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Immigrant Makes Peace, Near and Far

In the coming months The Story Exchange will be joining the national conversation on immigration reform by telling the personal stories of immigrant entrepreneurs. Watch the first profile in our new series.

Karin Kamp at The Story ExchangeImmigrant Makes Peace, Near and Far
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An Indian Entrepreneur’s Plea to Her Brother

After a heated argument, Gauri Singh wrote a letter to her brother which offers insights into the complicated nature of gender in India and is a passionate plea for hope.

The Story ExchangeAn Indian Entrepreneur’s Plea to Her Brother
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Kathy Ireland’s Role Models

Supermodel turned super-mogul Kathy Ireland opens up about the three people who influenced her life the most. She shared her inspiring story as a keynote speaker at the NAWBO Women’s Business Conference on Friday, Oct. 5.

Kathy IrelandKathy Ireland’s Role Models
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JFK and Random Kids

There is a movement brewing among young people who are waking up to the problems around them and taking action in meaningful, effective ways. Learn more about Talia, who mobilized kids to raise $10 million for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

The Story ExchangeJFK and Random Kids
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Erica Diamond: “Family Comes Before Business”

Erica Diamond, founder of shares how she balances work and family as a mompreneur and why we all need a good support network to keep our energy high.

Christina Wu at The Story ExchangeErica Diamond: “Family Comes Before Business”
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An Entrepreneur You AUTO Know

Audra Fordin is determined to defy stereotypes and she’s not afraid to get dirty along the way. This feisty mother of three rolls gamely under any broken car and fixes it better than many men.

Nusha Balyan at The Story ExchangeAn Entrepreneur You AUTO Know