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Nadia Moolman: Re-Inventing Confectionary

“I was searching for products that I could give my kids that would be suitable for school, add to their nutritional intakes and be free from allergens and preservatives.”

Victoria FlexnerNadia Moolman: Re-Inventing Confectionary
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Nidhi Pant: A Platform for Farmers

“It was during the floods of 2013 in India, while spearheading the relief campaigns, that I realized that I wanted to drive the social change that transforms disparities into better, sustainable balances.”

Victoria FlexnerNidhi Pant: A Platform for Farmers
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Monisha Sudakar: Baking From Home

“I wasn’t a 9-5 job kind of person and wanted to do something on my own and in simple words, I wanted to be the boss!”

Victoria FlexnerMonisha Sudakar: Baking From Home
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Priyanka Bardhan: Homemade Food Ordering & Delivery

“The concept of GharKaAahar came from the idea of empowering these home-makers, so that they can showcase their culinary creativity and also make some additional income.”

Victoria FlexnerPriyanka Bardhan: Homemade Food Ordering & Delivery