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  • Starting a Business With a Man? You Might Not Get Much of a Say

  • The findings of a recent study show that women who create startups with men get fewer chances to lead.


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How Women Can Make the VC Money Flow

Mary Civiello, founder of the Civiello Communications Group and a “Communications Guru,” discusses how to pitch to venture capitalists.

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Study Shows Independent Women in India More Likely to Suffer Abuse

Researchers found that more dependent women were less at risk.


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7 of the Best Spots for Hatching Your Ideas

A brief list of socially-focused entrepreneur incubators throughout the United States.


Starting a Pickle Company From Scratch

Jenny Fulton of Miss Jenny’s Pickles talks about exporting to China, her role model Sara Blakely and why she gets everything in writing.



RIP, Anja Niedringhaus

The Story Exchange is deeply saddened by the killing of the photographer who documented Afghan women’s fight for rights.

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A New – and New Age – Way to Secure Startup Funding

PayPal and Lending Club are offering entrepreneurs a different way to use technology as a funding source.


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How to Market a Business on Facebook

An infographic that helps you maximize the marketing potential of the social networking site.

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UNF Initiative Aims to Empower Young Women

The United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign hopes to reach “the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls.”