Hillary and the Women’s Vote

Could women hand Hillary Clinton the U.S. presidency?

Riva Richmond By Riva Richmond

Photo Credit: Adam Schultz for Hillary for America, CC-BY-NC-SA

Photo Credit: Adam Schultz for Hillary for America, CC-BY-NC-SA

Last week in Alexandria, Va., 300 people packed into an event for Hillary Clinton featuring her husband, former President Bill Clinton, despite a torrential downpour and tornado warnings. On Monday, ahead of the Super Tuesday state’s vote, the fire marshall had to hold back a line of people unable to get in to see Hillary Clinton at George Mason University in Fairfax.

The women at these multiracial, multiethnic rallies were enthusiastic, and large numbers were young, says Allida Black, chair and co-founder of Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that formed to convince the former Secretary of State to take another shot at becoming the first woman president in U.S. history.

“Women are incredibly engaged in this campaign,” says Black, a Virginian who today directs a digital media project called Let’s Talk Hillary (and hosted an overflow event at her home recently). “The support here is palpable, it’s enthusiastic and it’s motivating women who have never been involved in politics before.”

The Clinton campaign should hope that women across the country are fired up. After all, the so-called “women’s vote” has the potential to seal the Democratic nomination for Clinton — as well as the presidency itself. Though of course, a few things have to happen first.

Campaigning for the Women’s Vote

The first battle — the internal one — has already been won: Clinton’s 2016 campaign is going after the women’s vote. It has fully embraced her gender and the historic nature of her candidacy, in a shift in strategy from Clinton’s primary battle against Barack Obama eight years ago. The 2008 team played down gender, amid conventional wisdom that voters worried whether a woman would be tough enough to lead the free world, and “ran her as tough and ready to serve on Day One,” says Debbie Walsh, the director of the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University.

The 2008 approach no doubt seemed right as pundits criticized her “cackle” and groused about feeling emasculated by her. But it looked wrong after Obama won the primary and the presidency by capitalizing on the historic nature of his election to drive record African-American turnout and take 93 percent of its vote, 60 percent of which is female.

It also looked wrong when Clinton’s concession-speech quip about putting 18 million cracks in the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” struck a chord. And it looked even more wrong when women handed Obama the presidency twice; the gender gap, or difference between the female and male vote for Obama, was 7 points in 2008 and 10 points in 2012.

This time around, Clinton is playing being a woman as a strength, talking frequently about being a mother, grandmother, feminist, battle-tested champion of women’s empowerment, and potential first woman president. She has enlisted an array of women celebrities and women’s groups to rally the women’s vote.

While the Clinton campaign still argues that Americans should vote for her on her merits — experience, readiness for the job — this time “one of her merits is being a woman, it’s a value-add to her resume,” Walsh says.

The new strategy has fit Clinton more comfortably, many observers say, since Clinton has spent much of her life working for the empowerment of women and girls. It also looks like the smarter strategy, given the growing power of women in the Democratic party and in the electorate as a whole.

The Democratic Primaries

The women’s vote is key to a Democratic primary win. Since the early 1980s, a greater proportion of women than men have been Democrats. In 2014, 36 percent of women identified as Democrats, compared to 20 percent of men. Democratic primaries and caucuses also tend to attract more female than male participants.

But historically women have voted less on gender than on the issues that matter to them. Indeed, Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s rival in the primaries, is attracting many women supporters. In particular, young women, along with young men, have been moved by Sanders’ promises to make healthcare universal and college free, to take Wall Street down a peg and level the economic playing field for middle-class and working people.

A bevy of articles have appeared in recent weeks describing a weakness with young women, especially white college-educated women, that appeared during the first two primary contests. Clinton is failing to inspire this constituency and connect on the issues they care about, the arguments went. Opposed to endless war abroad and motivated by racial, LGBT and economic justice issues, some observers say young women don’t like Hillary the hawk and the realist and see her as flawed because she is wealthy, white and privileged.

Supporters argue that many young women don’t know enough about Clinton’s long history fighting for progressive causes, particularly access to healthcare and an array of women’s issues. Others say young women aren’t animated by gender or keen to put Clinton in the White House the way older women are because they enjoy lives of greater equality during college — lives that will change when they enter the workplace and experience “late-breaking sexism.”

But Black says large swaths of millennial women are behind Clinton’s candidacy — indeed they were the muscle behind Ready for Hillary.

Democratic Women's Vote“There is broad support for Hillary, and there’s broad support for Hillary among of women of all ages,” says Black, who has travelled to 30 states for Clinton. “Women are knocking down the doors to do all they can to help her. They are canvassing, they’re raising money, they’re having house parties. They’re doing things they have never done in their lives.”

In fact, Clinton is leading among Democratic women overall. According to exit and entrance polling tracked by CNN through Super Tuesday, she has won the women’s vote in every primary except New Hampshire and Vermont, where Sanders won the overall votes handily. And crucially, she is harnessing the power of enthusiastic African-American women.

The General Election

The women’s vote is also crucial for the general election. Women make up more than half the U.S. population and have cast between 4 million and 7 million more votes than men in recent national elections, according to Presidential Gender Watch 2016, a nonpartisan project of CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation. Those votes matter in an era of razor-close national elections.

But the women’s vote is not monolithic and will not break 93 percent in favor of Clinton the way the African-American vote did for Obama. “The women’s vote is important, and it will play a huge role, but I just think that women are diverse — and women are Republicans, women are Tea Party,” Black says.

In fact, any Democrat, male or female, has an advantage with women, because women have long favored Democrats. In 2014, 52 percent of women were Democrats or Independents who leaned Democratic, compared to 36 percent who leaned Republican, according to Pew Research Center. Women were decisive in Obama’s 2012 victory, when 55 percent voted for him, compared to 44 percent for Mitt Romney.

