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Pat Law: Business Makes Clients Cool

A dramatic family crisis led Pat to quit her job in advertising and strike out on her own.

Business: Social Media Marketing

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A Startup Entrepreneur Displays True Grit

TSE’s special report in today’s New York Times features Becky O’Neil, who built a $2.3 million pet-sitting empire walking one dog at a time.
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The Women Behind Elf on a Shelf

Carol Aebersold and daughters Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts maxed out their credit cards to start a business that’s disrupted the holiday season.

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Infusing a Business With a Global Spirit

TSE’s special report in today’s New York Times features Adriana Rodriguez of Austin, whose school teaches children to be quadrilingual.
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How a Car Accident Inspired an Entrepreneur to Think Big

Felena Hanson launched her female-only coworking space after surviving a near-fatal wreck.
Shabana Basij-Rasikh discusses the future of girls in Afghanistan at the Asia Society in NY. Photo: Nusha Balyan

On a Mission To Educate Girls in Afghanistan

A young social entrepreneur, Shabana Basij-Rasikh, is challenging tradition and empowering women in her native country.

Creating a Billion Dollar Dream
Latina trailblazer Nina Vaca resurrected her failing company and turned it into a major industry player

Creating a Billion Dollar Dream

Latina trailblazer Nina Vaca resurrected her failing tech company and turned it into a major industry player.
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ChinaSprout: Sowing the Seeds of Chinese Culture

An accidental entrepreneur grows a niche business close to her roots.
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Role Models: First Female TV News Anchor Team

In a milestone for women in journalism, The PBS “NewsHour” will soon be co-anchored by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff.

The Story Exchange, Arianna Huffington

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Arianna Huffington’s Role Model

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Arianna Huffington shares who inspires her to follow her dreams and be the woman she is today.
One of the school's computer classroom in Afghanistan

Time’s 100 Most Influential 2013: Afghani Entrepreneur Roya Mahboob

Roya Mahboob rises above death threats, fighting for women's empowerment and education with computers, access to the Internet and social media.
Refugee, immigrant Woman Entrepreneur Nada Kiblawi

From Refugee Camp to Successful Entrepreneur

Nada Kiblawi was born in a refugee camp, lived through a few wars and finally found safe haven and economic independence as an entrepreneur in the U.S.

Sarabeth in her kitchen

Sarabeth’s Pushing 70 with No Signs of Letting Up

Sarabeth Levine has added a new restaurant to her $40 million food empire and it all began with a family recipe for marmalade.
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Judi Townsend: Woman Entrepreneur Cashes in on Body Parts

The founder of Mannequin Maddness has been selling, renting and recycling mannequins for nearly 15 years.

Business: Recycling & Reuse

Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Founder of Kommon Denominator, video profile

Immigrant Makes Peace, Near and Far

In the coming months The Story Exchange will be joining the national conversation on immigration reform by telling the personal stories of immigrant entrepreneurs. Watch the first profile in our new series.

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1000 Stories: H.S. Students Play Games to Learn Entrepreneurship

Leah Goold-Haws knew that the fastest way to her teenagers' hearts and minds was through games.
Laura Zander, Founder of Jimmy Beans Wool

Knitter Turns Hobby Into a Multi-Million $ Business

By keeping an eye on the bottom line, Laura Zander has grown her tiny idea into a major success.
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Joy Opfer: Woman Entrepreneur Turns Steel into Eco-Jewelry

The San Francisco businesswoman left her internet job to return to her steel industry roots and hand craft eco-jewelry, now worn by top celebrities.

Business: Hand-made Jewelry


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1,000 Stories: Non-profit Gives Working Children a Place to Play

Entrepreneur creates a place where India’s kids could play and escape the harsh realities of daily life.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Women in Peru

What Hillary Clinton Did for Women (and Men) Everywhere

Clinton fought for women's rights, encouraged entrepreneurship and made it okay to look your age.
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Video Profile: Watch Hong Kong’s Queen of Restaurants

Watch how one woman built a successful restaurant empire in one of the most competitive food capitals.

Gauri Singh with her brother

An Indian Entrepreneur’s Plea to Her Brother

After a heated argument, Gauri Singh wrote a letter to her brother which offers insights into the complicated nature of gender in India and is a passionate plea for hope.
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A Safe Haven for Women: The Beauty of the Hair Salon

Aside from your new look, there's something else going on in hair salons that can make you feel better.
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Entrepreneur Helps Indigenous Women Stitch Up Their Daughters’ Future

“No one believed indigenous women could be international entrepreneurs – not even their own husbands.” Read and WATCH how Ruth DeGolia proved everyone wrong.