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Dawniel P. Winningham: National Day of Sisterhood

I am inspired by ALL women! I think that we all bring SOMETHING to the table that allows us to be unique and gives us the opportunity to be successful in our own hopes and dreams.

The Story ExchangeDawniel P. Winningham: National Day of Sisterhood
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Alison Stern: Alison Blair Studio

I’ve now survived through a couple downturns, watched businesses come and go, and have figured out how to best keep my business afloat.

The Story ExchangeAlison Stern: Alison Blair Studio
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Alicia Vanderschuere: rosieMADE LLC

People seem to accept disparity, without really being conscious of it. Our challenge is to help people see it, and demand more.

The Story ExchangeAlicia Vanderschuere: rosieMADE LLC
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Carolyn Paddock: In-Flight Insider

After spending more than 20,000 hours in-flight and 10 million miles around the world, I was inspired to create In-Flight Insider.

The Story ExchangeCarolyn Paddock: In-Flight Insider
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Harriet Alida Lye: Her Royal Majesty

To create and cultivate local and international communities; to connect passionate artists and writers; to get practical experience editing and publishing a magazine.

The Story ExchangeHarriet Alida Lye: Her Royal Majesty
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Michelle Weber: Michelle Weber- Integrated Fitness from the Inside Out

I love creating a vision for my business and seeing that people are attracted to it and enjoying what I offer. I love that I see other professionals (peers) also interested in what I am creating and cheering me on as I do so.

The Story ExchangeMichelle Weber: Michelle Weber- Integrated Fitness from the Inside Out
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Cecile DeMartini: Beach Butlerz

Ultimate succes to me is achieving a balanced life where the business is prospering on its own, my family is healthy and happy, I’m healthy and happy, and my husband and I are happy in our careers and relationship.

The Story ExchangeCecile DeMartini: Beach Butlerz
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Sandy & Stevie D’Andrea: Jewels for Hope

We put our hearts and souls into our creations and when we can make someone smile from wearing our charity jewels- that’s the biggest success we can ask for.

The Story ExchangeSandy & Stevie D’Andrea: Jewels for Hope
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Suzan Hixon: The Law Office of Suzan Hixon PLLC

Kicking the big law firm life to the curb, and now being able to work remotely, whenever and wherever, in the world! Gaining this freedom is my biggest success!

The Story ExchangeSuzan Hixon: The Law Office of Suzan Hixon PLLC
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Jodi Goodfellow: Fashion Forward

It makes me happy every time I see new items posted on the website – because I realize that my idea is being utilized to help others Forward their Fashion and BE Fashion Forward!

The Story ExchangeJodi Goodfellow: Fashion Forward
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Jennifer Daly: Kinespirit

I define success as being able to touch people’s lives in a meaningful and positive way. This encompasses clients feeling good about their bodies, and also teachers feeling good about their skills.

The Story ExchangeJennifer Daly: Kinespirit
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Cathy Key: Keynote Networks

Success is creating win-win outcomes for everyone involved – our staff, clients, the company, our families, friends and the community. Working from a win-win ultimately creates strong and long-lasting relationships.

The Story ExchangeCathy Key: Keynote Networks