Charlotte Argyle: Cost Recovery for the UK’s National Health Services

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Name: Charlotte Argyle 

Business: HCR Services 

Location: London, United Kingdom 

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness 

Reason for starting? When I was a child, my father used to travel the country visiting his clients and often would let me join him. I would sit in the corner, quietly observing. This gave me a thirst for knowledge but I also quickly realized that I wanted a seat at the table….. I wanted to be like the men in charge. It is, therefore, not surprising that I have wanted, for as long as I can remember, to be involved with building a meaningful business. For me this means being more than just a long-term commercial success; it also means delivering real (financial and other) benefits to shareholders, employees and customers alike. Hence, after spending many years working in other people’s companies, I decided it was time to spread my wings and to try to realise my dream – spotting a large scale problem around missed revenue opportunities within the National Health Services. Hence, HCR Services was born.

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How do you define success? For me, whilst financial security is important, it is certainly not the only measure of success. Over the long-term I really want my personal efforts to touch the lives of others and, wherever possible, to have a dramatic impact on the quality of their life. I am fortunate enough in having a lot of energy and personal drive to want to succeed. But I believe in never forgetting ones true authentic origins, and so regardless one should never take success for granted nor diminish the personal sacrifices it can take to achieve it. For me, success is the measure of having the financial freedom to pursue a passion or venture without having to be constrained by its commercial success and helping others to improve their lives in some small way.

Biggest success: From a blank piece of paper building a concept, product and viable business within 12 months. I believe success only comes from sheer perseverance. Never believe anyone who says it is easy!! As they say, even the Loch Ness Monster believed in himself!

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Starting up a business, particularly when the problem you are trying to solve is misunderstood by both the client base and at legislative level, is tricky. But in my case, we have created a market where there is no direct comparable and, as such, no blueprint. Hence, as the customer base has grown, we have had to adapt quickly and constantly flex our core offerings. We have addressed many of our most pressing challenges by working with experts who have the skills that complement our own. This has meant we had the right people in the right teams at the right time to interact with our stakeholders and so deliver a successful outcome.

Who is your most important role model? My father had a huge impact on me. I’m not someone who aspires to be like anyone famous but, if I did, it would probably be someone like Hilary Devey CBE. One of life’s true scrappers, she ruled in an industry dominated by men. She was pragmatic and incredibly successful in the face of adversity. Her book Bold as Brass is a great read.

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Posted: July 25, 2017

Victoria FlexnerCharlotte Argyle: Cost Recovery for the UK’s National Health Services