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Tanya Heath: Tanya Heath Paris

I wanted to create a beautiful shoe that could adapt to us so we don’t ever have to compromise between comfort and allure. (Tanya Heath Paris is a line of shoes with removable heels).

The Story ExchangeTanya Heath: Tanya Heath Paris
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Marissa Vicario: Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!)

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others but never knew how to turn my passion for health, wellness, fitness and cooking into a business until I enrolled in a health coach training program.

The Story ExchangeMarissa Vicario: Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!)
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Tracy Brisson: The Opportunities Project

I was working as the Director of Recruitment for one of the largest employers in the United States, but I felt that I could offer more to the world as an independent voice about careers, work, and recruitment.

The Story ExchangeTracy Brisson: The Opportunities Project
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Katie Bressack: Balanced Beings

I was a stressed out woman living in NYC and needed to make a change. I found yoga and learned how to decrease my stress levels.

The Story ExchangeKatie Bressack: Balanced Beings
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Wendy Jameson: Colnatec

My business partner and I met on Twitter, and I consulted to him on writing a business case for a new sensor.

The Story ExchangeWendy Jameson: Colnatec
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Anne Zeiser: Azure Media

It simply came time to create Azure Media, producing transmedia projects ON AIR, ONLINE and ON THE GO that fuel impact IN COMMUNITIES, IN SCHOOLS and IN CAPITOLS

The Story ExchangeAnne Zeiser: Azure Media
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Lori Harris: Mary Jane’s

I was looking for an outlet of my creative nature and Park City’s Main Street was looking for a shoe store. It was a match made in heaven.

The Story ExchangeLori Harris: Mary Jane’s
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Lucy Miller: Lucy Miller Pure

I am a dog lover, a fair-weather surfer, a passionate paddle boarder and a modern-day alchemist perfumer obsessed with rare and pure scent.

The Story ExchangeLucy Miller: Lucy Miller Pure
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Renee Wilbur:

The sincere desire to help people succeed is the reason for ReciProty’s existence. What makes ReciProty unique is its blend of local personal and business support available FREE to all members 24/7/365

The Story ExchangeRenee Wilbur:
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Michelle Hamman: MotherTongues

MotherTongues just released our first iPhone/iPad app, World Words. It teaches you one life-affirming word per day, with pronunciation and meaning. It is being downloaded around the world!

The Story ExchangeMichelle Hamman: MotherTongues
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Vernetta R. Freeney: Women Are Gamechangers LLC

I started this as a platform to showcase women entrepreneurs and community leaders who were not receiving recognition. Also as a resource to help women on their journey.

The Story ExchangeVernetta R. Freeney: Women Are Gamechangers LLC
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Sherry Burton Ways: Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

I was listed as one of the Top 100 Designers in the Washington, D.C., region by Home & Design Magazine, with five of my designs featured in their Portfolio for 2011.

The Story ExchangeSherry Burton Ways: Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC