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Nicole McCullum Headshot

Nicole McCullum of Captivate Designs, Inc.: Flexible, Supportive Graphic Design

"I wanted to help small business owners present a strong image for their business to be able to compete in the larger market."

Lindsay Espinoza: Lulu Designs — Living The Design Dream

Lindsay Espinoza, the owner and lead designer [of Lulu Designs], found her passion and decided to learn every aspect of interior design.
Shareah Mohktar_YSE

Shareah Mokhtar: Cartoons and Caricatures — Touching Hearts Through Darwings

I am passionate about my drawing and I am at peace when I am absolutely engrossed in my projects.

Maria Luisa Castellanos

Maria Luisa Castellanos: United Architects, Inc. — A Solid 25 Years in a Male-Dominated Industry

Having been able to last for over 25 years in this business, which is primarily a male-dominated business, and accumulate a portfolio of work which is rather good in my opinion.
The Story Exchange, Nicole Rivers, One Third Tribal

Nicole Rivers: One Third Tribal– Connecting People With Unique Home Goods

I started One Third Tribal so that I could connect with people. I believe that my purpose is tied to my ability to help people be happy, and to find beauty in the things around them.
The Story Exchange, Sandra Leon C, Gold Lion Peru

Sandra Leon C.: Gold Lion Peru– Join Family Business Or Start Her Own?

It all starts with the family business, 15 years of experience in the textile and fashion sector, thanks to the knowledge gained from my parents.

The Story Exchange, Sharon Davison, Red Sky Blue Water

Sharon Davison: Red Sky Blue Water– A “Can-Do-Anything” Attitude In Business

Wanted to put my money where my mouth was and build a better work environment with interesting projects, employees and customers.
The Story Exchange, Esmerelda Kent, Kinkaraco

Esmerelda Kent: Kinkaraco– Green Burial Products

After working 25+ years as a costume designer and a sincere Buddhist practice, I wanted to do something more meaningful to help people.
The Story Exchange, Gemma Regalado, Jane and Philbert

Gemma Regalado: Jane&Philbert– Creative Outlet to Full-Time Business

Jane&Philbert was started as little creative outlet designing custom logos after I closed down my first freelancing business.

The Story Exchange, Sunny Bonnell, Motto

Sunny Bonnell: Motto — Bringing Stories To Life

We wanted to make a difference with the work we created, furthering the mission of inspiring companies.
The Story Exchange, Yemisi Makinde, YEMISII

Yemisi Makinde: YEMISII– Unique, Handmade Accessories

I wanted to create one of a kind handmade accessories for people who wanted to express their unique style and stand out from the crowd.
The Story Exchange, Velma Crawford, Veez Ties That Bind

Velma Crawford: Veez Ties That Bind– Creating Apron Art

Creating and designing aprons were initially only meant to be a hobby used as a means of healing and remaining focused during a time of a serious illnesses.

The Story Exchange, Danielle Inez, Pink Robin Avenue

Danielle Inez: Pink Robin Avenue– Designer Events Delivered

I've developed a new web application that will allow users to be matched with the perfect party theme.
Tanya Khanna, Epistle Communications, Design, PR, The Story Exchange

Tanya Khanna: Epistle Communications– Bridging The Gap Between Design & Practice

Traditionally, most Indian architects, designers and design practices have steered away from communication activities.
Karen Milde;Reframe Marketing; Marketing and PR; The Story Exchange

Karen Milde: Reframe Marketing– Taking Risks and Dreaming Big

My top challenge has so far been staying committed to being a business owner while a majority of people around me tell me to go back and get a job and say why are you working this hard.

Barbara Alink; The Alinker Inventions Ltd.; The Story Exchange; Medical

Barbara Alink: The Alinker Inventions Ltd.–Walking Made Easy And In-Style

Success ultimately is when people 'get it' that I am doing the business because I deeply believe that thousands of people can benefit from using the Alinker.

Swati Vaidya: I Design

Reason for starting was very simple, to be financially independent and to be able to do what one knows & loves the most in one's own time.

Angelina Sereno: Skybox Creative

I was in the design industry for 6 years prior to starting my own firm and wanted to do things differently...to create a fun company culture and ultimately to give back to world in a significant way.

Rachel Thompson

Rachel L. Thompson: R&M Social Media

I started R&M Social Media because I felt like I was letting my talents go to waste. I got tired of wishing and wanted to start doing!

Amanda Aitken: The Girl’s Guide to Web Design

My goal is to smash a few key beliefs: that web design can’t be learned, that you need to pay thousands to a pro to get a site or blog designed, and that coding is boring and only for geeky men.
Hanny Lerner_NYT

Hanny Lerner: Creating Fashion for Furniture

Hanny Lerner left her religious roots behind to found a chic furniture restoration company.

Business: Furniture Restoration


michele french

Michele French: Michel French Technical Services

I was laid-off from my regular job almost 2 years ago, but during my tenure as an employee, I worked part-time on building my own business.
Calla Gold

Calla Gold: Calla Gold Jewelry

When I started out at 19-years-old I tried to dress older and felt a bit of a fraud in that I was so young to have employees and be out getting business.
Karen Lea Belton_wreath

Karen Lea Belton: Beautiful Wreaths and Craft Creations

My biggest success is my unwillingness to give up on myself. Each year I embarc on making a way for my business to succeed.