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Kim Anthony of Fitness Galore: Creating a Virtual Fitness Community

"I love every aspect of running my own business including the ups and downs, challenges, demanding schedule, daily expectations and everything in between."
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Stacey Sanchez of Holistic Healer & Wellness Inc: Holistic Healing for Every Aspect of Your Life

"When a client sends me a testimonial or calls and tells me how my products have helped them, it gives me the greatest feeling in the world!"
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Chaundra Smith of Naturally Me: Treating Skin with Nature’s Bounty

"I wanted to provide an affordable, natural alternative to the products that were currently on the market."

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Yoki K. Hanley of itiba: A Tradition of Natural Skin Care

"I do all of this for my five daughters, because as females we have everything stacked against us from birth."
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Khadija Fajry of KENZA International Beauty: Turning Beauty into Generosity

"Success is being able to share your blessings with those in need."
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Sherri Sue Fisher of TimerDiet: Creativity in a Second Career

"As I was approaching my fifties, I thought it was time to let my more creative side have a chance."


Michelle Isrow of Mimilounge: All About Comfort

"For a year we searched for solutions. We were on a mission to create comfort for all."

Anndi McAfee of FitMuses: Healthy Inspiration From Friends

"Success is that moment after you fall down, when you pick yourself back up and take another step. That makes me very successful because I am quite the klutz. I fall down often, but I always get back up, even if it hurts."

Beth Meah of Miorae Naturals: Natural Products, Beautiful Skin

"Success is when you can make a living off of what you are truly passionate about, inspire positive action, and provide a solution to a problem that either adds value to what already exists or changes the way people think and l...


Tanya Maslach of GOTRIbal: Personalized Fitness Communities

"How is it that millions of women drive the purchasing decisions around health & fitness, yet there is not one place that brings all these smart social connections together?"
Nadya Saib

Nadya Saib: Wangsa Jelita: Natural, Local Beauty

The spirit of introducing and producing truly natural personal care products remains the same, but the way we conduct our business has evolved - from a traditional profit maximizing business to a social enterprise that empowers...

Dee Williams: Kanjin Yoga — Computer Techie Turned Master Yogi

Success for me is when, at the end of a gentle yoga class, the student has found bliss inside themselves.

Nilofer Saeed

Nilofer Saeed: The Hobnob Group — Introducing Pakistan to The World of Organic Foods

We face challenges that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

Julie DeFruscio: Pump Wear Inc. — Inspired By Her Daughter’s Illness

Success to us is giving back to the community which is something we do every year, we help send 20 families of children with diabetes to a free family diabetes weekend.

Annette d. Giacomazzi: CastCoverz! – Overcame Adversity & Built Her Business

It was when we started receiving compliments from strangers that I realized I was on to something.


Irina Chirashnya: Academy of Fencing Masters — Creating Family Bonds Through New Business

After talking to different parents I saw that the need is a real one and I started a journey which is the most exiting one I ever had before.

Irina: Hairdresser BATISTA — Creatively Finding the Right Approach for Customers

The top challenge for me was to find the right approach for the customer and to hire the right people. Each customer is an individual...
Norma Mcelroy

Norma Mcelroy: Norma’s Bath and Body – Slid Into A Soap Business

Success is not just about money. It's about pure hard work and determination to make it! Love what you do like I do.


Goldina Erowele, PharmD, RPh: CareNovateMag.com — Working Mom Empowers Patients To Be Their Own Healthcare Advocate

As a working mom, work life balance has been part of the challenge. Accepting help and respite has been one of the ways to address this.
Jane Salida

Jane Salida: Heavenly Fitness — Going to Bed Happy

Success is when you can pay the bills and go to bed happy - anything more is a bonus.
The Story Exchange, Rhonda Robinson, Cane Expressions

Rhonda Robinson: Cane Expressions– Turning A Plain Mobility Device To A Fashionable Accessory (Inspired By Her Mom!)

I invented a changeable, decorative cane cover that easily slips on and off a standard cane which transforms a mobility device into a fashion accessory.

The Story Exchange, Nicole Baldwin, Biao Skincare

Nicole Baldwin: Biao Skincare– Passion Born From A Tragedy

As a little girl, I was badly burned with hot scalding water all over my face, neck and chest. My grandmother, a nurse, began using an herbal remedy to heal my skin from the scarring from my accident.
The Story Exchange, Rupal Bhinda, Ebb & Flow

Rupal Bhinda: Ebb & Flow– From Small Token Of Appreciation To Idea For Business

Working in the fashion industry I would give gifts to my clients during the holiday season. To stand out from the rest of the gift givers I started packaging handmade soaps.
The Story Exchange, Kim Nimsgern, Casual Panache

Kim Nimsgern: Casual Panache– Inventor Of The Click-n-Curl

I came up with a good idea and was curious and determined enough to pursue it.