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A History of Extraordinary Women

The Brighton School of Business & Management celebrates pioneering women in this infographic.

Stirring up ‘Code Fever’ in South Florida

STEM advocate and entrepreneur Felecia Hatcher is working to bring tech education to underprivileged communities.

We Want You for Our Science Gift Guide

This holiday season, The Story Exchange is curating a list of science-inspired gifts made by women business owners. Enter by Nov. 15.

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A Young Woman to Watch

As part of our series with the New York Times, we profile Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper.

Grandmother’s Struggle Inspires Finance Expert

Stacy Francis of Savvy Ladies helps women prepare (fiscally) for anything.

Fairness for Female Tech Employees and Entrepreneurs

Jessica Lawrence of the NY Tech Meetup is passionate about equality for all - particularly women in STEM.


A ‘Glam Girl’ Startup Rebrands as ‘Be Natural’

In this 1,000 Stories update, Satya Ishaani Pandey talks about her focus on organic beauty.

Positive Attitude, Positive Change

Financial adviser Manisha Thakor wants to "link women's empowerment and personal finance, so women's voices can soar."
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How a Free Spirit Landed Corporate Contracts

As part of our with the New York Times, we profile Kristine Jones of New England Flagger Services.


Making Science a Friendlier Place for Women

The Association for Women in Science seeks to rectifying the systemic issues facing STEM women.

Business Brings Happiness to Kids and Owner Alike

Danielle Gletow of One Simple Wish discusses how her venture has helped foster children.

The Tangled Web We Weave

PlumbTalk, Inc. CEO Shelley Plumb talks through the experience of letting feelings dictate finances.

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Packing and Tracking in a Tech-Savvy World

In this 1,000 Stories update, Nadine Cino of Tyga-Box Systems chats about her company's digital developments.
Making a Statement with Humor
The Story Exchange flexes its sketch comedy muscles in order to illustrate how girls and women are stereotyped in the professional world.

A Light Look at Serious Stigmas

Using comedy to examine those old stereotypes about girls' career aspirations.

Three Years of Female Empowerment

The Story Exchange marks its third anniversary of celebrating, informing and supporting women business owners.


Coming Together to Make an Impact

The National Girls Collaborative Project brings together organizations in support of girls in STEM.

The Power of an Astronaut’s Legacy

Sally Ride Science helps students and teachers in STEM, thanks to the work and inspiration of its famous founder.
Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: That Negative Voice Inside Your Head

Many women say their top business challenge is dealing with self-doubt. Our panel offers tips.


Deciding to Join the Family Business. Sort of.

Elizabeth Rees, whose family owns a printing company, finds her own path with Chasing Paper.
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The Lost Art of Sewing

As part of our continuing series with the New York Times, we profile homespun designer Jan Erickson of Janska.

Learning the ABCs of Corporate Contracts

For Kristine Jones, winning corporate contracts has been game-changing. In 2008, on a whim, the former preschool teacher started New England Flagger Services in Windham, Conn., providing certified “flaggers” to manage traff...

Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: Your Lack of Patience

Want everything to happen yesterday? Our expert panel provide tips on how to hurry up and wait.

For Women, Harvard Tops for Cold Hard Cash

Research firm Pitchbook names the top universities for future VC-seeking women business owners.
James Waldinger

Do You Have What It Takes to Start a Business?

If you're having second thoughts about being an entrepreneur, James Waldinger, CEO of Artivest, says to let passion be your guide.