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nakuru headshot working

Zoe Kelland, Rebecca Siddall and Annemarieke Blankestein of Nakuru Children’s Project: Helping Students in Kenya

"How could we be just abandon children who'd become like our kids, teachers who had become our friends, a community that had welcomed us as one of their own?"
Molly Hayward headshot

Molly Hayward of Cora: Organic Hygiene Products for Every Woman

"I wanted to ensure that no girl ever had to miss days of school during her period because she lacked access to affordable sanitary pads."
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Stephanie David of PopNod: Doing Good While You Shop

"Why can’t giving back be a part of my everyday routine?"


Pooja Goyal of Intellitots: Learning From and For Children

"My day may be full of stress, but I find peace at night knowing that we’ve made a difference in a child’s life."
nancy taylor small

Nancy Taylor of San Diego Science Alliance: STEM for a New Generation

"The real indicators of success are the teachers, students, families and community partners who enthusiastically get involved in SDSA programs to improve their understanding of the world we live in."
marina large

Marina Warren Nash of The Agora Projects: Design for Global Change

"The Agora Projects are comprehensive impact-driven solutions to many of today’s global issues."

Tze Chun

Tze Chun: Uprise Art–Art Collection Made Simple

With Uprise Art, we're creating a sustainable model for art creation and collecting.

Sarah Gross: Rescue Chocolates — Saving Animals by Selling Chocolate

Success is having enough of a profit each month to turn over a donation to an animal rescue organization, and knowing that my funds are used to save the lives of homeless or abused animals.


Cindy Gallop: MakeLoveNotPorn — Redefining Sex!

Our vision is to socialize sex, and to make #realworldsex socially acceptable and socially shareable, so that everyone, children included, understands the difference between porn and #realworldsex
Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak: Miss O & Friends — A Safe Virtual Place for Kids to Play

Everything we do is “by girls, for girls” and when girls see that and thank us, I know we’re successful.
Gail Romero

Gail Romero: Collective Changes — UPDATE

UPDATE: Today, Collective Changes offers just in time business expertise and education using IBM/World Bank Entrepreneurs Tool kit, mentors with business expertise and the opportunity to access credit.

Molly Kellogg

Molly Kellogg: Bulu Mango — Taking Away the Need for Aid & Directly Investing in Real Talent

Look good, feel good, do good - this is how Bulu Mango defines success.
The Story Exchange, Holly Bantleman, Raise The Roof Kenya

Holly Bantleman: Raise The Roof Kenya– A Woman Driven By A Deeply Connected Social Mission In Kenya

At the time I was spending about a third of my year in Kenya and working with local communities, I noticed the lack of opportunity for teenagers.
The Story Exchange, Nona Varnado, LA Bike Trains

Nona Varnado: LA Bike Trains– Making Biking A Fun Social Experience In LA

We provide a rolling party along select routes run by Conductors – experienced urban cyclists – to harness the safety of riding in a group while kicking it up a notch by making the ride a fun social experience.

The Story Exchange, Shirley Moulton, The ACADEMi of Life

Shirley Moulton: The ACADEMi of Life– Practicing The Art Of Living

After 22 years in business, I sold my information technology firm, Universal Solutions Inc., and found myself in a position where my entire identity and goals had to change.
The Story Exchange, Danielle Leong, SocialEffort

Danielle Leong: SocialEffort– From Volunteer to Entrepreneur

In my experience, a common problem faced by volunteers is that they go once, twice, sometimes a third time, and then they stop going.
The Story Exchange, Sandra Leon C, Gold Lion Peru

Sandra Leon C.: Gold Lion Peru– Join Family Business Or Start Her Own?

It all starts with the family business, 15 years of experience in the textile and fashion sector, thanks to the knowledge gained from my parents.

The Story Exchange, Sefakor Miranda Komabu-Pomeyie, eepdAfrica

Sefakor Miranda Komabu-Pomeyie: eepdAfrica– Enlightening and Empowering People with Disabilities

As a person with a physical disability growing up in Ghana, I am a victim and a survivor. I was fortunate to have parents who understood the value of education.
The Story Exchange, Mercedes Benavides, Wayra

Mercedes Benavides: Wayra– Using Business To Give Back To The Mining Communities in Peru

I want to promote sustainable development in mining communities. I want to give back society what gives me.
Sheela Murthy_NYT

Sheela Murthy: Representing the American Dream

The entrepreneur's harrowing experience to get her green card led her to start her own immigration law firm.

Business: Legal Firm & Website


The Story Exchange, Gouthami, Travel Another India

Gouthami: Travel Another India — Socially Responsible Tourism In India

Having worked with social development organisations for about 15 years, I found that the difference that a responsible tourism venture can make in the lives of the host community to be very exciting.
The Story Exchange, Andeisha Farid, AFCECO

Andeisha Farid: Afghan Child Education and Care Organization — Raising a New Generation of Boys and Girls

For me there is a practical remedy for the ignorance, oppression, hatred, and poverty so deeply imbedded in society; raise a new generation of boys and girls.
The Story Exchange, Elle Kaplan, Lexion Capital Management

Elle Kaplan: Lexion Capital Management — Building a Firm that Reflects Her Client-Centric Values

During my successful career of over a decade at some of the top banks on Wall Street, I constantly searched for a firm that was client-centric, transparent and inclusive.