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A Toast to the Future

The female entrepreneurs behind Republic Restoratives, a distillery in Washington, D.C., are hopeful that equity crowdfunding will help them expand their venture.

Candice Helfand-RogersA Toast to the Future
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Threading the Needle: Lavanya Coodly

Lavanya Coodly, who debuted her spring/summer 2017 collection during NYFW, is a fashion-industry newcomer who is building a name for herself.

Ayzia KingThreading the Needle: Lavanya Coodly
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Scaling Up: When Equity Matters

Meet three women entrepreneurs who took on the male-dominated world of equity investing and got cash infusions to expand their companies under terms just right for them.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Equity Matters
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Scaling Up: When Debt is a Good Four-Letter Word

Many women business owners believe debt is “bad,” but it can be a very good thing for entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach, without giving up ownership or control to an equity investor.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Debt is a Good Four-Letter Word