The big question is: Can Clinton’s gender help her win the women’s vote by a bigger margin, and could such a surge carry her into office?

Maybe. But Clinton will have to reach deep into Independent women ranks and potentially woo moderate Republican women as well.

Black says she knows moderate Republican women who may shift to Clinton in the general election, but inroads could be limited. While Democratic women are driven largely by economic issues and defending the social safety net, Republican women are concerned principally about national security and terrorism, Walsh says. Clinton’s reputation as a hawk could help her, but she is destined to face a tough-talking Republican who speaks more directly to these voters. Focusing on Independent women could be more fruitful.

Another challenge is deep-rooted social attitudes and biases about women that could well surface in the privacy of the voting booth. After all, a 2015 YouGov poll found that only 67 percent of Americans believe the U.S. is ready to elect a woman president.

Indeed, Clinton could be weighed down by sexism, overt and subtle, and the fears of her 2008 campaign team could prove correct. Both women and men could be deterred by a subtle “double bind” that affects women in authority: the demand they be both good leaders and good women, when the qualities society assigns to each are direct opposites (forceful/gentle, confident/self-effacing). And they could choose the simpler action: vote for a male leader.

Photo Credit: Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America, CC-BY-NC

Photo Credit: Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America, CC-BY-NC

With all of this in play, the campaign could fail to energize women and drive them to the polls in large numbers on election day.

All signs so far point to electric energy for Clinton from older women and women of color fed in part by the opportunity to elect the first woman president. But Clinton will need to mobilize tougher groups too: women who are fired up by Bernie Sanders, Independent women and moderate Republican women.

“Is Hillary’s gender going to be a motivator? Is that going to give her an extra advantage?” Walsh asks. “It has the potential to do that.”

Take, for example, two 2012 races featuring non-incumbent Democratic women candidates who did manage to get out the women’s vote. According to data from CAWP, Elizabeth Warren won her Massachusetts Senate seat with 59 percent of the women’s vote and a 12-point gender gap (she won 47 percent of men). Similarly, Maggie Hassan was first elected governor of New Hampshire with 60 percent of the women’s vote and an 11-point gender gap (49 percent of men).

Could Clinton similarly win 60 percent of women — 5 points more than Obama won in 2012? That could be a worthy goal for the campaign. While the Warren and Hassan contests were in firmly blue states, they did not benefit from comparable historic significance.

Black, for one, has set her sights even higher: “Would I love to see 65 percent of women vote for Hillary? Absolutely. Would I tap dance on the moon if we got 70 percent? Absolutely.”

Though the gender gap is driven mainly by party, “a Democratic woman in the race can intensify the gender gap. That’s what we’ll be watching for,” Walsh says. “There might be more turnout for her, and she might inspire more women to be engaged — and you’re seeing that now.”

Posted: March 1, 2016

Riva RichmondHillary and the Women’s Vote
  • Susan G. DeVan

    Here’s one woman (age 73, registered Independent) who would never vote for Hillary Clinton. Gender alone is not a good reason to vote for anyone, and to do it just to “make history” is irrational. The Democrats (or Republicans) could surely find a woman who has the integrity and intelligence to be President without settling for the likes of this re-run. Hillary wonders why some people, such as young voters, do not like her, and why they don’t trust her. Here is why: her whole persona reveals that she does not really believe the lines she is feeding the voters. Her attempt to convey sincerity consists of opening her eyes super-wide, and grinning broadly; she tries to convince us she’s passionate about a cause by yelling the message, but some of us see only the calculating phoniness behind it.

    Now that she is getting a bit desperate, Hillary is not only using Bernie Sanders’ ideas, she’s even stealing his exact words and using them as if she was the original author. In all our years on earth, my husband (a registered Democrat) and I have never seen such a disgusting Presidential race, with such a poor field to choose from. Not even the LBJ/Goldwater fiasco was as bad as this. We will never vote for Herr Trump, and most of the other Republican candidates except maybe Kasich, are unconvincing. We like Bernie Sanders, but are very afraid that the Clinton machine will roll over him. The dirty tricks already played against his campaign are disgusting. Like a true politician, Hillary Clinton changes with the tide, and flip-flops on issues according to how she thinks she can get votes. Her half-truths about her own record and those of her opponents cause her to be seen as untrustworthy, as one poll showed, and she feigned surprise and hurt to hear that news.

    If Bernie Sanders does well enough to be the Democratic nominee, I will register as a Democrat in order to vote for him. If he is not chosen, I will have to vote for some obscure 3rd party, as a protest vote against the choices we are given – have done that before, and it’s not a wasted vote but a protest.

    • IvraRosemary Naylor

      Here one woman (age 69), registered Democrat) who will be voting for Hillary as our first woman president. Not only does Hillary has knowledge but; also, the experience to continue what President Obama has done to bring take this coubtry forward from the failures of Bush administration. As far as Hillary using Bernie Sanders ideas, no truth to this. These ideas have been spoken for years by Hillary and the Demcorates. Bernie who’s been in politics for over three decades and an independent socialist has not done or try to do with his unrealistic ideas, except in his home state of Vermont and that was a failure. He has not wrote or put forth any polcies while being an independent in congress. Bernie keep talking about the establishment in Washington, of which he is part of. Bernie should never run as a Democrat but as a independent. Of course he wouldn’t do this because an Independent along would never have gotten this far without running on the coattails of the Democratic Party.
      Go Hillary 2016 nominee and 2017 President of the USA

      • Lana


      • Martin M

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      • Kimberly

        as a female myself, I also want a woman to be elected President of this country, but no Hillary Clinton. She is not a person that can be trusted . She is corrupted, she is crooked, she was the worse Secretary of State this country had. Never Hillary.

