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The Importance of Investing in Girls and Women

Women Deliver has put together an infographic that shows how women could help save the world.
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Starting a Business With a Man? You Might Not Get Much of a Say

The findings of a recent study show that women who create startups with men get fewer chances to lead.
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Report Highlights Inequality for Black Female Entrepreneurs

Black women said to still be last among all women in revenue generation.

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The Importance of Investing in Equality

Women Deliver has put together an infographic highlighting the benefits of equality.
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Researchers Find That Women Keep Executive Boards Honest

Study shows that the presence of female executives reduces the likelihood of fraud.
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Study Shows Independent Women in India More Likely to Suffer Abuse

Researchers found that more dependent women were less at risk.


RIP, Anja Niedringhaus

The Story Exchange is deeply saddened by the killing of the photographer who documented Afghan women's fight for rights.
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UNF Initiative Aims to Empower Young Women

The United Nations Foundation's Girl Up campaign hopes to reach "the world's hardest-to-reach adolescent girls."
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Why Aren’t Women in Tech? Job Discrimination

One study shows that employers' tendencies to hire men over women for STEM jobs could contribute to shrinking female candidate pool.

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Groups Promoting Female Entrepreneurs Get A Boost

Google ultimately aims to support women founding technology companies with #40Forward.
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Experts Talk, Encourage in #STEMforHer Twitter Chat

The Small Business Association and the National Women's Business Council hosted the interactive discussion.
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Congresswoman Attempting to Subvert ‘Old Boys’ Network’

Rep. Nydia Velazquez is sponsoring two bills that would, if made into law, help female entrepreneurs.

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How Obamacare Helped 3 Small-Business Owners

Despite the bungled rollout, these women say they’ve found affordable coverage.
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Polling Shows Many Kids Dream of Starting Up Businesses

According to Gallup, younger students were significantly more likely to aspire to be entrepreneurs than older ones.
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Horse-Loving Girl Becomes Pet-Food Entrepreneur

In today’s New York Times, we feature Lucy Postins, who turned a childhood passion into a multimillion-dollar business.

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Not-So Shocking Study Finds Investors Favor Attractive Males

The poll also found that funders respond more to pitches from men even if ideas are the same as those offered by women.
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Moving on From ‘Mad Men’: Obama’s New Campaign

The White House has announced plans to elevate awareness of economic issues that specifically affect working women throughout the United States.
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Report: Female Business Owners Express Optimism – And Some Concerns – Regarding 2014 Outlook

The findings of a new report indicate that an 87 percent majority of female entrepreneurs feel optimistic about the prospects for their businesses in 2014.

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Turning Camel Milk Into Cosmetics

Penelope Shihab, a biotech entrepreneur, gets the main ingredient for her Skinue line from camels owned by Dubai's royal family.

TSE in the News: Today’s Media Coverage

It's a good day for media coverage here at The Story Exchange: we're all over the online news.
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On Pivoting and Persevering

Xiaoning Wang’s story reminds us how hard it is to run a business.

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A Money Gap for India’s Female Entrepreneurs

A new report hopes to shed a light on the sizable financing gap for women entrepreneurs in India.
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Brokering Peace in the Middle East

In our series with The New York Times, we feature Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, a consultant whose line of work is conflict resolution.
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How Being Different Led to Success

Alison Chung isn't like most people. That's her competitive advantage. See our report in today's New York Times.