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heather 4

Heather Sandford of The Piggery: A Farm-To-Table Butcher Shop & Wholesaler

"We wanted to help make local, pasture raised meats more accessible to our community and the surrounding region."
Brooke Siem & Leslie Feinberg

Brooke Siem & Leslie Feinberg of Prohibition Bakery: New York City’s Alcoholic Cupcake Company

"I found, as did Brooke, that there really weren't any stable employment opportunities in our desired fields, so we decided to make our own opportunity."
samantha 2

Samantha Abrams of Emmy’s Organics: Vegan, Raw & Gluten-Free Never Tasted So Good

"There are days when we look at financial statements and come up with a number of ideas but we still are not sure what the right move is! We address this by asking a ton of questions."

nysa 5

Nyssa P. Chopra of iHeartMD: Creating Awareness About What We Eat

"I wanted to create a way to bring that basic food education and overall understanding of wellness to Americans through a fun, innovative, and informative way."
Ashley Hart

Ashley Hart of Book-a-Cook: Rent a Chef for Your Next Party

"I wanted to give chefs the opportunity to build their own brand and business and clients a once in a lifetime culinary experience."
Lisa Curtis

Lisa Curtis of Kuli Kuli: Helping Impoverished Communities in West Africa

"I founded Kuli Kuli, on a mission to change the world by turning moringa into the next big superfood and doing so in a way that nourishes people worldwide, starting with women in West Africa."

Hannah Scarritt

Hannah Scarritt-Selman of Little Boo Boo Bakery: Gourmet Marshmellows

"What we’re finding is that people care tremendously and connect to our marshmallows on a deeply personal level. Who knew that so many childhood experiences are punctuated by marshmallows!"
lindsey 8

Lindsey M. Hively of Poptique Popcorn, LLC: Bringing New Flavors to Popcorn

"My team cannot grow to their potential if I do not give them the freedom and tools to blossom."
Lysanne Tusar_NYT_slider

Lysanne Tusar: A New Kind of Wine Business

Using innovative technology, Lysanne Tusar's winery produces local wine thousands of miles from the nearest vineyard.

Business: Urban Winery


Ana Sortun_NYT_slider_final

Ana Sortun: From Dishwasher to Head Chef

Ana Sortun, who owns three restaurants in greater Boston, discusses her rise in the kitchen.

Business: Restaurants

Emily Lagasse

Emily Lagasse of FedWell Pet foods: Homestyle Food for Dogs Everywhere

"I am thrilled to be providing homestyle food for dogs everywhere to improve their health and longevity."
Nelly Garcia headshot

Nelly Garcia of Rocheli Patisserie: Custom Made Cakes for Any Occasion

"Success means being able to create change, not just for yourself but for a community."

Maria-Lola headshot

Maria-Lola Edun of La Signorina Chocolates: Fashionable Chocolate for the Socially-Conscious Sweet Tooth

"I believe Fair Trade products can be a luxury item just like any other luxury brand."
mary headshot 5

Mary Allstead of Mix Cupcake Co.: Creating Success One Cupcake At a Time

"I love being a business owner and I would never want to go back to a normal job."
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Debbie Blacher of Wholesome Tummies: Making a Difference in the Food our Children Eat

"I wanted my kids to eat right, but I was working and pregnant with my third boy at the time, so my frustration quickly mounted, until one day I created the concept of Wholesome Tummies."

marlene headshot small

Marlene Luterman of Calabasas Cake & Cookie Co.: Edible Happiness

"The world is a tough place and I want to make it a bit easier, even with just one bite of a cookie."

Carol Mark of The Love of Tea: Social Change in Every Cup

"After a cancer diagnosis, my rediscovery of tea's health benefits helped me focus on tea as a business opportunity."
monisola Banwo

Monisola Banwo of Pastries 4 U: Cakes for all Occasions

"A definitive success of mine was when I finally bought a gas oven after saving up for more than 9 months, which helped me launch my business."


Nicole Patel: Delysia Chocolatier — Baking Passion into Business Profit

Success for Delysia Chocolatier is watching the faces of patrons enjoying our chocolates for the first time.
Nilofer Saeed

Nilofer Saeed: The Hobnob Group — Introducing Pakistan to The World of Organic Foods

We face challenges that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

Sarah Gross: Rescue Chocolates — Saving Animals by Selling Chocolate

Success is having enough of a profit each month to turn over a donation to an animal rescue organization, and knowing that my funds are used to save the lives of homeless or abused animals.

Tania Shehzad

Tania Shehzad: The Kitchen at 225 — Son’s 1st Birthday Inspired an Entreprenurial Mama

I define success as achieving an end goal with a feeling of contentment, pride and joy.
Coffee Cafe Yada_YSE

Jung Kyung: Coffee Cafe Yeda – Purveyor in the Korean Coffee Beans Market

I realized the explosive increase of coffee bars in Korea and decided to advance in the distribution business of coffee beans.
Rafinera kurucusu Didem Altinbasak Tulgan (Recai Komur 20.01.2010)

Didem Altınbaşak Tulgan: Rafinera — Developed Turkey’s 1st Daily Meal Plan Service

Success is to reach targeted point in a best way. In my opinion, with the right strategy and the correct targeting, everybody can achieve their goals.