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Tara Seawright of Tara Seawright, Inc./Interior Design: Functionality Meets Beauty

"We elevate the standard of living so that our client’s homes are a reflection of who they are and how they live."
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Maryum Farhan of The Market Find: Bringing Bohemia Home

"There was a 50% chance of failure, but "so what?" I asked myself. I decided to try."
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Martha Campbell Pullen of Martha Pullen Company: Heirloom and Online Sewing

"My top challenge now is to teach other women and men how to build a company and not make the mistakes that I made."

Susan Gravely

Susan Gravely: VIETRI – Family Trip To Italy Opened A Doorway For Two Sisters & Their Mother

Success is defined not only by the profitability that makes a company grow and prosper but more importantly, by the happiness, sense of worthiness, and individual success of every employee..
The Story Exchange, Nicole Rivers, One Third Tribal

Nicole Rivers: One Third Tribal– Connecting People With Unique Home Goods

I started One Third Tribal so that I could connect with people. I believe that my purpose is tied to my ability to help people be happy, and to find beauty in the things around them.

The Story Exchange, Rupal Bhinda, Ebb & Flow

Rupal Bhinda: Ebb & Flow– From Small Token Of Appreciation To Idea For Business

Working in the fashion industry I would give gifts to my clients during the holiday season. To stand out from the rest of the gift givers I started packaging handmade soaps.
The Story Exchange, Kari Warberg Block, Earth-Kind

Kari Warberg Block: Earth-Kind — Living Her Father’s Legacy as an Inventor and Entrepreneur

There was not an effective solution to rodent control that was safe to use around kids and pets for our farm equipment and in our home, so I invented one.
The Story Exchange, Patrice Wynne, Abrazos

Patrice Wynne: Abrazos featuring San Miguel Designs by Patrice Wynne– An American Entrepreneur In Mexico

I decided to live the next phase of my life in a new culture and country, following a childhood dream to live abroad in Latin America.

The Story Exchange, MaryBeth Reeves, Scrapbook Mamma

MaryBeth Reeves: Scrapbook Mamma– Side Hobby To Main Source Of Income

I make custom photo books for those who want to do something wonderful with their pictures, but don’t have the time or the inclination to do it themselves.
Nadine Cino, Tyga-Box Systems, Moving Services, The Story Exchange

Nadine Cino: Tyga-Box Systems– Best Plastic Moving Box

We started our company well before "green" was the "new black" back in 1991, after getting everything we deserved when we hired the low-priced mover.
Laura Zander_NYT

Laura Zander: Knitter Turns Hobby Into a Multi-Million $ Business

By keeping an eye on the bottom line, the Nevada business owner grew her tiny idea into a major success.

Business: Online Yarn & Fabrics



Bhavana: Aristocraft – Father Motivated Her to Become Entrepreneur

My successful market research for about 3 years have given me an insight about the market and I realised that there are smarter ways to start a business within given budget.
Jen McCarn_ftrd

Jen McCarn: Caring Senior Service

The Navy gave me the confidence that I have used throughout my career to take charge of my own life and not be afraid of change.

Gabriela Flores: Kirah Design

When I decided to become a social entrepreneur, I had 2 things in mind: how to give real job opportunities to talented artisans in Bolivia and how to create beautiful home accessories using only recycled or discarded materials ...

Hanny Lerner_NYT

Hanny Lerner: Creating Fashion for Furniture

Hanny Lerner left her religious roots behind to found a chic furniture restoration company.

Business: Furniture Restoration

Tenille Dixon_ftrd

Tenille Dixon: Girl Friday Services, Inc.

I initially started my business as a means to make money while going back to school for a second degree, but my love to help others and the ability to watch something grow that I was directly responsible for became my focus.

Elizabeth Legere: Alexandria Pet Care, Inc.

Anyone who takes risks, pursues their passions (for business or not), takes time to honestly evaulate what makes them happy and eager to greet each day: those are my role models.

Dawn Firsing Paris_Dripsters_Ftrd

Dawn Firsing-Paris: Dripsters

I started creating this product for my children. With the sticky, drippy mess of ice pops, I wanted something they could use that would save me a clean-up!
Jacqueline Rivera_ftrd

Jacqueline Rivera: Pawfect Day, Inc

The disappointment of working long hours for someone and not being appreciated forced me to look beyond my situation. I was constantly drained and depressed.
Arline Saiki_Aquarium_with_EBS

Arline Saiki: ONEdersave Products LLC

We started raising fish and accidentally found this product from Japan that purifies water using beneficial bacteria. We tried it, it was fantastic and switched to importing.

Donna Haghighat_shoptimize

Donna Haghighat: Shoptimize.org

I take inspiration from the many women and girls who have faced adversity and many challenges and managed to bounce forward.