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Fighting For a Voice Through Song

TamTam, an LA-based singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, has found a creative way of using her voice for equality.

Candice Helfand-RogersFighting For a Voice Through Song
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Modem Sounds Were Music to Her Ears

Shaherose Charania, the entrepreneurial force behind Women 2.0 and Founder Labs, was hooked on the Internet ever since she first logged on in high school.

Candice Helfand-RogersModem Sounds Were Music to Her Ears
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Here’s One Math-tastic Belt Buckle

This gift for lovers of numbers and quirky gifts alike comes courtesy of myBeltBuckle. Our Gift Guide judges want them in multiples.

The Story ExchangeHere’s One Math-tastic Belt Buckle
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Finding the Beauty in Bacteria

Who knew bacteriophage viruses were so pretty? Our Gift Guide judges were impressed by The Vexed Muddler’s creations.

The Story ExchangeFinding the Beauty in Bacteria
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The Ladies Who Launch Tech Ventures

College prep site Best Degree Programs shines a spotlight on women business owners in tech, science and engineering in this infographic.

The Story ExchangeThe Ladies Who Launch Tech Ventures
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A Fiery Blast from the Past

Our Gift Guide judges loved the warmth and memories that come from these artistic, well-made Bunsen burner candles by Interference Design.

The Story ExchangeA Fiery Blast from the Past
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Absolutely Brilliant Building Blocks

Kids of all ages will enjoy Nerdy Baby building blocks, which teach everyone (including our Gift Guide judges) about angles, zeolites and more.

The Story ExchangeAbsolutely Brilliant Building Blocks