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Shenoba Kinsey of Fuzionz Magazine: A Youth Outreach Magazine

"I wanted the community's story to be heard."
Deborah Mason Dudley headshot 2

Deborah Mason Dudley of Deborah Mason School of Dance: 30 Years of Dance

"I've always known that the arts could be a force of change in children’s lives, and I wanted to reach out to the community I loved by sharing my passion."
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JoAnna Johnson of Pluck A String Music: Inspiring Others with Her Music

"The violin and I were connected for the greater good and I remind myself of that daily."


Rochelle Carter of Ellechor Media LLC: Publishing Books With a Purpose

"I saw an opportunity to create something sustainable that would help authors' voices be heard."

Margaret Lam of BeMused Network: Dive Into the Toronto Arts Community

"Our success will be defined by our ability to amplify the potential of the collective into something greater than the sum of its parts."
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Jane Duffus of What the Frock Comedy: Making you Laugh

"The comedy clubs weren't booking them, the TV shows weren't booking them, the radio panels weren't booking them. Yet I knew there were hundreds of brilliantly funny women out there."


Iram Parveen Bilal of Parveen Shah Productions: Quality Independent Films

"If you are continually developing in every chunk of time, then you are successful."
Tze Chun

Tze Chun: Uprise Art–Art Collection Made Simple

With Uprise Art, we're creating a sustainable model for art creation and collecting.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: SOC Films – Oscar-Winning Director Revolutionizing Pakistani Film

Success is the ability to produce the content that you want without compromise on your ethics, quality and vision.

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Dianne Bennett: Cinema Suites Bed & Breakfast & Millionaires-Matchmaker.com — Matching Up Hollywood’s Rich and Beautiful

I always had beautiful girlfriends and rich handsome men friends; I would introduce them and they'd run off together, so I became a matchmaker.
Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak: Miss O & Friends — A Safe Virtual Place for Kids to Play

Everything we do is “by girls, for girls” and when girls see that and thank us, I know we’re successful.
Audrey Bell-Kearney

Audrey Bell-Kearney: Ms. Boss Media — Single Mom Starts Business to Create a Good Life for Child

I started my business because I was a single parent and I wanted to create a good life for my daughter. I hated my job at the time and every day I went to work I felt like I was loosing myself.

Suzanne (Suz) Mauro

Suzanne (Suz) Mauro: Style Everyday With Suz — Making Pittsburgh Stylish

I feel Success is about enhancing who you are, and unlike fashion, it's personal. Success is all about the individual...
The Story Exchange, Dana Morgan, The Melody Book

Dana Morgan: The Melody Book– Educating The Modern Day Mozart

I'm a big fan of music and art, and as a software engineer, I take special interest in the crossover between art and technology.
The Story Exchange, Andeisha Farid, AFCECO

Andeisha Farid: Afghan Child Education and Care Organization — Raising a New Generation of Boys and Girls

For me there is a practical remedy for the ignorance, oppression, hatred, and poverty so deeply imbedded in society; raise a new generation of boys and girls.

Greenlight Coach, The Story Exchange

Jessica Sitomer: The Greenlight Coach– Seminars And Coaching For The Entertainment Industry

Once I learned that the business skills I'd learned in college and sales training from supplemental income jobs translated to entertainment, my whole career changed for the better.
CJ Johnson Writes, The Story Exchange

CJ Johnson: CJ Johnson Writes!– Savvy Storytelling

I was a frustrated freelance copywriter that made the decision to become a professional author when I just couldn't continue to write the stories of others, while neglecting my own.
The Story Exchange, Jane Whyte, Spirit Journey Creations

Jane Whyte: Spirit Journey Creations– Doing What You Love

My biggest success was finally being able to dedicate the rest of my life to doing what I love to do. My artwork.

The Story Exchange, Velma Crawford, Veez Ties That Bind

Velma Crawford: Veez Ties That Bind– Creating Apron Art

Creating and designing aprons were initially only meant to be a hobby used as a means of healing and remaining focused during a time of a serious illnesses.
The Story Exchange, MaryBeth Reeves, Scrapbook Mamma

MaryBeth Reeves: Scrapbook Mamma– Side Hobby To Main Source Of Income

I make custom photo books for those who want to do something wonderful with their pictures, but don’t have the time or the inclination to do it themselves.
The Story Exchange, Danielle Inez, Pink Robin Avenue

Danielle Inez: Pink Robin Avenue– Designer Events Delivered

I've developed a new web application that will allow users to be matched with the perfect party theme.

The Story Exchange, Rachel Hurley, Musistic

Rachel Hurley: Musistic– Platform For Musicians To Collaborate

Two musicians and two former music recording studio employees have joined forces to build a platform for musicians.
The Story Exchange, Nicole Balthazar, Dyverse City

Nicole Balthazar: Dyverse City– Housing The Artists & Entrepreneurial Community

After graduating from college, I soon realized that there were very few career choices that were available for me to move into.
The Story Exchange, Jessica L. Porter, Porter Contemporary

Jessica L. Porter: Porter Contemporary– Supporting Art That Pushes Boundaries And The Emerging Artists

I knew a lot of great artists without representation and had a lot of private clients looking for great art...I figured, I'll just open a gallery and it will be so easy!