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  • SBA to Help Improve Entrepreneur Training for Those Back from War

  • Good news for the over 2.2 million female veterans living in the United States.



Notes from Singapore: Challenges of Being a Woman Entrepreneur

What are the different challenges women entrepreneurs face in various countries? Please comment and share your thoughts about challenges for women.

Leah-Goold-Haws-Mindevices-The Story Exchange

1000 Stories: H.S. Students Play Games to Learn Entrepreneurship

Leah Goold-Haws knew that the fastest way to her teenagers’ hearts and minds was through games.


WHY video: why we started The Story Exchange

International Women’s Day

Why we’re celebrating the empowerment of women.

Laura Zander at her Jimmy Beans Wool warehouse, The Story Exchange Feature story

Tips for Running a Lean Business

Laura Zander, who started Jimmy Beans Wool as a hobby and turned it into a multi-million dollar business, offers advice on how to grow with limited funds.


HalfTheSky Game on Facebook

‘Half The Sky’ Launches Game to Create Change For Women

Facebook game raises awareness of women’s issues and turns game playing into fund raising.

Tax Return tips for small business owners, photo by freedigitalphotos.net

2013 Tax Laws: 6 Changes Business Owners Need to Know

For small business owners getting ready for the 2013 tax season, it’s important to understand some major changes to tax laws.


1000 Stories submission on The Story Exchange by Emily May, Hollaback! Photo: SPIN Magazine

1000 Stories: Hollaback! Uses Smartphones to Combat Harassment

A young MAKER encourages women to shame harassers by uploading their photos on websites.

Arianna Huffington, Founder of Huffington Post - 10 Lessons for entrepreneurs

Arianna Huffington’s Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Founder of The Huffington Post shares both business and life advice for entrepreneurs.