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  • This holiday season, The Story Exchange is curating a list of science-inspired gifts made by women business owners. Enter by Nov. 15.



The New Empowering Kid on the Block

With “Miss Possible,” two female entrepreneurs hope to inspire girls to dream big through playtime.


The Ascent of Women Business Owners

This infographic reveals great news for female entrepreneurs.


Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: Being an Introvert

Can you succeed in business if networking or sales calls give you nightmares? Our panel says yes.


A Fashion Brand Keeps Its Sewing in the US

Jan Erickson of Janska is trying a lean manufacturing strategy to produce her American-made apparel.



Don’t Let Your Mind Hold You Back

Women business owners talk about how they pushed past their own mental roadblocks.


Flourishing at Food Markets

Continuing our coverage of female food entrepreneurs, we talked to women at Smorgasburg and Union Square Greenmarket.



A Feast of Opportunities

Positivity and entrepreneurial spirit meet at open-air food markets, making them a welcome place for women business owners.

Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: That Terrible Inability to Focus

Our fearless panel provides best tips for keeping your eye on the prize.