        • zizi Newton

          Being a woman is no reason for wanting a woman president. What does gender have to do with anything as far as president is concern?

      • suzetteyoung

        Why are the educated voting for Hillary?

        • zizi Newton

          A Ph.D. from Harvard, it that highly educated enough? That’s me. But I must say that I am not among the majority of the Harvard people. One professor from Yale was interviewed by Bill O’Riley. He said 99.5% or more people at Yale supported Hillary because (I can only paraphrase because I don’t remember his words exactly) “They have no clue about the fact…. They only read New York Times. They regard themselves as higher than other people…. Not only Yale, but Harvard, and other prestigious universities are the same.” I think in the past 3 decades it has been fashionable to denigrate traditional value. Those presumptuous Ivy League people who are just as ignorant about current affairs as the most uneducated people. They choose to limit their views and follow the most one-sided, skewed mainstream media.

    • IvraRosemary Naylor

      Here one woman (age 69), registered Democrat) who will be voting for Hillary as our first woman president. Not only does Hillary has knowledge but; also, the experience to continue what President Obama has done to bring take this coubtry forward from the failures of Bush administration. As far as Hillary using Bernie Sanders ideas, no truth to this. These ideas have been spoken for years by Hillary and the Demcorates. Bernie who’s been in politics for over three decades and an independent socialist has not done or try to do with his unrealistic ideas, except in his home state of Vermont and that was a failure. He has not wrote or put forth any polcies while bei ng an independent in congress. Bernie keep talking about the establishment in Washington, of which he is part of. Bernie should never run as a Democrat but as a independent. Of course he wouldn’t do this because an Independent along would never have gotten this far without running on the coattails of the Democratic Party.
      Go Hillary 2016 nominee and 2017 President of the USA

      • Endara L Hernandez

        Here a woman (56) Latina and I voted for Hillary in Florida in the primaries, and will vote for Hillary in November with my eyes closed. Go Hillary.

        • Martin M

          I couldn’t have said it better!! That’s why! Your eye’s are closed and apparently your ears are too!

        • chris


          • Windell Cotton

            Chris lay off the abuse toward Ms Hernandez. You are acting like a childish punk. I bet you know better.

        • chris

          You should be in jail

      • Alex Johnson

        Ma’am—you are clearly engaged in identity politics and couldn’t care less about Hillary’s multiple treasonous activities. You are the very reason we are in big trouble in this country and why we all now get to go into bondage.

    • suzetteyoung

      You do realize Bernie is forcing her to the left! Otherwise he won’t endorse her! You have to admit, she is the most qualified candidate that has ever run for President!! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her several times and she does have a lot of passion!! I couldn’t thank her enough for getting the CHIP passed in 1993!! My son had health issues and if she hadn’t gotten that done, I don’t know what I would of done!
      #I’m with Hillary2016❤️❤️

      • Jean Brown

        And she’s lying to Bernie for his votes. 25 years of experience and worse than its ever been

    • suzetteyoung

      I wish u luck if Trump is nominated, kiss your social security and Medicare away, you do know Republicans think those are entitlements??

      • Jean Brown

        And Hillary thinks her @$&_ don’t stink. Oh yea she uses a cloth to clean her server. And that’s who you want to run our country or was she playing the womens card? PLEASE. No female is worth putting my family in danger.

        • suzetteyoung

          And Trump wants to know why we have 3 nuclear bombs and haven’t used them? That’s not putting your family in danger?

      • jim

        Are you kidding Social Security and Medicare are broke They have been borrowing from these programs for years they are gone no matter who gets in. Did you know that medicare right now pays 40 cents on the dollar I don’t know many hospitals that can keep going with this broken system. I haven’t mentioned Obumba care but another mess indeed

  • yvonne

    I am a woman, no matter what age I am, I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she will be a far better president than those two other so call men. Not because she is woman , because she would do a better job of running the country. I trust her much more than Trump and Cruz any day. People are so angry, yes , but at the wrong people. The congress has sit on their ass and has not done anything for the people who put them there. Not even the tea party. If you want to be angry, be angry with them.

    • Martin M

      She is so bitter and so angry she will eat Chelsea for breakfast her first day in. If you can’t “hear” her saying anything and everything to get elected (they all do right?) she forgets there’s audio and video and you? You can look all of that up and compare her words with her actions.The congress? They are all on the same page, there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats in the congress.

  • Lana

    Here is another woman that will vote, along with 4 sisters and a mother (ages 35, 39, 37, 42, 45 & 70) for Hillary Clinton. We all are independent voters, but believe that she is the most experienced candidate who has the knowledge and strength to tackle the issues facing this country right now. We are independent voters that CANNOT comprehend that women will even consider voting for Trump. To all voters that will vote 3rd party; consider staying home instead. Voting for a 3rd party equals throwing away that vote. That is not a sign of “protest” as nobody cares about that, it is just idiotic.

    • Sandy Peterson

      I 2nd that. You Trump supporters are naive & stupid if you think Trump knows how to tell the truth. He is a bigot, a womanizer, a con artist, a blackmailer, a tax evader, selfish, and arrogant egotistical low life piece of crap. He tells you fools what you want to hear. You listen to Fox News who only gives Trump positive media coverage because he has dirt on the big shot at Fox. So they don’t dare cross Trump or he will put the Fox exec’s dirty laundry out for all to see. If you guys knew the real Trump it would make you sick. You need to listen To MSNBC. They show facts & proof about how crooked Trump is. They show clips of Trump saying things that are sickening. ISIS wants Trump to win because they see what a childish idiot he is. They know he knows nothing about foreign affairs, security, or anything about how to make smart decisions. God help us all if Trump becomes our President.

