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  • Overcoming Uncertainty – With a Little Help

  • How a support system helped several female entrepreneurs through money struggles.


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The Importance of Fiscal Fitness

Finance coach Rebecca Eve Selkowe talks about why women need to understand money in order to earn it.


The Challenges of Starting an Urban Winery

Forget rain or bugs. Lysanne Tusar, who makes wine in Hong Kong, has landlord problems.



Playing STEM

LEGO announces plans to launch a series of female scientist figurines.


Should Partners Split a Business 50-50?

Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com answers frequently asked questions from business owners.



The Long Journey to Market for an All-Natural Snack Bar

Seven years after a corporate sabbatical inspired Simple Squares, Kimberly Dobbins is close to turning a profit.


Childhood Lessons in Finance

Francis Financial founder Stacy Francis discusses the role socialization plays in how women interact with money.



The Women of D-Day

Our tribute to brave female fighters.


Who’s Better in Business — Men or Women?

A revealing question in a new report underscores the bias that female entrepreneurs encounter.