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Kellyn Timmerman: feNa

To work incredibly hard for something and have someone else determine my fate was the turning point for me, and the reason I started feNa.

The Story ExchangeKellyn Timmerman: feNa
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Sandi Timberlake: A Little To The Left

I launched the business in September 2008, with 20 greeting cards for gay and lesbian couples for weddings, unions and anniversaries. I now have over 70 designs.

The Story ExchangeSandi Timberlake: A Little To The Left
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Sereta Wilson: Annie’s Ruff House

My grandmother left me a very small amount of money. I felt a huge responsibility to spend that money in a way that would honor her.

The Story ExchangeSereta Wilson: Annie’s Ruff House
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Kellee Khalil:

I was overwhelmed by all of the information and ideas on the Web and that there wasn’t one place online to gather all of the amazing ideas.

The Story ExchangeKellee Khalil:
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Vanessa Bright: Financial Futures Now

I started my company to educate America’s youth on the basic principles of financial literacy and provide them with the skills to become financially free and fiscally responsible adults.

The Story ExchangeVanessa Bright: Financial Futures Now
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Summer Alexander: Summer Alexander Research

I realized that the same skills and talents I used to help grow the company I was laid off from, I could now use to help many others – under my own brand!

The Story ExchangeSummer Alexander: Summer Alexander Research
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Stephanie Goodell: Samaya Consulting

I am not sure that I realized I was starting a business at the time. I took a small “bridge” job that turned out to be a big opportunity!

The Story ExchangeStephanie Goodell: Samaya Consulting
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Shien-ru Tsao: Project 116

I starting Project 116, a social enterprise that teaches kids entrepreneurship skills. Students learn how to develop sustainable products through hands-on projects.

The Story ExchangeShien-ru Tsao: Project 116
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Sarah Eastman: Trip Me Not, LLC

When I was getting married, my biggest fear was tripping down the aisle. I needed a way to practice walking in my gown, so I invented one.

The Story ExchangeSarah Eastman: Trip Me Not, LLC
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Kristen O’Connell: No.2 Skirts

I was working at a department store when I noticed a constant problem. Women have a hard time finding stylish skirts that fit!

The Story ExchangeKristen O’Connell: No.2 Skirts
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Nicole Stubbs: First Access

First Access is pioneering a system of financial profiles for microloan applicants to access credit using their prepaid mobile records.

The Story ExchangeNicole Stubbs: First Access