapped market niche.

Business: Organic Cleansers



Elizabeth Woods: From High School Dropout to Food Entrepreneur

Elizabeth persevered through unbelievable challenges and now thrives as a leading entrepreneur serving up magnificent quiche.

Business: Home-made Food

Becky O'Neil_NYT

Becky O’Neil: Turns Passion for Pets into Major Business

After Becky became a mother she started her own pet care business to spend more time with her family.

Business: Pet Care