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Rachel L. Thompson: R&M Social Media

I started R&M Social Media because I felt like I was letting my talents go to waste. I got tired of wishing and wanted to start doing!

The Story ExchangeRachel L. Thompson: R&M Social Media
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Sophia Hyder: Evolvemint

I yearned to find happiness through meaningful work, and knew that combining my two favorite passions, international development and fashion, would let me do just that.

The Story ExchangeSophia Hyder: Evolvemint
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Danielle Gletow: One Simple Wish

After a year of fostering and after the placement of our now adopted daughter, we vowed to create a way for more people to support children at such a confusing and vulnerable time in their lives.

The Story ExchangeDanielle Gletow: One Simple Wish
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Helga Schulte-Schroeer: FIBERARTISTRY

I learned the whole breadth of fibre arts from my grandmother because life on a farm in the 50’s was all about self-sufficiency.

The Story ExchangeHelga Schulte-Schroeer: FIBERARTISTRY
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Paola Moretto: CloudyDays

A friend of mine said: “As you talk to investors, don’t say you have kids.” I reflected on that and thought “No thank you. Being a mother is nothing to hide.”

The Story ExchangePaola Moretto: CloudyDays
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Candace Klein: SoMoLend

My greatest success to date is the fact that I’ve been able to keep two companies alive – and not only that, but companies which actually focus on increasing capital for women and small business owners.

The Story ExchangeCandace Klein: SoMoLend
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Seema S. Sahin: Modern Mary

For most Muslim women it can be challenging finding styles that express their cultural heritage, American identity, and at the same time being true to their faith.

The Story ExchangeSeema S. Sahin: Modern Mary
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Jen McCarn: Caring Senior Service

The Navy gave me the confidence that I have used throughout my career to take charge of my own life and not be afraid of change.

The Story ExchangeJen McCarn: Caring Senior Service
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Bernadette Doran: Equilibrium Energy + Education

Because this is a vision and a mission, not just a business, it took tremendous personal sacrifice, including virtually every penny I owned, a huge amount of credit card debt, and many, many personal lifestyle adjustments.

The Story ExchangeBernadette Doran: Equilibrium Energy + Education
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Thresette Briggs: Performance 3 LLC

I started my business to ensure I could live my true purpose. I would not have been able to do that working for someone else.

The Story ExchangeThresette Briggs: Performance 3 LLC
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Kristen Willis: Kris’s Vintage Clothing

Once I was out of the military I wanted an income of my own that didn’t take me away from my children and after much trail and error I finally opened a shop on

The Story ExchangeKristen Willis: Kris’s Vintage Clothing
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Jordana Jaffe: Embarkability

I am inspired by people who have paved the way for their success and have been determined to achieve their goals no matter what.

The Story ExchangeJordana Jaffe: Embarkability
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Mrs. Abeer Qumsieh: Better Business

To me success is the perseverance of making things happen when they seem impossible; it’s to wake up every morning wanting to make a mark in the place you live so that it makes a difference in the lives of others & the World.

The Story ExchangeMrs. Abeer Qumsieh: Better Business
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Nathalie Molina Niño: Therapy for Business Women

I stepped down from a successful career in international business to study storytelling… and started writing love letters to women in business, hoping to provide insights I wish someone had shared with me along the way.

The Story ExchangeNathalie Molina Niño: Therapy for Business Women