Two weeks ago, we launched our first-ever crowdfunding column to spotlight the online money-raising efforts of creative, hard-working women business owners. Today, we are back with more awesome campaigns that aim to strengthen women’s bodies, minds and confidence.

Check out these five crowdfunding campaigns from women-led businesses below:

1. Fostering a Creative Atmosphere for Playwrights (via Indiegogo)

The Business: The Echo Theater Company in Los Angeles supports the creativity of playwrights at all levels of their careers. Actors, directors, producers and more work with them on developing their craft and performing their works. Associate artistic directors Tara Karsian and Jennifer Chambers are heading up the effort to find funds online.
The Money: With the money raised, the team hopes to keep its doors open at the Atwater Village Theater. Funding will also go to the actors, crew members and — of course — playwrights that keep the operation going. While the crowdfunding deadline is tomorrow (Feb. 5),  the theater company is running a “flexible funding” campaign, meaning the nonprofit will receive all money pledged, whether or not the $25,000 goal is reached.

2. A Fighting Chance at Quality Workout Products for Women (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Lynn Le is the founder of Society Nine, a maker of combat sports products designed specifically for women. She launched the business after having difficulty finding quality gloves and other training necessities for herself. “Manufacturers think that taking the lowest-quality glove and turning it pink is what we need,” she says in her call to action.
The Money: Le is hoping to raise $50,000 by Feb. 25. If she does, the money will be used to develop her Bia collection of products — named for the Greek goddess of raw energy, the line will feature mixed martial arts and boxing gloves designed specifically for use by women.

3. Eradicating Sex Shaming Through Art (via Seed & Spark)

The Business: Filmmaker Emily Lindin is making a documentary — “Slut: A Documentary Film” — that chronicles the lives and struggles of four women who have suffered from sex shaming. She was inspired to take on the project after hearing the story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Nova Scotia teen who committed suicide after enduring a gang rape and subsequent bullying. Lindin is also the founder of The UnSlut Project.
The Money: So far, 24 percent of her $30,000 fundraising goal has been pledged by backers. If she reaches or exceeds that amount by Feb. 19, the money will go toward post-production costs, including editing, sound mixing and illustrations.

4. Beautifying the Way You Track Your Health (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Love your Fibit, but hate the way it looks? Sarah Shapiro and Melissa Koerner have a solution for you. The San Francisco-based duo of entrepreneurs have created Bezels & Bytes, a company that designs “fashion for your Fitbit” — or, bracelets that beautifully conceal the rubber health tracker while also complementing your outfit.
The Money: Almost $17,000 of the team’s $20,000 goal has been raised. If the campaign crosses its finish line before Feb. 25, Shapiro and Koerner can use the money to create more new samples of their line of accessories.

5. An Autobiographical How-To for Women in Tech (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, the entrepreneur behind HR company FizzMint and an advocate for diversity in the tech world, is working hard to disprove the idea that women are not interested in or suitable for STEM jobs. To that aim, she is putting together a book that teaches its intended female audience how to break into — then succeed in — tech.
The Money: Wheeler Van Vlack is nearing the halfway point of her $28,800 goal, which she must reach by Feb. 25. If she does, she will use the money to pay for guest authors, travel expenses, taxes and other costs associated with getting the book finished and published.

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