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Elizabeth Woods: From High School Dropout to Food Entrepreneur

Elizabeth persevered through unbelievable challenges and now thrives as a leading entrepreneur serving up magnificent quiche.

Business: Home-made Food


Deborah Olivo: Simply Unstoppable

By mixing essential oils in her kitchen Deborah discovered an untapped market niche.

Business: Organic Cleansers

Ana Perez_Marquee

Ana Perez: The Beauty of the Hair Salon

Ana Perez overcame her fear of failure to found her hair salon, Kika.

Business: Hair & Beauty Salon


Melissa D'arbela_NEW

Melissa Mowbray-D’Arbela: Business Woman + Terminator

Growing up below the poverty line, Melissa learned to be resourceful. Now she runs a cutting-edge biotech firm based on ethical principles and disruptive ideas.

Business: Bio & High Technology


Lyn Lee: For Love of Chocolate and Children

The Singapore baker's love of chocolate inspired her to start a company that sold just one product.

Business: Baking Franchise


Adrienne Ma: Learns Business Lessons From Mom

Adrienne is taking the lessons she learned from her family’s traditional retail business to the web selling luxury items on her high-end e-commerce site.

Business: Fashion E-commerce


Violet 260x152

Violet Lim: Entrepreneur Making Love and Money

When Violet left her job to be a matchmaker, everyone said she was crazy. Now she's behind Asia's premier dating service.

Business: Matchmaking & Marriage

Lysanne Tusar_NYT_slider

Lysanne Tusar: A New Kind of Wine Business

Using innovative technology, Lysanne Tusar's winery produces local wine thousands of miles from the nearest vineyard.

Business: Urban Winery

Elim Chew_playNEW

Elim Chew: Entrepreneur Sells the Shirt Off Her Back

Elim started her company selling imported clothing and accessories after she literally sold the shirt off her back at an incredibly high price.

Business: Clothing & Accessories


Joy Opfer_new marquee

Joy Opfer: Woman Entrepreneur Turns Steel into Eco-Jewelry

The San Francisco businesswoman left her internet job to return to her steel industry roots and hand craft eco-jewelry, now worn by top celebrities.

Business: Hand-made Jewelry

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Why Women Need Role Models

Here's why women who start businesses matter more than we think.
Talia Leman_Featured

Talia Leman: A Random Kid Mobilizing Millions

Determined to create positive social change, Talia started RandomKid to help kids help others.

Business: Non-profit


Hanny Lerner_NYT

Hanny Lerner: Creating Fashion for Furniture

Hanny Lerner left her religious roots behind to found a chic furniture restoration company.

Business: Furniture Restoration


Rose Yeong: The Queen of Shoes

Rose ran away from home as a teenager and began selling shoes. She learned the hard way, on the job, and today sells thousands of pairs of shoes each year.

Business: Bespoke Shoes & Retail

Anna Chau_marquee

Anna Chau: Hong Kong’s Queen of Restaurants

The Hong Kong restauranteur has spent the last 30 years working 14-hour days to build up her restaurant empire.

Business: Restaurant Chain


Alison Chung_NYT_promo slider

Alison Chung: The ‘Rain Woman’ Behind a Digital Detective Agency

The Chicago businesswoman parlayed a phenomenal gift for numbers into a computer forensics firm, Teamworks.

Business: Technology Consulting

Laura Zander_NYT

Laura Zander: Knitter Turns Hobby Into a Multi-Million $ Business

By keeping an eye on the bottom line, the Nevada business owner grew her tiny idea into a major success.

Business: Online Yarn & Fabrics

Lucy Postins_NYT_slider

Lucy Postins: The Honest Kitchen, Progressing the Pet Food Industry

The San Diego entrepreneur sells "human-grade" pet food, meaning you could grab a spoon and eat it with your pooch.

Business: Animal Food Products


Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Kommon Denominator video profile for the Story Exchange

Alma Jadallah: Immigrant Makes Peace, Near and Far

From hostile religious groups in Iraq to community boards, the 'Kommon Denominator' founder gets people to talk and resolve their problems.

Business: Conflict Resolution

Jody Adams_NYT_slider

Jody Adams: A Woman in the Kitchen

Chef Jody Adams counts Julia Child as her mentor. She talks about rising to the top of the male-dominated restaurant business.

Business: Restaurant

Nada Kiblawi, founder of NHK Consulting

Nada Kiblawi: From Refugee Camp to Successful Entrepreneur

A survivor of multiple wars, the founder of NHK Consulting has finally found safe haven and economic independence as an entrepreneur in the U.S.

Business: Engineering Consultancy


Ana Sortun_NYT_slider_final

Ana Sortun: From Dishwasher to Head Chef

Ana Sortun, who owns three restaurants in greater Boston, discusses her rise in the kitchen.

Business: Restaurants

Sheela Murthy_NYT

Sheela Murthy: Representing the American Dream

The entrepreneur's harrowing experience to get her green card led her to start her own immigration law firm.

Business: Legal Firm & Website

Kimberly Dobbins_NYT_slider_final

Kimberly Dobbins: The Long Journey to Market for her All-Natural Snack Bar

Seven years after a corporate sabbatical inspired Simple Squares, Dobbins is close to turning a profit.

Business: Health Food Products