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Appreciations: Queen of Soul Food, Sylvia Woods

Several African-American women entrepreneurs have expressed their appreciation for Sylvia Woods following news that the “Queen of Soul Food” had died on Thursday at the age of 86 in New York. Woods, who started her soul-food restaurant in Harlem in the early 1960s, was remembered as a ground- breaking entrepreneur who paved the way for women of color.

Karin Kamp at The Story ExchangeAppreciations: Queen of Soul Food, Sylvia Woods
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Immigrant Women And Entrepreneurship

Nola Andaya-Milani, a Filipina entrepreneur and founder of the Migrentrepreneur Woman Blog is a guest blogger for The Story Exchange. She will be exploring topics related to immigrant women entrepreneurship.

Nola Andaya-MilaniImmigrant Women And Entrepreneurship
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The Rise of the Immigrant Woman Entrepreneur

When we hear the words “Thai restaurant owner,” how many people picture a man? Today, however, more and more immigrant women are taking up such entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Story ExchangeThe Rise of the Immigrant Woman Entrepreneur