      • suzetteyoung

        There isn’t enough ignorant people to support Trump! Thank god❤️❤️

    • suzetteyoung


  • The Clinton and Trump are the 1% . Clinton approved NAFTA causing job losses, OK’d $8 Trillion IRAQ war. Took bank protecting laws from us, allowing for bank crashes and making the 1% richer. This led to make us pay for $7 .7 Trillion in bank bailouts. Clinton enacted laws encouraging mass jailings, causing widening racial rift. BERNIE will restore banking laws, promote education,and side with the people. He Is our only hope. A nation without education will fail.

    • Kaitlyn Thomas

      Bernie Sanders is a socialist. His plan for America does not work mathematically. America can’t afford Bernie sanders we would bankrupt within two years, maybe sooner.

    • Ed Foster

      Don’t forget all the crap and money she wasted when Bill was Pres., Do your research Ladies, and ask your selves just what has Hillary EVER done for women? Just to vote for her just because she’s women is wrong, Look what it got us voting for the first Black Pres. and Clinton would just continue to follow in his foot steps, this would be disastrous for America.

    • suzetteyoung

      I’m sorry Bernie’s not in, but we have two candidates that Americans have a choice in Clinton or Trump! Saw Bill Welder, VP Canidate for Liberterian Party, who said he doesn’t want a Trump Presidency! Trump doesn’t understand why we still have three nuclear bombs and haven’t used them! This is horrifying!!

  • bonnieparmenter

    I am a mature women and I am, certainly, not happy with the choices we have to vote for, in this Presidential election. Bernie Sanders would be my last choice. He would destroy America financially and we would continue to lose respect around the world, as we have in the past couple of decades. We need a strong leader. Hilary would be my second to last choice. Hilary has been a part of the regime that has caused chaos around the world and economic instability in America. Trump was also not one of my favorites but evaluating all the candidates and their policies, character and experience. Trump is the only person, left in the race, that has, at least, some credentials, that may make a good President. Bernie maybe a nice guy, who wants to help everyone that is disadvantaged, but his over taxation plan and non-business expertise, would not only leave us unable to help the poor, everyone would suffer economical depression. Over taxation has caused economic disaster over and over through-out history. Hilary is a little more business minded but her character is questionable and she has been a part of the establishment that I cannot imagine anyone supporting. Trump may have a questionable character but I think he truly wants our nation to be great again. I don’t agree with his building a wall and deporting certain people because of race or religion. That is just not the American way. I don’t think he is going to do it. He has a past of supporting social justice and he is a businessman and knows how devastating deportation of millions of immigrants, in this country, would be economically. We would gain respect, around the world, with a strong president. I am old enough to know that America has lost respect around the world because of our signs of weakness. We need strength again. I voted for Obama in 2008 but realized the more power and money our nation took from the people the more corrupt our government has become. Democrats swear alliance with immigrants, while holding thousand in detention for months, even years and deporting them even when they are the only means of support for their families. Trump will make a more fair immigration plan, making immigrants legal, instead of having them working and living here illegally. He will concentrate on deporting criminals and drug dealers. Trump will balance the budget, that has grown from just under $10 Trillion in 2008 to presently just under $20 Trillion. Our indebtedness has doubled in the past 8 years under Obama, while taxes have increased and the Republicans, that our now in office, crumbled when it came to demanding a balanced budget. Our world is in chaos and tension is springing up all over the world, not only in the middle east but with Russia and with the Korea. Hilary has experience in world affairs? I here that reason over and over, from her supporters, but that is one of the last reasons to support her. She has failed horribly in creating world peace. The same Democrats that want gun control in America, have handed millions of dollars, in weapons, to our enemies, this is complete hypocrisy. I am ashamed of American women, rallying to support Hilary because she supports advanced term abortions. We have numerous birth control methods available, including a day after pill, abortion should not even be an issue, in our society. It is not supporting women to support sexual irresponsibility.

    • wt

      Soy latino y sigo el proceso electoral en USA, los resultados repercuten directamente en los procesos economicos, politicos y sociales de nuestros paises Latinoamericanos. Los gobiernos Latinoamericanos sufren de un alto nivel de corrupcion, donde los politicos amasan fortunas a dispensas del pueblo. Pero hay un movimiento a nivel general de llebar a estos criminales a los tribunales y ser jusgados por sus crimenes cometidos, la diferencia es que en USA, gobiernos y personalidades conocidas por todos, son responsables de atrocidades cometidas contra otros pueblos, por intereces personales y de los grupos que estos reprecentan. (la maquinaria militarista), Cuantos han sido jusgados y castigados, ya se olvido el caso Iran, Contras. (CIA producion y distribucion de Crack in south central L.A.) y posterior distribucion de armas a la contra en Nicaragua. El narcotrafico, del cual varias agencias como CIA, DEA, y otras organisaciones he institusiones lucran del mismo.
      Esto son solo unos ejemplos. A nivel mundial, sep/11 ha sido utilizado para interferir militarmente y desarrollar el mecanismo militar de USA , y con ello enriquecer a los mercaderes de la muerte que tienen altos cargos en las estructuras del gobierno de USA y que reprecentan a estos grupos, (nadie a sido llebado a corte por crimenes contra la humanidad) han destruido pueblos enteros, que llebaran muchos anos en reconstruir y consolidar una paz duradera en estas regiones (Syria, Libia, Iraq, etc).
      Pensar en los 2 candidatos a precidencia de USA, no es dificil llegar a una conclucion, ninguno de los 2 reprecentan una buena alternatiba para Latinoamerica o para USA, Hillary es una amenaza para la Paz mundial (desordenes mentales y corrupcion, hambre de poder) y Trump simboliza para muchos Americanos la recuperacion de sus balores y el sueno Americano, Desgraciadamente su campana esta llena de racismo y divicionismo (divicion y confrontacion social, misma elite diferente nombre).
      Latinoamerica esta confrontando la corrupcion de estado, hasta los mas altos niveles, solo el despertar de la sociedad y su mobilizacion daran resultados para que las grandes mayorias gosen de un Estado de Paz, Tranquilidad y Beneficio Social. Me pregunto, cuando el pueblo Americano despertara y llevara a la justicia a tanto politico corupto, que juega con el sueno y esperanza de su gente, Piensa bien al elegir candidato en estas elecciones, sea quien sea el elegido repercutira directamente en los Pueblos Latinoamericas.

