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Cathy Lander-Goldberg: Self-Expression Through Photography

“In the early 90s I was teaching photography to at-risk adolescents while working as a freelance photographer. I saw how they benefitted from self-expression in many ways. That was the impetus for opening Photo Explorations, a photography learning center for teens.”

Victoria FlexnerCathy Lander-Goldberg: Self-Expression Through Photography
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Ranjani Iyengar: Quirky Stationary & Invitations

“I’ve realized that when you’re extremely passionate about something, you do not need glamorous degrees or elaborate strategies. The answers just come to you organically.”

Victoria FlexnerRanjani Iyengar: Quirky Stationary & Invitations
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Ana V. Ramirez: A Photographer Finds Her Calling

“I want to encourage other creatives to embrace their weirdness and find their personal version of happiness rather than following someone else’s idea of success.”

Victoria FlexnerAna V. Ramirez: A Photographer Finds Her Calling
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Natalie Chan: Coworking and Events Grow in Brooklyn

“In general, communication is always the challenge. It is not because making it happen is hard. It is because the people I need to communicate with are surrealistically diverse, on the individual level as well as the cultural/social level.”

Victoria FlexnerNatalie Chan: Coworking and Events Grow in Brooklyn