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Scarlet Paolicchi: Family Focus Blog

I have built my blog from nothing, with no advertising, except through social networking so I was very pleased to win the 2011 StartupNation Savviest in Social Media Winner Award.

The Story ExchangeScarlet Paolicchi: Family Focus Blog
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Oreet J. S.: SharQui – The bellydance workout®

To change women’s perspectives on their bodies, to have fun while working out, to spend more time with family, to educate women on what bellydance is truly about!

The Story ExchangeOreet J. S.: SharQui – The bellydance workout®
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Katie Hughes, PhD: Dance Yourself Fit LLC

I had an idea of how to solve my student’s problem with a new-to-the-market solution called Slip-On Dancers that transform your running shoes into dancing shoes in seconds.

The Story ExchangeKatie Hughes, PhD: Dance Yourself Fit LLC
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Liz Miller: Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC

After 15 years as a successful partner with an investment firm in NYC, the founding partners were ready to retire, yet they kept overlooking me and making me take potential new people to dinner. I felt I was hitting a glass ceiling.

The Story ExchangeLiz Miller: Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC
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Alex Robinson: Alcott Clothier

While working in the Men’s custom clothing industry I discovered an immense void in the market for women. Alcott Clothier provides women with luxurious, flattering, and fashion-forward custom clothing.

The Story ExchangeAlex Robinson: Alcott Clothier
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Aldona and Joanna: Gaiavita Ltd

We want Gaiavita to be an example of how to be transparent, ethical and to deliver organic, certified skincare with the results that women want!

The Story ExchangeAldona and Joanna: Gaiavita Ltd
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Aline M. Betancourt: Wibi+Works

Carrying out innovative ideas from inception to the point of favorably impacting human health while not forgetting along the way to be a positive role model for those around me.

The Story ExchangeAline M. Betancourt: Wibi+Works
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E. Kelly Fitzsimmons: HarQen

I am always striving to incorporate my life into my business. When they stop meshing well, I make a change.

The Story ExchangeE. Kelly Fitzsimmons: HarQen
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Nermin Fawzi Saad:

I’ve started my business to find a way to help Arab Female Engineers to activate their certificates, since they are subjected to different kind of social rules, which may cause many of them to quit their jobs.

The Story ExchangeNermin Fawzi Saad:
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Trang Le: Kiddieo Mall

I’m saying goodbye to the corporate world to focus on Kiddieo Mall and be home more for my two kids.

The Story ExchangeTrang Le: Kiddieo Mall
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Tula Garris: Morning Glory Products, Inc.

African American owned and operated, fully licensed and patented with an invaluable registered Trademark, Morning Glory Products, Inc. ® have become a household name!

The Story ExchangeTula Garris: Morning Glory Products, Inc.