  • Kaitlyn Thomas

    I could never vote for Hillary Clinton because of her past from Whitewater to Benghazi.. Her past is filled with lies and deceit, in fact how could anyone vote for a woman that has done nothing but lie to the American people. How could we ever trust Hillary Clinton with running our great country?

    • Vincent Farace

      The problem with you is you watch only fox news all the time, fox news is not a normal news channel is 100% a republican adv channel they never said one good thing obout democratic, their workers are paid only to ADV for republican, i only watch because they hire good looking women but when they start talk they sound so stupid and they make me sick my stomac, one or two minutes i change channel. My opinion FOX NEWS destroy the republican party they sound childish and stupid, they support the super crooked Trump the King of bullies and swindler, the blood sucker billionaire who never pay taxes, the one who love only perfect models women and the rest for him are all pigs and millions of other disgusting stuff all world don’t like him, if he became a president means the begining of downturn of America. Sorry for my English is not my first or second language but i am American citizen who love this country.

      • LAC

        Even though English is not your first language, apparently you have more political knowledge than the average American voter. I agree with your comments. You should be proud of yourself. My grandparents were naturalized American citizens and had a lot of knowledge about basic civics. Almost half of the people born in this great country don’t even bother to register and vote.

    • Vincent Farace

      If you watch too much fox news is you problem don’t blame anybody

    • amandajane5

      Please, illustrate for us what you think she did wrong in each of those circumstances. Elaborate. I want detail. What did she do wrong?

    • Seby George

      I agree with Kaitlyn. Though in India, I follow US politics closely.
      Hillary in non-transparent in her dealings and hence cannot be trusted.
      Her “love for women” in only a put-on.

    • suzetteyoung

      So you trust “Crazy Trump”?

    • Kent Harris

      You are paying attention to what Hillary has done and that is to be commended. Honestly, I wish more women would just look at how she has enriched herself at the expense of the American people. Women may say Trump is not nice to women or he says things that are not PC but do we really want someone who does not speak from the heart. Hillary is part of the elite and as part of the elite her first priority will not be to this country. Trump has imperfections but he at least adheres to the U.S. Constitution and what our Founding Fathers envisioned of this country. If Hillary is elected we would see further destruction of our founding document and its principle.

  • Kaitlyn Thomas

    After reading some comments on this page I feel really sick how anyone that knows Hillary Clintons past could vote for this woman, if nothing else remember when she was a practicing attorney she actually got a child rapist off after he raped a 12 year old girl and then after the trial she actually admitted that she knew he was guilty and laughed about getting him off & it was sickening to read that young girls comments about how Hillary Clinton made her life a living hell it was hard to take. Hillary Clinton has told so many lies how could we trust her with running our country. Does anyone really know what’s taking place in this country because if they did I don’t think they would vote for someone that’s actually pushing Barack Obama’s policies. He has destroyed our country and we may never be able to make it right again.

    • Vincent Farace

      This country is the best right now than never before Obama and Bill Clinton are the two most best presidents in history, republicans are disperate they said and do anything for power even support Donald Trump the King of bullis and swindlers the blood sucker billionaire who never pay taxes, the one who promise to people the impossible to get votes.

      • LAC

        I would never vote for Donald Trump. As a lifetime New Yorker and a single female taxpayer – there is only one accomplishment of Donald Trump’s that stands out in my mind. He rebuilt the Wollman ice skating rink in Central Park on the taxpayer’s dollar. That’s it. Everything else he has ever done had always been for pure profit for himself and his family. Those are laudable values, but this bankrupt declaring, adulterer, billionaire businessman is most definitely very out of touch and completely unqualified to the president of the United States for the average American citizen.

        • Kent Harris

          You do realize that no one is required to release their tax information. Another thing, when you are under audit one cannot release it. The IRS is using the audit to prevent him from releasing his tax information and he has already spoken with his attorneys and they told him he has to wait until the government is done. So what part of the law do you not understand.

      • Kent Harris

        Please tell me you are not voting. Your grammar is horrible. You are the typical idiot who votes without realizing who you are voting. A chimp would probably do a better job at voting than you.

        • Vincent Farace

          English is not my first or second language i am emigrant from Europe not from England but a very proud American citizen with kids and grand kids born in this great, best, richest, strongest, beautiful country in this planet no country come even close. Why Trump supporters are the most stupid, uneducated, racist people in America?

    • Vincent Farace

      Donald Trump for President means the begining down turn of America

    • Geoffrey Fletcher

      You have absolutely been poisoned by extremely narrow-minded / conservative short-sightedness! I suggest you dig a hole and bury yourself in it to avoid further frustration on your part! Any defense attorney laughing about getting someone off of a charge doesn’t mean anything because they have an obligation to defend their clients and have to accept that responsibility! Hillary is a leader, she pushed the Family and Medical Leave Act which took a lot of guts when you consider what she was up against with so many jackass republicans in Congress!

      • suzetteyoung

        Also, she didn’t want to defend that rapist, she tried to get out of it, they wouldn’t let her, she had a job to do and did it well! No one seems to remember how she helped millions of children, as First Lady, and got the CHIP passed! Which really helped my son!
        I couldn’t get insurance cause I have brain cancer

    • Martin M

      Kiss your mother with that mouth?

