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Rashmi Gowda: Csquare Learnings Pvt Ltd

I was ridiculed by many around me when I have decided to venture into the infrastructure sector with no previous experience. Apparently, the infrastructure business is male dominated field and a woman has no place in it.

The Story ExchangeRashmi Gowda: Csquare Learnings Pvt Ltd
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Rekha Gopal: Padmajyothi Industries

After serving many years in one of the public sector industries in India, I realized that there was a potential in me, like many other women, to make a mark.

The Story ExchangeRekha Gopal: Padmajyothi Industries
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Maya Rowencak: Maya’s Hope Foundation

In 2007, I lost my mom unexpectedly…I hated myself for being ungrateful and taking her for granted, because I later realized how much she loved me.

The Story ExchangeMaya Rowencak: Maya’s Hope Foundation
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Dawn Berryman: Market Mommy

Market Mommy was established so that I could use my marketing expertise to help mom small business owners better market themselves.

The Story ExchangeDawn Berryman: Market Mommy
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Katie Hustead: Paper Moon Moves

I have always loved seniors and have volunteered with them for years, so I searched for a viable business that would allow me to help seniors.

The Story ExchangeKatie Hustead: Paper Moon Moves
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Kanchana Banerjee: Writeword

Seeing so many professionally qualified women who give up on their jobs for domestic reasons; I thought why not teach them how to write and help them get started as freelance writers.

The Story ExchangeKanchana Banerjee: Writeword
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Kathy Hobbs: Virtuous Woman Lifestyle

I remembered how much my mom loved to smell “nice”, and so I crafted a fragrance that would exemplify her spirit, character, and courage.

The Story ExchangeKathy Hobbs: Virtuous Woman Lifestyle
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Cristina Antochi: Team 2 Clean

I left home at the age of 19 in pursuit of a better life. Now in my 20s, I have my own successful business, with 23 teams of 2 working with me, having around 600 clients and going forward.

The Story ExchangeCristina Antochi: Team 2 Clean
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Jackie Covas: Dance Dot

I was working as a professional dancer and finding a place to practice my tap dance routines while touring was nearly impossible. So, I created a portable tap dance board that I could easily take on the road with me.

The Story ExchangeJackie Covas: Dance Dot
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Felena Hanson: Hera Hub

Hera Hub grew out of Felena’s personal need for flexible work, meeting, and event space. She found herself pushed into entrepreneurship after being laid off from a Marketing Director position.

The Story ExchangeFelena Hanson: Hera Hub
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Nellie Akalp:

There is great satisfaction in answering the phone and talking to a new entrepreneur who is looking to incorporate or form an LLC on a brand new venture they’re starting out on.

The Story ExchangeNellie Akalp:
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Oussayma Canbarieh: Symage Media

I wanted to work on my own terms, be independent and feel empowered. I always wanted to own my business but I was scared to make the move. I thought: girl, stop being a chicken…it’s now or never.

The Story ExchangeOussayma Canbarieh: Symage Media