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sheboab 12

Shenoba Kinsey of Fuzionz Magazine: A Youth Outreach Magazine

"I wanted the community's story to be heard."
komal 7

Komal Agarwal of GRASSroot Solutions: Fostering Financial Literacy in India

"GRASSroot Solutions is a humble attempt on my part to promote financial inclusion through provision of two essentials: literacy and access."
elsa 7

Elisa Miller-Out of Singlebrook Technologies: Web Programmers and Designers Making a Difference

"I wanted to use technology to empower other entrepreneurs and business leaders to live their mission and follow their passions."

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Yve-Car Momperousse of Kreyol Essence: Natural Beauty Products from Haiti

"We endeavor to tackle the socioeconomic disparities plaguing Haiti by developing a business model that benefits the country economically and environmentally."
Julia Warren Headshot

Julia Warren of Celebrate! RVA: Giving Children the Birthday Parties They Deserve

"Age shouldn't be an issue in our field, but it is. There is a stigma that young social entrepreneurs are just trying to bulk up their college resume or job resume."
Jasime Youssef headshot

Jasmine Youssefzadeh of Filmanthropos: Telling Stories and Creating Change

"I had a passion and knack for storytelling and wanted to combine this with my desire to create an impact."

Bethany Tran headshot

Bethany Tran of The Root Collective: Support Responsible Shopping

"I wanted to partner with the people who lived in these communities, who had a vision for being leaders and wanted to build businesses to employ others."

Lauren Berninger of Finding the Fabulous Inc.: A Sisterhood Inspiring Confidence in Young Women

"I started Finding the Fabulous because I wanted girls to understand the power of choice."
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Ashley Howell of The Givve Collection: Shop & Share Your Favorite Socially Savvy Products

"The more users we acquire, the more products will be purchased and ultimately the more we can raise for our social causes."

Lisa Besserman

Lisa Besserman of Startup Buenos Aires: Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Buenos Aires

"To me, there is no greater success than improving the lives of others."
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Jenny Blakey of Phoster Candles: Eco-Friendly Candles Helping to Combat Global Poverty

"There's a distinct feeling that comes with launching a business, and there's nothing else like it."
Emily Raleigh headshot

Emily Raleigh of Smart Girls Group: Bringing Smart Girls Together

"My top challenge is redefining what it means to be smart."

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Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne of Sustain Solutions: Creating Sustainable Solutions for Underprivileged Communities

"I wanted to fulfill the philosophy, 'Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry' instead of just providing these people with temporary monetary means."
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Zoe Kelland, Rebecca Siddall and Annemarieke Blankestein of Nakuru Children’s Project: Helping Students in Kenya

"How could we be just abandon children who'd become like our kids, teachers who had become our friends, a community that had welcomed us as one of their own?"
Molly Hayward headshot

Molly Hayward of Cora: Organic Hygiene Products for Every Woman

"I wanted to ensure that no girl ever had to miss days of school during her period because she lacked access to affordable sanitary pads."

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Stephanie David of PopNod: Doing Good While You Shop

"Why can’t giving back be a part of my everyday routine?"

Pooja Goyal of Intellitots: Learning From and For Children

"My day may be full of stress, but I find peace at night knowing that we’ve made a difference in a child’s life."
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Nancy Taylor of San Diego Science Alliance: STEM for a New Generation

"The real indicators of success are the teachers, students, families and community partners who enthusiastically get involved in SDSA programs to improve their understanding of the world we live in."

marina large

Marina Warren Nash of The Agora Projects: Design for Global Change

"The Agora Projects are comprehensive impact-driven solutions to many of today’s global issues."
Tze Chun

Tze Chun: Uprise Art–Art Collection Made Simple

With Uprise Art, we're creating a sustainable model for art creation and collecting.


Sarah Gross: Rescue Chocolates — Saving Animals by Selling Chocolate

Success is having enough of a profit each month to turn over a donation to an animal rescue organization, and knowing that my funds are used to save the lives of homeless or abused animals.

Cindy Gallop: MakeLoveNotPorn — Redefining Sex!

Our vision is to socialize sex, and to make #realworldsex socially acceptable and socially shareable, so that everyone, children included, understands the difference between porn and #realworldsex
Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak: Miss O & Friends — A Safe Virtual Place for Kids to Play

Everything we do is “by girls, for girls” and when girls see that and thank us, I know we’re successful.