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Nathalie Molina Niño: Therapy for Business Women

I stepped down from a successful career in international business to study storytelling… and started writing love letters to women in business, hoping to provide insights I wish someone had shared with me along the way.

The Story ExchangeNathalie Molina Niño: Therapy for Business Women
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Marcie Muehlke: Celia Grace -a social enterprise

I realized that I could pair the market opportunity of women seeking a more meaningful wedding dress with the social need for safe, fair, and empowering work for women…and create something truly beautiful.

The Story ExchangeMarcie Muehlke: Celia Grace -a social enterprise
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Hillary Gadsby: A Gadsby Affair

It is difficult for men to take me seriously, but I have luckily overcome this obstacle by getting my foot in the door and knowing the right people to give me an extra edge.

The Story ExchangeHillary Gadsby: A Gadsby Affair
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Andrea Rubinfeld: Family Founded, Inc

That “Aha!” moment led to, a site dedicated to enhancing people’s experience working with family by providing peer-to-peer support and advice from top professional experts around the world.

The Story ExchangeAndrea Rubinfeld: Family Founded, Inc
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Holly Landau: Landau Leadership

I started my business in 2008 because I thought I could take all the lessons I learned in the military and in corporate life and turn this wisdom into leadership curriculum that I could share with corporations.

The Story ExchangeHolly Landau: Landau Leadership
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Tiffany Robinson: CHAOS Rewards

Help local health-oriented businesses attract and retain customers by providing a loyalty program for healthy shopping behavior.

The Story ExchangeTiffany Robinson: CHAOS Rewards
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Dimple Thakkar: SYNHERGY

To me, the “small” in “small business” meant moving faster than any bigger or better-funded competitor. And most importantly, I wasn’t afraid of failure. Matter of fact, I welcomed it.

The Story ExchangeDimple Thakkar: SYNHERGY
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Kelly Drescher: The Highland Dog

I started my endeavor because I went through a divorce and wanted to change my challenging military/traveling lifestyle to a more “normal”, home every night life.

The Story ExchangeKelly Drescher: The Highland Dog
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Nandini Das Ghoshal: Insights & More

Corporate life takes a heavy toll on independence, freedom, family life and most of creativity. We wanted to prove to ourselves that its possible to achieve the highest quality without sacrificing any of these.

The Story ExchangeNandini Das Ghoshal: Insights & More
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Kim Osterhoudt: Jams by Kim

I was laid off (early retirement) from a major financial services firm in the spring of 2009. Initially I looked for another job,and then a good friend asked me “what do you love to do?”

The Story ExchangeKim Osterhoudt: Jams by Kim
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Coletta Dorado: AZZLY

My mother taught me through her life and now her death. That is why I became passionate to bring about a better healthcare delivery system called AZZLY, for patients, for providers and for better outcomes.

The Story ExchangeColetta Dorado: AZZLY