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Adriana Gardella

The Antidote to Fear

Senior Editor Adriana Gardella says there's a remedy for trepidation.
Ann Mehl

Face Fear By Testing Your Assumptions

Business coach Ann Mehl recommends a course of action when it feels impossible to move forward.
Joanna Lord

When Afraid, Break Down Your Anxiety

Marketing expert Joanna Lord provides a quick tip for stripping fear of its power.

Rod Kurtz

There’s No Harm in Trying

Editor Rod Kurtz reminds us that our ideas are worth attempting, regardless of the outcome.

Getting Federal Contracts Into Women’s Hands

Kristie Arslan of Women Impacting Public Policy thinks education and reform are key in improving access.
Felena Hanson

It’s Not a Setback. It’s an Opportunity for Growth

Felena Hanson of Hera Hub doesn't even use the word "failure."

sabina featured image

Sabina Hitchen on the Business of Building Buzz

The co-founder of Tin Shingle talks about what makes her tick and provides tips for “brand storytelling.”

What’s Stopping You? Not Failure.

Small-biz expert Claudia Chan suggests a screen saver for the next time you've got the jitters.
Ali Brown

On Becoming an Entrepreneurial Being

The more you step out, the more your "comfort zone" expands, says radio host Ali Brown.

Melissa Kieling of Packit. Credit: Lauri Levenfeld

Why Male Investors Should ‘Get’ Women-Led Companies

As more female entrepreneurs post strong numbers, VCs would be wise to back their startups.
Jen Groover

A Daily Mantra for Entrepreneurs

Jen Groover, serial entrepreneur, shares how to overcome fear of failure in this picture quote.
Angela Jia Kim

Why Fear Can Be a Creative Force

In this picture quote, our expert Angela Jia Kim explains the benefit of trepidation.

Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: That Fear of ‘Making the Ask’

Women often have trouble asking for money and opportunities. Our panel provides advice.
Julia Pimsleur headshot

Julia Pimsleur of Little Pim: A New Language Learning Program for Kids

"I discovered was that there were no high quality education materials for teaching toddlers a foreign language, so I set out to create them for myself."

The New Empowering Kid on the Block

With "Miss Possible," two female entrepreneurs hope to inspire girls to dream big through playtime.


The Ascent of Women Business Owners

This infographic reveals great news for female entrepreneurs.
Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: Being an Introvert

Can you succeed in business if networking or sales calls give you nightmares? Our panel says yes.

Don’t Let Your Mind Hold You Back

Women business owners talk about how they pushed past their own mental roadblocks.


Flourishing at Food Markets

Continuing our coverage of female food entrepreneurs, we talked to women at Smorgasburg and Union Square Greenmarket.

A Feast of Opportunities

Positivity and entrepreneurial spirit meet at open-air food markets, making them a welcome place for women business owners.
Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: That Terrible Inability to Focus

Our fearless panel provides best tips for keeping your eye on the prize.


Fiscally Confident Female Entrepreneurs

A look at women business owners who have always been free of finance-related anxieties.

The United States of Female Entrepreneurship

Which parts of America are best for women business owners?
Panel Featured Image

Get Over It: Fear of Failure

Our team of experts provide tips for conquering your biggest personal startup challenges.