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  • Report Highlights Inequality for Black Female Entrepreneurs

  • Black women said to still be last among all women in revenue generation.


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Why Aren’t Women in Tech? Job Discrimination

One study shows that employers’ tendencies to hire men over women for STEM jobs could contribute to shrinking female candidate pool.

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Should I Form a Partnership or LLC?

Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com answers the most frequently asked questions that she receives from business owners.


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5 Entrepreneurial Women With a Sense of Humor

We vote these women most likely to play an April Fools’ joke on their staff.

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Still Writing That Business Plan? Here’s How to Finish

Business plan writer and strategy consultant Jessica Oman offers guidance to those still perfecting their proposals.



How to Work With Your Husband (Without Killing Him)

Nellie Akalp started CorpNet.com with her better half, Phil. She shares tricks that they use to stay sane.

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3 Women Who Prove That Smart is Beautiful

Women who established themselves as female entrepreneurs by inventing, marketing and selling beauty products.


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Why Arianna Huffington Inspires Me

Claudia Chan of S.H.E. Summit talks about the HuffPo founder’s new campaign to prioritize well-being.

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Groups Promoting Female Entrepreneurs Get A Boost

Google ultimately aims to support women founding technology companies with #40Forward.