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Karima Renee of Skinny Minority: The Curvy Girl Stylist

"I teach women how to dress for the life they want."

Krittika Khandelwal of Soothi: Socially Conscious Fashion

"I wanted to start a company that would allow me to pursue my passion for fashion and jewelry, while making a positive impact on underprivileged communities around the world."
Maryum Farhan headshot

Maryum Farhan of The Market Find: Bringing Bohemia Home

"There was a 50% chance of failure, but "so what?" I asked myself. I decided to try."

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Annette Williams of Pretty & Plus Boutique: Affordable Style for Every Size

"When you look good, you feel good and we pride ourselves on being an entity that builds self esteem."
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Susan Di Meo of Synderela: Modern Wedding Dresses

"If I've influenced one woman to go after what she wants, then I've succeeded."

Michelle Isrow of Mimilounge: All About Comfort

"For a year we searched for solutions. We were on a mission to create comfort for all."

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Georgia Alexandra Davis of Silver Continent Fine Jewelry: Sustainable Beauty

"A love for hand crafting as well as quality luxury products--specifically jewelry with a sustainable and attainable aspect--drives my company vision."

Robin Pulewitz of the Relentless Group: Filling a Gap in the Market

"I had been running multimillion dollar departments for others; I could have gone back to a weekly paycheck and wonder, 'what if?', or do this for myself."
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Anna Moody of British Brazilian: Stylish, Ethical Choices

"Before I started my company, I knew I was meant for bigger things; I had big dreams and wasn't able to ignore them."


Samar Mehdi: Samar Mehdi Designer Wear — Breathing New Life into Pakistani Couture

When I come face to face with a client and they tell me they love my clothes, that is the greatest reward.

Julie DeFruscio: Pump Wear Inc. — Inspired By Her Daughter’s Illness

Success to us is giving back to the community which is something we do every year, we help send 20 families of children with diabetes to a free family diabetes weekend.

Saba Asad: Glow Boutique – Thriving in Pakistan’s Fashion World

Success is when I go to an event or a mall and I see women dressed in my label feeling beautiful in it!


Mia Resurreccion McDonald: Borrowed Life MC, LLC — Turning Tragedy Into Opportunity

In February of 2007, I was walking across a railroad crossing. I heard the train whistle but I knew it was only coming around the curve. I do not remember what happened after that.
Eugene Hwang_YSE

Eugene Hwang: Beff — South Korean Woman Entrepreneur Offers Exclusive Fashion

I supply only limited [fashion] items to customers so they feel no one else has the same item.
Molly Kellogg

Molly Kellogg: Bulu Mango — Taking Away the Need for Aid & Directly Investing in Real Talent

Look good, feel good, do good - this is how Bulu Mango defines success.

Tania Steryl

Tania Sterl: Sterl on Style – Dressing Women for Success

Success is doing work that you love and inspiring others to follow their passions and live their lives to the fullest.
The Story Exchange,Alison Lucien, Eleanor's

Alison Lucien: Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories– Entrepreneur Who Bikes In Style

I couldn’t find high-quality, fashionable accessories to add style to my bike while I commuted to work.
The Story Exchange, Jill Boehler, Chilly Jilly

Jill Boehler: Chilly Jilly– Feeling Chilly In The Summertime AC Blast?

I did not set out to start a company, I simply had a problem that I thought was common to most women.

The Story Exchange, Galya Harish, Wear My Prayer

Galya Harish: Wear My Prayer– On The Roller Coaster Of Entrepreneurship

During my maternity leave, and just turning 40, I decided to follow my dreams and do something meaningful for myself and for others.
The Story Exchange, Sandra Leon C, Gold Lion Peru

Sandra Leon C.: Gold Lion Peru– Join Family Business Or Start Her Own?

It all starts with the family business, 15 years of experience in the textile and fashion sector, thanks to the knowledge gained from my parents.
The Story Exchange, Sharanda Foster, Suga Boutique

Sharanda Foster: Suga Boutique– The Blessing In Losing One Job, To Creating Another

Leaving that job was a blessing to me because it gave me the freedom to start my own business; which was something that I had wanted to do for years.

The Story Exchange, Mercedes Benavides, Wayra

Mercedes Benavides: Wayra– Using Business To Give Back To The Mining Communities in Peru

I want to promote sustainable development in mining communities. I want to give back society what gives me.

Sarvamangala: Anagha — Innovative Clothing Designs Created by Handloom Weavers

Starting at 42 years, there was no time for failure - success was the one and only option.
Heneka Watkis-Porter_TSE

Heneka Watkis-Porter: Patwa Apparel Limited — Jamaican Clothing with International Appeal

For the first three and half years I worked full time while pursuing my business part time. Getting over the fear of the unknown to quit full time employment was my greatest achievement.