      • amandajane5

        Absolutely. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

    • Martin M

      They all know what she has done, they don’t care. The scariest thing right now are those that are voting for her. The blind leading the blind is not true here, they are all blind and believe her when she “says” she is too; they would never see.

    • betty millien

      Bravo Kaitlyn!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better my self. First mistake people voted her butt in office. Then she was up Obama’s butt, and he should have NEVER been president….he had NO IDEA OF HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY…..but he sure spent more money then any other president in a very short time. WAKE UP PEOPLE, if you put this ignorant lady in the white house….we should bring back hanging…..we shall hold it on the front lawn of the white house. Together Obama and Clinton destroyed OUR USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • suzetteyoung

        OMG, are you serious, Trump is the most ignorant person ever to run for anything, John Kasich was the only normal Republican running and I think that he would of had a good chance of winning! WTF, is wrong with the party to elect an ignorant, con man, bigot, that couldn’t win dog catcher

        • Kent Harris

          Honestly, you need to look at his platform before you make an assessment. In fact, he has a very conservative view of government and that is what we need to get this country back on track after 8 crappy years of Obama. Hillary has lied to Congress just like her husband and like him she is putting this country in danger with her disregard of the law.

  • I’m a black male and I will be voting for Hillary. All of her good accomplishments outweigh some of her bad policies. Besides women are better managers. It’s time!!! Go Hillary 2016…

  • Endara L Hernandez

    I live in Florida and voted for Hillary in the primary. Will do so again in November with my eyes closed.

  • nichena

    No vote here for Hillary!
    Voting Bernie come November no mater the nominee. A revolutions means just that. Bernie is a leader and Hillary is a follower.

    Every thing she says is off the back of Obama. She only adds bandaids to problems, she does’t solve them.

    • suzetteyoung

      Good for you

  • Bernie will win because his plan is to create a more fair playing field for all. While Trump and Hillary are out for the 1%.( themselves) USA has fallen to be # 25 in the list of developed nations OECD
    “socialist nations are doing much better in education, quality of life, sense of well-being. All this, due to the Clinton repealing the Glass Steagall Act that protected its citizens against the 1% who have created disparity between the rich and the poor.

  • Bernie will win because his plan is to create a more fair playing field for all ( women men, transgender, blacks ALL of us) . While Trump and Hillary are out for the 1%.( themselves) USA has fallen to be # 25 in the list of developed nations OECD

    “socialist nations are doing much better in education, quality of life, sense of well-being. All this, due to the Clinton repealing the Glass Steagall Act that protected its citizens against the 1% who have created disparity between the rich and the poor.


    • Martin M

      Ship sailed didn’t it. Thank for playin!

  • Vincent Farace

    Guns are not pro life they kill 33 thousand Americans humans every year.

  • Vincent Farace

    Experience in goverment means too much because people learn good from mistakes, with no experience in goverment means never learn nothing from mistakes so they don’t know nothing and they are unqualified to do the right job, women usualy are more smart and strong mentaly than men and Hillary Clinton is the perfect choise she is a moderate not extremist with lot experience, no discrimination for women they are American citizen like men, this is America not a middle east country, is about time for a woman to be President.

  • Vincent Farace

    From England and the rest of Europe to U.S.A. Donald Trump is stupid and ignorant in pure English language.

  • C Garner

    Hillary is not trustworthy from Whitewater to Benjahzi to her “Foundation”. She does not deserve to be the President she has enabled her womanizing husband and bad mouthed the women he has had relationships with. She has no credibilty on the “woman” issue. She and Bill need to go away. We can’t afford to have another liar (Obama) in the White House. Stop Hillary Now!!

  • Barbara

    Don’t speak about something you know nothing about, only what you have heard. The woman is smart and wants to bring this country back together again. go right ahead and vote for Trump and G-d only knows what will happen to this country. Come to think about it I haven’t I haven’t heard Clinton try to attack any judges or federal judges to even make it worse. What Trump did to those people at his so-called University is a disgrace. So put that in your bowl and eat that.

  • Charles Clemen

    GO HILLARY love You

  • Charles Clemen

    Thank you ladies, lets do this OK.

  • Martin M

    Ok, who brought the kool-aid?? How can you tell someone is a Liberal?? Give up? They call people names like some school yard child”i know you are but what am I ” ideology. How can you tell someone is a liberal?? Give up? They have never served their country and like to tell everybody else how to live their lives. Pouting, that’s a good one. You do realize that back in the day a liberal was a person who wanted peace and equal opportunity for all, to live their lives the way they wanted and enjoy being free. Well there needs to be another name for those people now because the ones we have today are “Progressives” no where near the same mentality. These progressives want to shove their agenda down other peoples throat and really don’t care if you die choking on it, they would actually just be happier if you did die. Oh and they’re not Americans either. Why you say? I was born here! Well, to be an American means you care about this country, you fight for this country and all who live here, progressives are “Legal citizens” and there is a HUGE difference; they want everyone to bow down to their judgement, create MORE laws and would give up all of their freedom if it controlled everybody. Read HG Wells “The time Machine” progressives are gong to get eaten by Morlocks.

  • Dan R

    Ha Ha Ha Rosemary … you are what is wrong with America … there are too many idiots living here.

  • Kate

    Don’t let their gender influence your vote. Hillary is the ultimate panderer, she’ll do anything for a vote. She does not care about us, she never has and never will. Stop career politicians! Hillary is a corrupted woman.

  • Kate

    Democrats for Donald Trump.

