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Dr. Nina Figueroa of Base Physical Therapy: One on One Physical Therapy and Concussion Rehab

"I am passionate about sports, and physical therapy has allowed me to work within that industry - helping and healing others."

Kathryn Pearson Peyton of Mammosphere: Mammography Cloud Storage

"I realized that we have a major problem in the world of breast cancer screening: access to prior mammograms."
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Cathy Eggerth of Cherish In-Home Care, Inc.: Helping Families with In-Home Care

"I would like to use what I learned to help others through these difficulties."


Nathalie Majorek of MDCapsule: Collaboration Leads to Better Care

"I love taking care of patients. But how can I do it well within a dysfunctional system that leaves patients scared, uninformed, and alone?"

Natalie Yeadon of IMPETUS Healthcare: One Digital Roof

This story is part of our 1,000 stories campaign. What’s your story?   Name: Natalie Yeadon Business: IMPETUS Healthcare Inc., a company that designs and builds privately branded online healthcare communities for stakehol...
Danita Smith

Danita Smith: My Blooming Health Mobile — Reinventing Healthcare for Convenience

For me success means meeting your goal. Your goal may not meet or succeed someone else's goal. Success is individualized and it's value is found within the beholder.


Goldina Erowele, PharmD, RPh: CareNovateMag.com — Working Mom Empowers Patients To Be Their Own Healthcare Advocate

As a working mom, work life balance has been part of the challenge. Accepting help and respite has been one of the ways to address this.
The Story Exchange, Jeanne Pinder, ClearHealthCosts.com

Jeanne Pinder: ClearHealthCosts.com– Health Care Costs Shouldn’t Be A Mystery

Our mission is telling people what things cost in health care, a traditional mystery.
The Story Exchange, Divya Dhar, Seratis

Divya Dhar: Seratis– Upgrading Technology Used By Doctors

I'm a physician and I noticed I was using outdated 1980s pager technology and wasting about an hour a day trying to reach my colleagues to discuss critical patient care information.

Maria Paz Saenz_TSE

Maria Paz Saenz: Centro de Investigacion y Atencion en Psicoterapia Latinoamericano — A Mental Health Institution in Peru

We always thought of building a mental health institution in which patients could feel the commitment of their therapists, where they felt accompanied and sheltered in their emotional growth process.

Beth Cayce: CaraVita Home Care — Allowing Seniors to Stay in the Comfort of Their Own Home

It is my sincere hope that we can help provide continued passion for life in the seniors and families we serve.
The Story Exchange, Edna Adan Ismail, Edna Adan Hospital

Edna Adan Ismail: Edna Adan Hospital and Edna Adan University– Reconstructing Somaliland After Civil War

After I retired from a long career with the World Health Organization, I just could not turn my back on my people who had suffered much destruction becuse of the civil war.

Aleshia Silva_Graceful_Beginnings

Aleshia Silva: Graceful Beginnings Healthcare Consulting Services – Taking Success into Her Own Hands

I learned that no matter what type of practice I worked for I would never reap the reward as I would in owning my own company.
Barbara Alink; The Alinker Inventions Ltd.; The Story Exchange; Medical

Barbara Alink: The Alinker Inventions Ltd.–Walking Made Easy And In-Style

Success ultimately is when people 'get it' that I am doing the business because I deeply believe that thousands of people can benefit from using the Alinker.
Sherri Sanderson, NurselineMD2

1000 Stories: Woman’s IT Invention Helps Doctor-Patient Communication

NurseLineMD helps patients and doctors communicate quickly and securely from any location.

Sherri Sanderson

Sherri Sanderson: NurseLineMD

The dynamic challenges driven by a new economy has required us to rethink how Information Technology solutions are delivered.
Alison Kilgore-frtd

Alison Kilgore: T.E.A.M Medical Billing Solutions LLC

Success does not happen over night you have to work at it each and everyday and you have to believe that you are a success.

Aline M. Betancourt: Wibi+Works

Carrying out innovative ideas from inception to the point of favorably impacting human health while not forgetting along the way to be a positive role model for those around me.

Sharon Starika_ftrd

Sharon Starika: Sharon Starika

I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method 29 years ago after a debilitating accident with a semi-truck. From my remarkable recovery, I found my passion for movement and realized that I wanted to teach others.

Susan Nicholas: Qnova Health Inc.

I started Qnova Health (formally called DocPons Inc) to address the problem of affordable access to care for every person in America.