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Tara Seawright of Tara Seawright, Inc./Interior Design: Functionality Meets Beauty

"We elevate the standard of living so that our client’s homes are a reflection of who they are and how they live."

Esther Boykin of Group Therapy Associates, LLC: Changing the Face of Therapy

"I truly believe that we can't separate mental or emotional well-being from our physical health- it's a symbiotic relationship but so often we treat them as distinct entities."
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Gail Goodman of ConsulTel, Inc.: The Phone Teacher

"Sales and marketing consultants are a dime a dozen."

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Ilene Fischer of WomenLEAD: An Online Platform Changing the Way Women Lead

"I am out to make a profound difference for women in the world."
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Karima Renee of Skinny Minority: The Curvy Girl Stylist

"I teach women how to dress for the life they want."
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Penina Rybak of Socially Speaking LLC: Educational Coaching

"Successful people are those who understand their role on this earth and use that knowledge to craft a life and career for themselves where their minds and hearts are in sync with their daily routine and bank accounts."

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Zoe Kelland, Rebecca Siddall and Annemarieke Blankestein of Nakuru Children’s Project: Helping Students in Kenya

"How could we be just abandon children who'd become like our kids, teachers who had become our friends, a community that had welcomed us as one of their own?"
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Sara Buchanan of Your Talent Bridge: Effective College Campus Recruiting

"I left corporate America after seeing a market opportunity in campus recruiting with virtually no competition and founded Your Talent Bridge."
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Richa Dikshit of Yellow Giraffe: Meaningful Toys for Kids

"At Yellow Giraffe the focus is to sell toys based on skill development."

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Kim Anthony of Fitness Galore: Creating a Virtual Fitness Community

"I love every aspect of running my own business including the ups and downs, challenges, demanding schedule, daily expectations and everything in between."
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Devi Raissa Rahmawati of Rabbit Hole: Helping Children Fall in Love with Reading

"The goal is to make children fall in love with reading."
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Sally Ormond of Briar Copywriting Ltd: Copywriting as a Mompreneur

"I believe any mum who has found a way to balance her family life with the business world is someone to look up to."

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Jaclyn Mullen of Jaclyn Mullen Media: Social Media for Small Businesses

"We're bootstrapping, working hard and committed to treating our customers like family."
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Natalie Cutler-Welsh of Go to Girl: Making Social Media Fun

"Success to me is about lifestyle design."

Krittika Khandelwal of Soothi: Socially Conscious Fashion

"I wanted to start a company that would allow me to pursue my passion for fashion and jewelry, while making a positive impact on underprivileged communities around the world."

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Debbie Blacher of Wholesome Tummies: Making a Difference in the Food our Children Eat

"I wanted my kids to eat right, but I was working and pregnant with my third boy at the time, so my frustration quickly mounted, until one day I created the concept of Wholesome Tummies."
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Stacey Sanchez of Holistic Healer & Wellness Inc: Holistic Healing for Every Aspect of Your Life

"When a client sends me a testimonial or calls and tells me how my products have helped them, it gives me the greatest feeling in the world!"
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Maryum Farhan of The Market Find: Bringing Bohemia Home

"There was a 50% chance of failure, but "so what?" I asked myself. I decided to try."

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Katie Pietrak of Vinyl Journals: Old Records Get a New Life

"To me, success is neither a destination nor an achievement, it is a constant journey."
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Ileaa Swift of Swift Travel Deals: Travel for Every Budget

"I love that I can use my presence in the travel industry as a platform for philanthropy through volunteer efforts and community service."
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Molly Hayward of Cora: Organic Hygiene Products for Every Woman

"I wanted to ensure that no girl ever had to miss days of school during her period because she lacked access to affordable sanitary pads."

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Chaundra Smith of Naturally Me: Treating Skin with Nature’s Bounty

"I wanted to provide an affordable, natural alternative to the products that were currently on the market."
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Stephanie David of PopNod: Doing Good While You Shop

"Why can’t giving back be a part of my everyday routine?"
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Alli Truttmann of Wicked Sheets LLC: Don’t Sweat Sleep

"The more you can shorten your time spent on the learning curve, the more successful you will become."