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jeannie jarnot headshot 3

Jeannie Jarnot of Spa Heroes: A Monthly Service Delivering Toxin Free Beauty Products to Your Door

"Being a former Spa Director, it is very satisfying to help bring light to the profession and offer a platform for spa professionals to share their expertise."
holly 5

Holly Green of Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge: Holistic Beauty Services

"You can't be 'unsuccessful' when you follow your intuition and heart."

yve 4

Yve-Car Momperousse of Kreyol Essence: Natural Beauty Products from Haiti

"We endeavor to tackle the socioeconomic disparities plaguing Haiti by developing a business model that benefits the country economically and environmentally."
elle 3

Elle Black of Mimi De Luxy: Turning up the Heat Without the Sleaze

"I created Mimi De Luxe to inject some sexiness into women's lives and relationships."

Chantal Schutz of Cloud Nine Nail Bar: A Nail Salon With Style and Comfort

"It was our desire to create a space that people could visit for clean, healthy and hygienic nail care services."

nysa 5

Nyssa P. Chopra of iHeartMD: Creating Awareness About What We Eat

"I wanted to create a way to bring that basic food education and overall understanding of wellness to Americans through a fun, innovative, and informative way."
Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson of Ava Anderson Non Toxic: Quality Products Without Harmful Chemicals

"I define success as making a difference in chemical policy in this country, as well as changing lives through our education, products and business opportunity."
beth meah 4

Beth Meah of Miorae Naturals: Ancient Beauty Care Products with a Modern Mission

"I’ve been a big fan of 100% natural beauty care products from the moment I realized that most of the beauty care products I was using were neither safe, nor healthy, or affordable."

sharon 3

Sharon Sands of Holistic Healing & Reiki By Sharon: Healing Others Through the Power of Reiki

"My biggest success is looking at the many lives I have touched."
hannah 4

Hannah Wright of Makeoverly.com: Answers for All Your Fashion and Beauty Queries

"We're the first fashion and beauty Q&A platform with writers who answer user questions with 400-700 word articles."
alex carlin headshot 2

Alexa Carlin of Hello Perfect: Empowering Women to Redefine Perfection

"Individuals of every age and gender are not going after their dreams because they don't believe they're good enough or even worthy enough."

kim headshot 2

Kim Caspare Stevens of Phlex Health and Wellness Studio: Redefining Physical Therapy

"In order to take my business to the next level, I altered my thinking and trained other physical therapists according to my philosophy - which led to a huge uptick in clients served."
Annie Tevelin headshot

Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl: Skincare With Real Results

"Finding a way to turn my passion into 'work' is by far my greatest success."
jackie berlowski heashot 2

Jackie Berlowski of BiziBubble: Feminine Hygiene Products Delivered Right to Your Door

"In an era where convenience is top of mind, a monthly need such as feminine hygiene products is one thing that should be delivered."

julia carmona and lauren katzberg

Julia Carmona & Lauren Katzberg of The Stylisted: Find the Perfect Beauty Expert to Help You Look Your Best

"Success is allowing all women, no matter how busy and preoccupied they are, to look and feel their best when it matters."
Jamie Walker headshot

Jamie Walker of SweatGuru: Discover and Share Fitness Classes Online

"The only constant in success is creation; you have to keep moving forward to be successful."
lisa headshot 2

Lisa Druxman of FIT4MOM: Helping Moms Get Fit

"After the birth of my son in 2001 I felt a deep personal desire to connect with other new mothers, and pursue a career that would foster healthy motherhood."

kim anthony headshot

Kim Anthony of Fitness Galore: Creating a Virtual Fitness Community

"I love every aspect of running my own business including the ups and downs, challenges, demanding schedule, daily expectations and everything in between."
stacey sanchez headshot

Stacey Sanchez of Holistic Healer & Wellness Inc: Holistic Healing for Every Aspect of Your Life

"When a client sends me a testimonial or calls and tells me how my products have helped them, it gives me the greatest feeling in the world!"
Chaundra smith headhsot

Chaundra Smith of Naturally Me: Treating Skin with Nature’s Bounty

"I wanted to provide an affordable, natural alternative to the products that were currently on the market."

yoki headshot

Yoki K. Hanley of itiba: A Tradition of Natural Skin Care

"I do all of this for my five daughters, because as females we have everything stacked against us from birth."
Morocco headshot 1

Khadija Fajry of KENZA International Beauty: Turning Beauty into Generosity

"Success is being able to share your blessings with those in need."
sherri resized

Sherri Sue Fisher of TimerDiet: Creativity in a Second Career

"As I was approaching my fifties, I thought it was time to let my more creative side have a chance."