Our coverage of the issues women care about and roles they're playing — whether on the ballot or in the voting booth — during a big election year in America.

Women on the Ballot

Explore our interactive map of women running for U.S. Congress and state governorships in 2016 from all parties. Choose which elected offices you want to see — House, Senate or Governor — and click the pins to learn about individual candidates and their races. (Map created by Jesse Chase-Lubitz.)

Women Candidates
The Republican Field

From Midwestern matriarchs to impassioned immigrants, Republican women vying for elected office in 2016 are of one mind in championing traditional party principles. What does this reveal about the GOP today, and what could it mean for 2017?

Women Candidates
The Democratic Field

Democratic women are contesting a significant number of races for House, Senate and governorships throughout the country in 2016. And many of them have been shattering barriers for women in politics for years.

News & Analysis

Women and the Presidential Race

Women’s Vote Watch
The Democrats

Hillary Clinton dominated the women's vote in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, and that edge helped her become the first woman in U.S. history to clinch a major party nomination.