Young Entrepreneur Finds Her Fashion in Furniture

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As a young woman, Hanny Lerner did something that most would find impossible; she broke away from her family, friends and tight knit community.

The daughter of a rabbi, Hanny grew up in an ultra-Hasidic community in New York City. She grew up isolated from mainstream society, without television or the Internet, studying at local religious schools. At 19 she married a member of her Hasidic community living up to the expectations set for her from birth.

But at 21, Hanny knew she could not continue living a strict religious life. She divorced her husband, broke away from her faith and was rejected by everyone who knew her, including her family.

Hanny started her life over, alone. Forced to take care of herself, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and by 24, she parlayed her love of fashion into a furniture restoration company.

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Posted: November 30, 2012

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The Story ExchangeYoung Entrepreneur Finds Her Fashion in Furniture
  • Paul Raman

    How would you fair with major company like IKEA, and other major recon-furniture companies?