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Jeanne Achille of The Devon Group LLC: Hand Crafted Media Campaigns from a Full Service PR Group

"I think the biggest challenge that any CEO faces - regardless of gender - is finding the right people."

Amy Britt of Britt Banter: A New York Based PR Firms for No-Nonsense Women

"I wanted to work in a PR firm that was honest, ethical and void of drama."

Jasime Youssef headshot

Jasmine Youssefzadeh of Filmanthropos: Telling Stories and Creating Change

"I had a passion and knack for storytelling and wanted to combine this with my desire to create an impact."
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Kim Pickett of KIMBO Design Inc.: The Go-To Agency for Winning Political Branding Campaigns in Vancouver

"After some soul searching I realized my personality did not fit that of an employee, so I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur."
Janet Kafadar pic 2

Janet Kafadar of Janet Kafadar Signature Program Specialist: Signature Online Programs and Products for Your Company

"My top challenge was believing in myself and realising that I have something special that I can share."

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Amee Tomlinson of Jabber Logic: PR for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

"Jabber Logic creates conversations between brands and the community by providing high quality, affordable marketing to small businesses and nonprofits, despite the size of their budget."
Pat Law_NYT_slider_final

Pat Law: Business Makes Clients Cool

A dramatic family crisis led Pat to quit her job in advertising and strike out on her own.

Business: Social Media Marketing

Alexis Grant Headshot

Alexis Grant of Socialexis: A Digital Strategist for the Workplace

"Having my own business allows me to pursue opportunities that interest me, learn on my own terms and have the flexibility to live life the way I want to."

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Kim Richards of KDR PR: Connecting Science and the Arts Through PR

"I didn't set out to start a nonprofit organization when launching KDR PR, but in following my passion for the connection between arts, science and education, I discovered a need for deeper connections."
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Sally Ormond of Briar Copywriting Ltd: Copywriting as a Mompreneur

"I believe any mum who has found a way to balance her family life with the business world is someone to look up to."
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Jaclyn Mullen of Jaclyn Mullen Media: Social Media for Small Businesses

"We're bootstrapping, working hard and committed to treating our customers like family."

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Natalie Cutler-Welsh of Go to Girl: Making Social Media Fun

"Success to me is about lifestyle design."
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Cheryl Frazer of DMVLINKUP.com: Sharing Opportunities with Others

"Success should not be measured in comparison to others, but rather by pursuing your own calling."
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Nicole McCullum of Captivate Designs, Inc.: Flexible, Supportive Graphic Design

"I wanted to help small business owners present a strong image for their business to be able to compete in the larger market."


Salma Jafri: Word PL–Content Marketing From Home

My biggest challenge is to keep my work momentum going with my many daily distractions. I must have laser-like focus & be able to work in short bursts of concentration-- & I have to train myself to do that every day.

Shanna Webb: Webb & Associates Public Relations – The Freedom of Entrepreneurship

For me success isn't defined by how much money I make but how much freedom I have to decide how much I want to make.
Elizabeth Kraus_YSE

Elizabeth Kraus: Be InPulse – Marketing Guidance for Small Business Owners

Small business owners use my annual marketing calendars for small business, salons and spas, restaurants or dental practices to launch a manageable multi-channel marketing effort.

Deborah A. Culp_YSE

Deborah A. Culp: Journalist, Consultant & Photographer – From Surviving Tragedy to Finding Her Voice

Thank goodness, after 3 years that the rescue took, I jumped in with both feet to take advantage of my second chance.

Margaret Brown: The ANROMA Group — SocializeLA.com

I had an idea and I knew I could help other businesses. There was this unwavering passion in me that got me going, and kept me going.
The Story Exchange, Alisha Ramsey, Tellurvision

Alisha Ramsey: Tellurvision– Reinventing Her Career: Reporting From the Battleground in Bosnia to Entrepreneur And Chief Storyteller

Fast forward ten years, I decided to leave the Army to pursue my life long dream of owning my own business and telling stories.

The Story Exchange, Dana Furješová

Dana Furješová: SK-Linka– Entrepreneurship As A Way Of Life

To survive in business as a woman with a family and two children for 20 years.
The Story Exchange Andrea Talavaskova, PrimeLeverage

Andrea Talavaskova: Leverage– Entrepreneurship Instills Confidence

I wanted to apply and realize my own ideas, have flexibility, freedom in time and money, have no limits in any way and do things my own way, be independent and do what I like to do and do it on my own terms.
The Story Exchange, Ellen Didier, Red Sage Communications

Ellen Didier: Red Sage Communications– Passionate About Helping Small Businesses Succeed

I wanted to provide services that would help small businesses grow and succeed through effective marketing.