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Dr. Kizzy Marie Parks of K Parks Consulting: Providing Training Solutions

"Success is not black or white. I view it as a life long journey focused on feeding my happiness, and ability to give back to the greater good."

Rebecca Eve Selkowe of Financial Fitness: Teaching Women the Meaning of Financial Confidence

"Success to me is having true financial freedom, a life filled with people you love and who love you, and work that ignites your passions."
nysa 5

Nyssa P. Chopra of iHeartMD: Creating Awareness About What We Eat

"I wanted to create a way to bring that basic food education and overall understanding of wellness to Americans through a fun, innovative, and informative way."

Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson of Ava Anderson Non Toxic: Quality Products Without Harmful Chemicals

"I define success as making a difference in chemical policy in this country, as well as changing lives through our education, products and business opportunity."
Ashley Hart

Ashley Hart of Book-a-Cook: Rent a Chef for Your Next Party

"I wanted to give chefs the opportunity to build their own brand and business and clients a once in a lifetime culinary experience."

Alexandra McConnehey of See Jane Fix: Fixing Your Smartphones with a Smile

"I want to encourage more women to learn how to do their own repairs."

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Sarah Wells of Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags: Stylish Bags for New Moms

"I want to always remember that each purchase is a person for whom I've gained their trust and their hard-earned money."
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Jen Lewis of Purse and Clutch: Fair Trade Bags for Affordable Prices

"Purse & Clutch was started as a hobby to help support a dear friend working with amazingly talented artisans in India."

Jessica Strong of Strong Trainings: A Mompreneur Helping Nonprofits

"I wanted to create a job on my own terms, where I would have the flexibility to help non-profits raise money, but also be able to block out time for volunteering at my kids' school."

beth meah 4

Beth Meah of Miorae Naturals: Ancient Beauty Care Products with a Modern Mission

"I’ve been a big fan of 100% natural beauty care products from the moment I realized that most of the beauty care products I was using were neither safe, nor healthy, or affordable."
Lisa Curtis

Lisa Curtis of Kuli Kuli: Helping Impoverished Communities in West Africa

"I founded Kuli Kuli, on a mission to change the world by turning moringa into the next big superfood and doing so in a way that nourishes people worldwide, starting with women in West Africa."

Jordan Jones of Packed Party: Delivering Themed Parties Right to Your Door

"Packed Party's top challenge is getting our name out there on limited marketing dollars."

Hannah Scarritt

Hannah Scarritt-Selman of Little Boo Boo Bakery: Gourmet Marshmellows

"What we’re finding is that people care tremendously and connect to our marshmallows on a deeply personal level. Who knew that so many childhood experiences are punctuated by marshmallows!"
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Pat Law: Business Makes Clients Cool

A dramatic family crisis led Pat to quit her job in advertising and strike out on her own.

Business: Social Media Marketing

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Lindsey M. Hively of Poptique Popcorn, LLC: Bringing New Flavors to Popcorn

"My team cannot grow to their potential if I do not give them the freedom and tools to blossom."

Lysanne Tusar_NYT_slider

Lysanne Tusar: A New Kind of Wine Business

Using innovative technology, Lysanne Tusar's winery produces local wine thousands of miles from the nearest vineyard.

Business: Urban Winery

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Ana Sortun: From Dishwasher to Head Chef

Ana Sortun, who owns three restaurants in greater Boston, discusses her rise in the kitchen.

Business: Restaurants

Emily Lagasse

Emily Lagasse of FedWell Pet foods: Homestyle Food for Dogs Everywhere

"I am thrilled to be providing homestyle food for dogs everywhere to improve their health and longevity."

sharon 3

Sharon Sands of Holistic Healing & Reiki By Sharon: Healing Others Through the Power of Reiki

"My biggest success is looking at the many lives I have touched."
hannah 4

Hannah Wright of Makeoverly.com: Answers for All Your Fashion and Beauty Queries

"We're the first fashion and beauty Q&A platform with writers who answer user questions with 400-700 word articles."
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Jennifer Shin of 8 Path Solutions LLC: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Technology with Data Science

"I was working in finance when economic conditions tanked in 2008 and as all industries began to struggle, I could only see growth in technology."


Lauren Berninger of Finding the Fabulous Inc.: A Sisterhood Inspiring Confidence in Young Women

"I started Finding the Fabulous because I wanted girls to understand the power of choice."
Tara Martin headhsot

Tara Martin of My Other Bag: Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags for the Fashion Forward

"My biggest success has been figuring out to to stay competitive in the market while keeping everything made in the USA."
Nora Lynn Leech headshot

Nora Lynn Leech of Exupery Design: Boutique Design Firm Embodies the Spirit of Adventure and Creativity

"Growth is a necessary part of life as an individual, as well as a business."