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Presenting: Our Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide!

We’re spotlighting 10 inventive, women-made, women-sold gifts that are sure to delight clients, employees and loved ones — and inspire us all to live greener, cleaner lives.

The Story ExchangePresenting: Our Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide!
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Our 2016 ‘Indulgences’ Gift Guide

Ten delightful, delectable gift ideas for treating your loved ones, treasured colleagues and valued clients — or yourself — this holiday season!

The Story ExchangeOur 2016 ‘Indulgences’ Gift Guide
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Here’s One Math-tastic Belt Buckle

This gift for lovers of numbers and quirky gifts alike comes courtesy of myBeltBuckle. Our Gift Guide judges want them in multiples.

The Story ExchangeHere’s One Math-tastic Belt Buckle
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Finding the Beauty in Bacteria

Who knew bacteriophage viruses were so pretty? Our Gift Guide judges were impressed by The Vexed Muddler’s creations.

The Story ExchangeFinding the Beauty in Bacteria
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A Fiery Blast from the Past

Our Gift Guide judges loved the warmth and memories that come from these artistic, well-made Bunsen burner candles by Interference Design.

The Story ExchangeA Fiery Blast from the Past
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Absolutely Brilliant Building Blocks

Kids of all ages will enjoy Nerdy Baby building blocks, which teach everyone (including our Gift Guide judges) about angles, zeolites and more.

The Story ExchangeAbsolutely Brilliant Building Blocks