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nathalie 2

Nathalie Gaveau of Shopcade: The Ultimate Social Shopping App

"I started Shopcade because I wanted to do social shopping properly - to master it."
elsa 7

Elisa Miller-Out of Singlebrook Technologies: Web Programmers and Designers Making a Difference

"I wanted to use technology to empower other entrepreneurs and business leaders to live their mission and follow their passions."
gauri 4

Gauri Nanda of Toymail: Keeping Families Connected Without More Screen Time

"We want to encourage open-ended, experimental play but do so in a way that is up-to-speed with advancing technology."

sheena 3

Sheena Allen of Sheena Allen Applications: An Empowered Female in the Tech Start-Up World

"I started Sheena Allen Applications after having a completely random idea for a checkbook app after leaving Wal-Mart."

Kathryn Pearson Peyton of Mammosphere: Mammography Cloud Storage

"I realized that we have a major problem in the world of breast cancer screening: access to prior mammograms."
Lakeshia Grant

Lakeshia Grant of Virtual Enterprise Architects: Holistic Business Strategies for Public & Private Companies

"I created the company to provide holistic consulting to integrate the strategy, business and technology needs of customers, specifically federal customers."


Alexandra McConnehey of See Jane Fix: Fixing Your Smartphones with a Smile

"I want to encourage more women to learn how to do their own repairs."
talia goldstein headshot

Talia Goldstein of Three Day Rule: Online Dating for Busy Professionals

"It seemed that the singles I knew worked 16 hour days and had little time for love."
Jamie Walker headshot

Jamie Walker of SweatGuru: Discover and Share Fitness Classes Online

"The only constant in success is creation; you have to keep moving forward to be successful."

Shannon Wilkinson headshot

Shannon Wilkinson of Reputation Communications: Online Reputation Management

"The writing was on the wall, and it said 'Internet.'"

Sheila Burkett and Julia Koelsch of Spry Digital: Web Help for Small Business

"We have such a heart for startups and women-led endeavors because we know firsthand just how tough it can be."
Neha Modgil

Neha Modgil: Techved Consulting: User Experience, Personalized

I feel honored by our trustworthy and loyal clients. They call up to say that they are ready to wait until our team is free, and they are sure that they want to work only with us. This shows how much they rely on us for the wor...


Christine Sommers: ePact Network — Connecting Loved Ones When Disaster Strikes

In March 2011, Tokyo was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami. For 24 terrifying hours, our friend Ayumi did not know if her kids were alive or not. Her story inspired us to build ePact.
Valrie Grant

Valrie Grant: GeoTechVision Enterprises Ltd — From Illness to Recovery to Booming Business

I define success as “growing” and "in business", it is therefore growing and being a profitable entity which is not dependent on me but a team of committed, hardworking individuals.
Traci Phillips_260x152 NYT

Traci Phillips: Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess

Loyal to her Native American roots, the Tulsa business owner is in the business of preserving Mother Earth with her company, Natural Evolutions.

Business: E-Waste Recycling


Cristina Soviany

Cristina Soviany: IDES Technologies — Making Fraud Impossible

[Success is to] achieve a better world; in IDES' case, by ultimately preventing people from being deprived of the money they worked very hard for and from which they need to support themselves.
Nina Vaca_NYT

Nina Vaca: A Billion Dollar Story

A Latina trailblazer resurrected her IT company, Pinnacle Technical Resources, from the ashes and turned it into a major industry player.

Business: IT Solutions

The Story Exchange, Dana Morgan, The Melody Book

Dana Morgan: The Melody Book– Educating The Modern Day Mozart

I'm a big fan of music and art, and as a software engineer, I take special interest in the crossover between art and technology.

The Story Exchange, Tammy Kahn Fennell, MarketMeSuite

Tammy Kahn Fennell: MarketSuite– Watching Her Team Grow

Besides my child, who is still my best "project" to date, my biggest success is seeing how my team has grown.
The Story Exchange, Lisa Abeyta, APPCityLife

Lisa Abeyta: APPCityLife– Building An Affordable Platform For Local Communities

As I watched the initial growth of mobile applications following the release of the first iPhone, I saw a real need to bring an affordable platform to local communities.
The Story Exchange, Divya Dhar, Seratis

Divya Dhar: Seratis– Upgrading Technology Used By Doctors

I'm a physician and I noticed I was using outdated 1980s pager technology and wasting about an hour a day trying to reach my colleagues to discuss critical patient care information.

Vanessa Hurst_TSE

Vanessa Hurst: CodeMontage — Teaching Code to Prepare for the Future

In the next five years, there will be an estimated 1.5 million software jobs and only 30% as many qualified engineers. At the same time, over 70% of nonprofits identify technology as one of their top needs.
Lynn White_TSE

Lynn White: Non Techie Pros — Tutorials and Advice to Bring Out the Techie in All

I want women to feel empowered when it comes to technology. I want my fellow females to know that technology is their friend, not their foe.
Agustina Sartori_TSE

Agustina Sartori: AdviseMeTech — Women Engineers Creating Innovative Technology for Women

My top challenge is related with the balance needed to maintain and form a team that works and collaborates with the goal of creating significance.