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Claire Bennett: Music Bugs

Success can be measured in many different ways but for me the personal fulfillment of creating something that has had a positive effect on other peoples lives is something that I am proud of.

The Story ExchangeClaire Bennett: Music Bugs
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Mary Mitchell: Made & Told

We sell handcrafted homeware made by artisans and craft cooperatives in Central Asia, alongside stories from the cultures and contexts in which they were made. We sell handcrafted homeware with a story.

The Story ExchangeMary Mitchell: Made & Told
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Rashmi Gowda: Csquare Learnings Pvt Ltd

I was ridiculed by many around me when I have decided to venture into the infrastructure sector with no previous experience. Apparently, the infrastructure business is male dominated field and a woman has no place in it.

The Story ExchangeRashmi Gowda: Csquare Learnings Pvt Ltd
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Rekha Gopal: Padmajyothi Industries

After serving many years in one of the public sector industries in India, I realized that there was a potential in me, like many other women, to make a mark.

The Story ExchangeRekha Gopal: Padmajyothi Industries
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Maya Rowencak: Maya’s Hope Foundation

In 2007, I lost my mom unexpectedly…I hated myself for being ungrateful and taking her for granted, because I later realized how much she loved me.

The Story ExchangeMaya Rowencak: Maya’s Hope Foundation
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Dawn Berryman: Market Mommy

Market Mommy was established so that I could use my marketing expertise to help mom small business owners better market themselves.

The Story ExchangeDawn Berryman: Market Mommy
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Katie Hustead: Paper Moon Moves

I have always loved seniors and have volunteered with them for years, so I searched for a viable business that would allow me to help seniors.

The Story ExchangeKatie Hustead: Paper Moon Moves
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Kanchana Banerjee: Writeword

Seeing so many professionally qualified women who give up on their jobs for domestic reasons; I thought why not teach them how to write and help them get started as freelance writers.

The Story ExchangeKanchana Banerjee: Writeword
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Kathy Hobbs: Virtuous Woman Lifestyle

I remembered how much my mom loved to smell “nice”, and so I crafted a fragrance that would exemplify her spirit, character, and courage.

The Story ExchangeKathy Hobbs: Virtuous Woman Lifestyle
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Cristina Antochi: Team 2 Clean

I left home at the age of 19 in pursuit of a better life. Now in my 20s, I have my own successful business, with 23 teams of 2 working with me, having around 600 clients and going forward.

The Story ExchangeCristina Antochi: Team 2 Clean
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Jackie Covas: Dance Dot

I was working as a professional dancer and finding a place to practice my tap dance routines while touring was nearly impossible. So, I created a portable tap dance board that I could easily take on the road with me.

The Story ExchangeJackie Covas: Dance Dot
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Felena Hanson: Hera Hub

Hera Hub grew out of Felena’s personal need for flexible work, meeting, and event space. She found herself pushed into entrepreneurship after being laid off from a Marketing Director position.

The Story ExchangeFelena Hanson: Hera Hub
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Nellie Akalp:

There is great satisfaction in answering the phone and talking to a new entrepreneur who is looking to incorporate or form an LLC on a brand new venture they’re starting out on.

The Story ExchangeNellie Akalp:
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Oussayma Canbarieh: Symage Media

I wanted to work on my own terms, be independent and feel empowered. I always wanted to own my business but I was scared to make the move. I thought: girl, stop being a chicken…it’s now or never.

The Story ExchangeOussayma Canbarieh: Symage Media