    • suzetteyoung

      You are really

  • Heather Moran

    With current global terrorism this IS NOT the time 4 a female POTUS America needs strong leadership with the ability to use logic. Americans are tired of the corruption & unaccountability displayed in this administration. Americans are aware of the Media being used as a weapon to divide races & promote political agenda. America will unite & vote Trump despite what media portrays. Females & ppl of all race understand the need to unite to keep Hillary from continuing Obamas deliberate destruction of USA

  • Jean Brown

    Hillary has lost all my respect. I am a mother of two and 5 grandchildren. The future to all families is in danger if Hillary gets office. Hillary lied to us and insulated our intelligence. I’ll be taking a chance on Mr. Trump and Pence.

  • Alex Johnson

    I agree–we are due for a woman president. So what if she was running a secret state department via a private e-mail server and sending confidential information on it and then lied to the FBI about it–SO WHAT!! And who cares if she de-stabilized Libya and Syria during her tenure as secretary of state and killed 700 000 brown people–who cares! It’s Donald Trump that’s the racist for saying immigrants should be made to follow US immigration laws. And so what if she gave the stand down order in Benghazi and said the disaster was created by 3 different sources. Who cares! And so what if the new batch of e-mails to be released shows Mrs. Clinton engaging in criminal activity and arranged in the sales of weapons to ISIS–who cares! Or that Sy Hearsh reported Mrs. Clinton was involved with supplying the rebels with Serin gas to then blame it on Assad in Syria. Or that Mrs. Clinton and the UN are involved with shipping in radical Whoobiests in the bread basket states of the US and supports shutting down coal and all of what is left of the US industry. Mrs. Clinton is “the merit-based candidate” on this election season. After all, Jamie Lee Curtis said so!

  • Melinda

    I am a Latina Democrat but I could never, ever vote for crooked, dishonest and liar Hillary Clinton.

  • Melinda

    Hillary is going to bring all the terrorist from the countries who donated millions to her . Places where women are treated like 2nd citizens. Even Hillary pay her female workers less than males. She is an hypocrite.

    • suzetteyoung


  • Claire

    Hillary is a liar, a dishonest and a corrupt woman. She got millions of dollars from countries were women are being treated like 2nd class citizens. Hillary doesn’t care for anyone but her own power.

  • I don’t vote with my gender and it’s achingly patronizing to assume any woman will do. Character counts and clinton has none at all.
    As a researcher and statistician I am gobsmacked that the American people don’t understand the enormous impact of elections fraud and the irrefutable proof that it has occurred intentionally and with a coordinated effort in this primary election.
    Think of it this way, if you threw 99 black stones in a bag and one white one and subsequently pulled the white one out of the bag ten times in a row… you would know that “the fix” was in, there was slight of hand taking place and you were being duped.
    Where the Clinton campaign (including the DNC apparently) went wrong is they took it too far. They were bright enough to know how to cheat, but not bright enough to do it well. They got caught. Exit polling is what the U.S. uses to detect fraud in elections all over the world. If we found this level of discrepancy in any other nation the election would be declared invalid and our troops would hit the ground to restore the rightful government and hold a second, closely audited election.
    Knowing this, it’s alarming that the political machine just marches forward with its eyes clamped tightly shut, whistling in the dark, pretending everything is hunky dorey. Elections fraud of this enormity and coordination is racketeering. Why aren’t people in the streets shouting not here, not in America the home of the brave? Are we really that cowardly? That deluded that we will accept fraud as election just because it backs the candidate of our choice?
    Ethics aren’t just for leaders. We are all subject to the requirement of honoring the votes of those we oppose because that IS an American ideal. Somehow, we have allowed ourselves to choose self interest over having a moral compass.

  • debra gardner

    women voting for hillary clinton just because she is a women is wrong. She surely is no role model for a woman to look up to.She is a liar and corrupt.She belongs in prison with bill clinton,obama,loretta lynch,and fbi director comey.How she can walk around and act like she has done nothing wrong is beyond me. The clintons think they are above the law.If we think things are bad now it will be much worse with hillary clinton in the white house!!!!!!

  • martin clark

    i would like to se bernie sanders to be as for president as strongest honestly more alike than donald trump and hillary clinton and would bring big different alike as jimmy carter did good job when was president .. people did not think the twice .. disappointment and let hillary clinton for president and will bring mess up as blame as large percent in two year of middle president and more disaster as worse .. however no choice .. stupid ..

  • disqus_l5jsDXtahp

    why would anyone vote for someone who ENDORSED THE KKK GRAND WIZARD AND SPOKE AT HIS FUNERAL AND SAID “HE WAS HERE MENT OR”???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVNABujjQPo

    • suzetteyoung

      Because we have a lot of BIGOTS in our Country

  • jays chian

    Ever since mrs Clinton becomes the candidate, i was thinking i could help her to pass this election. i was thinking about Indira gandhi the indian pime minister for 16 yrs. I worked in political election which gives me enough information that how can a candidate will win the election. it is just a few simple steps to take care of the voting percentage. I have no dout that she could easily win this election. any kind of advertisement though tv or that kind is not going to help that much. How do you buy a car? when some one using the same car tell you it is a good one. so what really have to do is we need to have a group of people to work for that..Then needs to contact every voter and find out how can we get thier vote. we used to try so many different way for each individual to change thier mind. Mainly we do is tell them how our country will prosper after this person win the election. Also let them know ow this going to profit each individual. Just one command Hilary Clinton will be more safer since her husband was a president, she been in white house and worked a lot, so she knows what to do when she become the president. .there is lot of positive things we can share with people, that will make them think before they vote. If i can contact some one who irresponsible to do do some things i have no dout we can make her win. Please contact me through an email or send a reply for this comment. thnaks
    jays tx, houston

  • Tariq Ziad

    I’ll definitely vote for Hillary Clinton. Her email problem blown out of proportion. It’s like creating a big bird out of a tiny feather. More than eighty percent Americans should vote for Hillary. As far as Trump is concerned, DUMP HIM.

