• Beareather

    The video made me feel hopeful and encouraged. It reinforced my decision to continue to offer my service to the community. I makes me realize that I must be more determined to work hard and do whatever I need to do make the business successful. The story was well put together in all aspects – video, editing and story content.

  • Ousmane Ba

    After watching this video, I told myself: “If you want to start your own business and keep it running you can do it. I believe that everything is based on knowing what do you really want to do and strongly believing in yourself and be prepared to overcome any obstacles that you may find on your way. Starting and keeping running your business is very hard thing honestly, but if you are really serious about what you are doing you can be successful and be an example for others.”

  • Alla Pankevich

    The video made me feel stronger, hopeful and inspired. It makes me feel that I am on the right track.

  • Mirta

    The video gave me encouragement and motivation. Even this morning I felt a little discouraged and worried that i wouldn’t succeed and what if I loose the money? But seeing this woman not allowing anything stop her, especially finance, gave me hope. It reinforces me and encourages me to pursue my goal.

  • Brandy-Kay

    It made me feel that I too can accomplish my goals. It added value by knowing all I need to do is try and believe in myself. The video was inspiring.

  • Lorraine

    The video left me feeling inspired and motivated. It confirmed that you need to be tenacious and believe in what you are doing. It added value because it confirmed we are not alone and we can benefit from other stories of experiences and failures.

  • Claudia

    I like the fact that she [Deborah Olivo] went out on her own and started her line.

  • Catherine Duckett

    The video made me feel very inspired. I feel more confident to get started. I am at the point in my business where my main source of my experience is the base of my service and sometimes it’s hard to get up and get started when you don’t have all the letters behind your name.