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Jaclyn Mullen of Jaclyn Mullen Media: Social Media for Small Businesses

"We're bootstrapping, working hard and committed to treating our customers like family."
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Natalie Cutler-Welsh of Go to Girl: Making Social Media Fun

"Success to me is about lifestyle design."
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Stacey Sanchez of Holistic Healer & Wellness Inc: Holistic Healing for Every Aspect of Your Life

"When a client sends me a testimonial or calls and tells me how my products have helped them, it gives me the greatest feeling in the world!"

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Yanez Perez of Instead Image Consulting: Wardrobe Empowerment

"We want our customers to look and feel good about whatever it is that they do."
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Cheryl Frazer of DMVLINKUP.com: Sharing Opportunities with Others

"Success should not be measured in comparison to others, but rather by pursuing your own calling."
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Alison Martin-Books of Mentoring Women’s Network: Women Helping Women

"It was easy to feel good knowing the work I was doing was positively impacting others."

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Laurel Donnellan of Bright Livelihoods: Finding Your Purpose

"My role on this planet is to translate ancient wisdom into an accessible program designed to help people find and follow their calling."
Dara Barwick

Dara Barwick of Dara Barwick Consulting: Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

"I have found that is a huge advantage to being my own boss, I can choose to spend my time exactly how I wish."
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Beth Freschi of A Time for Expression: Inspiring Words

"I learned that I need to focus on my own business, and use my time, energy and resources to build something that reflects my vision."


Iris Wangermann Intercultural Training: The End of Culture Shock

"My aim is to make people aware of the beauty and necessity of cultural diversity."
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Ann marie Houghtailing of the Millionaire Girls’ Movement: A Dollar Out of Nothing

"Without question, creating my destiny--on my terms, in my own style--has been my greatest success."
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Dianne Bennett: Cinema Suites Bed & Breakfast & Millionaires-Matchmaker.com — Matching Up Hollywood’s Rich and Beautiful

I always had beautiful girlfriends and rich handsome men friends; I would introduce them and they'd run off together, so I became a matchmaker.


Niquenya D. Fulbright: Building Bridges Chicago LLC — Coaching Dreamers Into Entrepreneurs

I think success is very personal to every individual. If I had to pinpoint it to a universal definition, it would be "the place you arrive at when you can look all around you and just smile."
Colleen McCarthy

Colleen McCarthy: On Pointe Nutrition, LLC — Former Professional Dancer Turned Nutritional Guru

My biggest challenge has been learning how to balance running a business, having a life and keeping myself healthy at the same time.
Tania Steryl

Tania Sterl: Sterl on Style – Dressing Women for Success

Success is doing work that you love and inspiring others to follow their passions and live their lives to the fullest.


Goldina Erowele, PharmD, RPh: CareNovateMag.com — Working Mom Empowers Patients To Be Their Own Healthcare Advocate

As a working mom, work life balance has been part of the challenge. Accepting help and respite has been one of the ways to address this.

Linda L. Eubanks: Outsourcing Outlet, Ltd — Not Letting The Fear Of Success Stand In Her Way

I define success as being who you are from the heart and sharing with all that you come in contact with to make a difference.

Jing Zhao Cesarone: ChinaWise — Dramatic Life Events Inspired Her to Connect with Her Roots via Business

I realized more than ever that life is short and I have to live it the way I always wanted: to become an entrepreneur and connect US and China in business and culture.

The Story Exchange, Michele Israel Educational Writing and Consulting, Michele Israel

Michele Israel: Michele Israel Educational Writing and Consulting– The Power Of Working Independently

I realized that this was something I could do: consult, freelance because while not an in-house "player" per se, I was super motivated, focused, able to work independently.
The Story Exchange, Ekaterina Ramirez, EnergyMatch.ca

Ekaterina Ramirez: EnergyMatch.ca– Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Businesses

I started with a simple intention: to teach people about mindset. Overtime I focused my business on entrepreneurs specifically with a purpose to help them grow their businesses with more ease.
The Story Exchange, Laura Garrett, OneDecision

Laura Garrett: Ondecision– Complicated Decision Making, Simplified

I had learned about a consumer preference measurement technique back in business school and thought, “I sure wish I could use that tool for myself right now.”

The Story Exchange, Carol Willems, Royal Match

Carol Willems: Royal Match– Boutique Matchmaking Service

After spending many years researching the matchmaking industry, I discovered a need for a boutique matchmaking service that could meet the various needs of the Christian singles community.
The Story Exchange, Dr. Garnett Newcombe and Kay Woods, CEO Real Talk

Dr. Garnett Newcombe and Kay Woods: CEO Real Talk– Entrepreneurs Building Stronger Networks

We founded CEO Real Talk as an extension of our own companies to deliver effective strategies to business people, based upon over a decade of professional experience.
The Story Exchange, Claudia Toledo, People Strategy

Claudia Toledo: People Strategy– It’s All About The People

I always wanted to have my own company and find the perfect work-life balance.