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Gauri Nanda of Toymail: Keeping Families Connected Without More Screen Time

"We want to encourage open-ended, experimental play but do so in a way that is up-to-speed with advancing technology."
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Mridula Arora of My Baby Cart: Empowering Indian Women Through E-Commerce

"Women often leave their careers when their baby is born, but they don't have to leave their financial freedom."

Julia Pimsleur headshot

Julia Pimsleur of Little Pim: A New Language Learning Program for Kids

"I discovered was that there were no high quality education materials for teaching toddlers a foreign language, so I set out to create them for myself."

Alexandra Mayzler of Thinking Caps Group: Helping Children Succeed

"The ultimate success is to learn and progress while staying true to my original mission of helping students."
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Neelam Chakrabarty of Yoyochimp: Activities and Programs for Kids

"As a working mom of two kids, I was always frustrated that I could not easily find good after school activities and summer camps for my kids."

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Richa Dikshit of Yellow Giraffe: Meaningful Toys for Kids

"At Yellow Giraffe the focus is to sell toys based on skill development."
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Devi Raissa Rahmawati of Rabbit Hole: Helping Children Fall in Love with Reading

"The goal is to make children fall in love with reading."
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Debbie Blacher of Wholesome Tummies: Making a Difference in the Food our Children Eat

"I wanted my kids to eat right, but I was working and pregnant with my third boy at the time, so my frustration quickly mounted, until one day I created the concept of Wholesome Tummies."

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Jackie Zlatanovski of FLIK FLOPS: Lighting the Way for Kids

"We want to prove that kids sometimes do have the best ideas."

Eileen Sloan of EZLeaps: Shoe Tying Tricks

"I thought, 'If I had a dime for every shoe I've tied...I'd be a millionaire."
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Christiane Kerr of Calm for Kids: Children’s Yoga

"I saw how well the kids in my classes responded when I introduced them to yoga, which has been a profoundly beneficial experience in my own life."


Michelle Isrow of Mimilounge: All About Comfort

"For a year we searched for solutions. We were on a mission to create comfort for all."

Pooja Goyal of Intellitots: Learning From and For Children

"My day may be full of stress, but I find peace at night knowing that we’ve made a difference in a child’s life."

Shaan Kandawalla of PlayDate Digital: Education Everywhere

"Being a mom of a preschooler gives me insight into how kids are using technology in their lives, and how important it is to have quality content that supports their development."

Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan: Trouble the Dog–Canine Comfort for All Ages

To date, Trouble The Dog is in the arms of thousands of children all over the world; that's success to me. Trouble has a little spirit about him that kids can feel--he has the ability to comfort them and make them smile.
carolyn L

Carolyn Lanzetta: Plum Print–One-of-a-Kind Art Books

The parents love the solution for storing everything and the children love the ability to access all of their creativity by simply turning the pages of their "published" book! This process has now given my daughter the most tre...

Julie DeFruscio: Pump Wear Inc. — Inspired By Her Daughter’s Illness

Success to us is giving back to the community which is something we do every year, we help send 20 families of children with diabetes to a free family diabetes weekend.

Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak: Miss O & Friends — A Safe Virtual Place for Kids to Play

Everything we do is “by girls, for girls” and when girls see that and thank us, I know we’re successful.
Sarah Tamilarasan

Sarah Tamilarasan: Upscale Mom – Successfully Tackles Her Start-Up’s Top Challenge

I would think I am successful if Upscale Mom replaces the income from my day job and gives me financial security.
The Story Exchange, Dana Morgan, The Melody Book

Dana Morgan: The Melody Book– Educating The Modern Day Mozart

I'm a big fan of music and art, and as a software engineer, I take special interest in the crossover between art and technology.

The Story Exchange, Paula Roeske, PRK Products

Paula Roeske: PRK Products– Finally, Turning Ideas Into Prototypes

I had sat on my baby product ideas for almost 10 years when I finally decided enough is enough, "Paula, make the time to take these ideas from paper to prototype."
The Story Exchange, Linda Russell, MugsyClicks

Linda Russell: MugsyClicks– Revolutionizing The School Portrait Photo Service Industry

I was a very successful wedding portrait photographer who was crazy enough to believe that kids and parents deserved a better school portrait product.
The Story Exchange, Julie Quinnan, Flying Buttress

Julie Quinnan: Flying Buttress– Two Moms With A Dream Of Snappy Bags Everywhere

After becoming a mom, I went back to work, but soon realized I was ready to take a leap and focus on my own idea - girls’ bags with interchangeable and customizable exterior panels.