  • suzetteyoung

    You must be as ignorant as Trump! It doesn’t bother you, the way he insults people?
    Obviously, you live in the mid west? Do your homework regarding embassador Stevens, the Republicans wouldn’t allow any money to be funded to send troops to Bengahzi!!
    Or maybe your speaking about a woman’s choice? Calling her killary, what are you referring too?

    • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

      Odviously you are a bully (cu@t) you must like men that Killary is Married to that F@cked wh@ores in the White House and keeps the cigars she put up her sn@tch!!!! And no zi do not live in the mid wrst idiot lol. You are going to be so upset come Nov. to bad for you

      • suzetteyoung

        Question, are you a man? You talk like Trump, foul and disgusting

      • suzetteyoung

        Uneducated white trailer thrash!!

  • suzetteyoung

    Tell me when America was GREAT?

  • ddt667

    An American Hero talks about American Values : https://youtu.be/cYWSmVn6qSM



    • chris

      If you’re enthusiastic about hildebeast you have serious issues and are likely a selfish retarded hell bound FOOL!

  • Karen K

    Obviously,CNN did not read all of the comments that occurred during the debate. Rarely, did anyone support Hillary.
    Trump wiped that Evil smile off her face. She had nothing of value to say. That’s sad after all of those years in politics.

    • suzetteyoung

      Hillary is smart, if Trump would have done poorly, the RNC, would of kicked him to curb, I can’t wait for the last debate

  • The Very Sad But Honest Truth

    All the women Rejects will be voting for her unfortunately since they’re such Pathetic Losers as well. It is very Horrible that a woman like that is Running for President after what she has done already.

  • suzetteyoung

    Must be a Republican

  • Robin Noblitt

    I am embarrassed for and disgusted by any woman that would vote for Trump. This would set women back decades. If you don’t like hillary, vote 3rd party. Trump is not the solution, he is the problem. C’mon ladies, use those brains……. We know we’re smarter than this idiot, racist, biggot, groping, pile of dog shit Trump.I am voting Hillary 2016 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kent Harris

    Can any woman explain to me why Hillary is an acceptable candidate? It seems that she has on more than one occasion broken the law. That being the case she is putting the nation in jeopardy. Women think carefully about the trustworthiness of a candidate not whether the person is a man or a woman. I look at both candidates in a side by side comparison and Trump adheres to the fundamentals for which this country was founded on. I am a Constitutionalist and believe strongly that Hillary is not. If you believe social justice is the most important thing than you are part of the problem.

  • Mary Foote

    There are 67 million Catholics in America -15 million more people than it takes to elect a president. Many are conflicted not wanting to vote Trump yet not comfortable with Abortion. It could loose her the election. She could to much if she would pledge as a part of her concern for women to conduct a study on the psychological and physical damage to both women and men as a result of involvement in an abortion. There is much to learn of value here.

  • ABhatia

    It is perhaps the most confusing and controversial presidential Election in the history of USA.

    Its most unfortunate that, this presidential election is being fought projecting the weaknesses of the presidential candidates,rather than their strengths.

    What message the presidential candidates are giving to Voters of US and the world, is highly questionable.

    It appears that, the justice has not been done in conducting 3 presidential debates where in, most of the time was consumed by the presidential candidates in accusing each other, leaving voters in utter confusion. It looks that, the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD), has ignored to follow its
    Mission Statement, which does not allow personal allegation in the presidential debates.

    Now, this re-opening of the email case by FBI, shall create more confusion as its result shall not come out before election. How can the voters judge the merits of the presidential candidates when they go to vote on 8th Nov 2016? Its strange and shocking that, no one is talking to postpone the election till the result of the probe by FBI in email case is declared.

    Why the election be held under such a big confusion ? Why can’ t the needful amendment in the constitution /relevant laws / rules of USA be made, calling an emergency meeting to postpone this election? Its the greatest challenge for USA, but urgent need of the time.

    If postponing the election is not done, will it not amount to misleading the voters, and also, will it not amount to cheating with the voters?

    The pre-polling /earlier polling done so far, has lost its meaning under the current situation, as FBI probe is going on.

    The voters have no choice but to vote against their wishes and wisdom. is it OK?

    Hope, USA shall come out boldly to guide voters, and shall conduct confusion free election.

  • zizi Newton

    Have any of you read about Hillary Clinton? Have you read any of her emails revealed by Wikileaks? Have any of your watch the congressional hearings on Hillary’s Benghazi scandal and email scandal? Do you know how many times she has lied under oath to the congress? Do you know lying under oath to the congress is a crime of perjury? Do you know what is the punishment for perjury? Do you know that FBI has two investigations on her right now? One was a continuation of her email probe after 650,000 emails found in the laptop that Hillary’s top aid, Huma Abedin shared with her husband Anthoney Weiner. Many of those emails were Hillary’s. The other is a criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation which has been used by Hillary and Bill Clinton as a pay for play, money laundering cartel. Electing someone who has engaged in numerous illegal activities, being under criminal investigations to be the president of USA will bring incredible scorn and laughter from the world, not to mention weaken and bring more corruption to our government. Some people said she had 30 years of experiences. Yes, 30 years of experiences in doing evil things such as selling our government interest to foreign country leaders or powerful individuals for huge sum of “donations” to the Clinton Foundation and then funnel that money to their pocket. Did you know how much they charge people seeking government favor for a phone call? How about 5 million dollars? Did you know what they did to the poor suffering Haitians after the devastating earthquake? 10 billion dollars from the U.S., the U.N and other countries were entrusted to Hillary and Bill to rebuild Haiti. How much they spent on that project? 2%. I am not going to write more.