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Ali Rittenhouse: Ali Rittenhouse International

After being in another position working for the man who looked down on me and my abilities, I knew I was done. I found the exact answer in starting my own business.

The Story ExchangeAli Rittenhouse: Ali Rittenhouse International
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Calla Gold: Calla Gold Jewelry

When I started out at 19-years-old I tried to dress older and felt a bit of a fraud in that I was so young to have employees and be out getting business.

The Story ExchangeCalla Gold: Calla Gold Jewelry
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Tenille Dixon: Girl Friday Services, Inc.

I initially started my business as a means to make money while going back to school for a second degree, but my love to help others and the ability to watch something grow that I was directly responsible for became my focus.

The Story ExchangeTenille Dixon: Girl Friday Services, Inc.
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Susan Vernicek: S&J Identity Inc

I used to manipulate faces in photoshop, but it wasn’t until I had to manipulate my face when it struck my anger with how society and media portray the “perfect” woman.

The Story ExchangeSusan Vernicek: S&J Identity Inc
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Roxanne Martinez: Roxstar Marketing

“As I recovered from treatment, I decided I wanted to utilize my skills and talent to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.”

The Story ExchangeRoxanne Martinez: Roxstar Marketing
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Luz Garcia-Pennock: Lovely Gal Posh

With faith, savings and courage I decided that as my name is Luz (light in Spanish) I was to live my life following my light and passions to support people to follow theirs.

The Story ExchangeLuz Garcia-Pennock: Lovely Gal Posh
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Erin Baebler: Magnolia Workshop

Once I started my training, it became clear to me that helping other new mothers navigate their changed world was the way to go. I’ve been coaching for 10 years and absolutely love helping moms navigate life with children.

The Story ExchangeErin Baebler: Magnolia Workshop
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Elizabeth Legere: Alexandria Pet Care, Inc.

Anyone who takes risks, pursues their passions (for business or not), takes time to honestly evaulate what makes them happy and eager to greet each day: those are my role models.

The Story ExchangeElizabeth Legere: Alexandria Pet Care, Inc.
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Yvette Garfield: Handstand Kids Goods & Services

Yvette’s experience in children’s rights led her to create the Handstand Kids cookbook series with the intention to introduce children to the world through their own kitchen.

The Story ExchangeYvette Garfield: Handstand Kids Goods & Services
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Sharon Starika: Sharon Starika

I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method 29 years ago after a debilitating accident with a semi-truck. From my remarkable recovery, I found my passion for movement and realized that I wanted to teach others.

The Story ExchangeSharon Starika: Sharon Starika
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Jody Coughlin: Chic CEO, LLC

I started a small business with no idea what I was doing. Now, I am completely fulfilled in that we get to help women accell every day and champion female entrepreneurship!

The Story ExchangeJody Coughlin: Chic CEO, LLC
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Stephanie Burns: Chic CEO, LLC

I was in grad school, getting my MBA while working full time when I realized that if someone had asked me, I couldn’t tell them what the first steps would be to start a business.

The Story ExchangeStephanie Burns: Chic CEO, LLC
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Jan Hansen: Jewels by Jan

Friends and family were so impressed and felt that my idea would become popular because beach weddings were just starting to become one of the most unique ways to get married.

The Story ExchangeJan Hansen: Jewels by Jan