Health is wealth, and these five women crowdfunders want to help people achieve wellness and well-being. Each female founder is using her venture to make fitness, cleanliness, dieting and self-care easier through innovative hair products, all-natural sunscreens, awareness-raising apparel and more.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Shirts for Mental Health Awareness (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Designer Ceilidh Dickson is the founder of AWOL, a U.K.-based venture that makes clothing for cold-weather sports enthusiasts. In addition to selling apparel, her business also houses The Happy Place Project, an effort to raise awareness and break down stigmas about mental illness. To elevate this campaign, AWOL is crafting a special line of shirts — and as a show of solidarity, for every tee it sells, the company will donate one to a young person in the community grappling with mental illness.
The Money: Within the next 8 days, Dickson hopes to raise $9,243 in U.S. dollars. With that funding, she plans to begin production of her current t-shirt line and begin developing a new one.

2. Eco-Friendly Sunscreen (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Through #Sunscreen, a Miami-based business that sells natural, eco-friendly ray-blocking creams, founder Harriet Collins is doing her part to both ward off sunburns and protect coral reefs. “The reefs are dying fast, due in large part to thermal stress from global warming and chemical pollutants,” she says on her site. “One major — and avoidable — pollution contributor is chemical sunscreens.” To create her alternative, Collins uses all-natural ingredients and also avoids using plastic packaging — another menace to our oceans.
The Money: Collins has 9 days to meet her fundraising goal of $32,294. If she succeeds, the company will use the money to secure certifications from institutions like the Food and Drug Administration that are needed to sell sunscreen to the masses.

3. Almond Milk Made Easy (via Indiegogo)

The Business: For people who must — or prefer to — avoid drinking milk, Lizz Hampton’s Portland, Ore., venture, Goodnuss, has a solution that will let them shake up a nutty homemade alternative. The company sells “freshly made pre-blended pulp” of almonds in “a patented and reusable mess-free nut milk bag.” Customers just add water, shake the bag, strain what’s inside and drink the results. “Goodnuss makes it easier than ever to get the health benefits of homemade nut milk along with the time-saving convenience of store bought milk,” the campaign asserts.
The Money: There are 21 days left on Hampton’s campaign, and she hopes to meet or exceed her $20,000 goal before then. Those funds will be used to start production of the sacks.

4. Becoming Your Own Personal Trainer (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Tracking workouts can be difficult, especially on a long-term basis. HomeBodySoul says it’s here to help. This Los Angeles business, run by owner Meghan Meredith, sells a workout planner that will guide customers through full-body workouts and help them track their progress. The planners are designed to assist users through 6 months of regular wellness evaluations and keeping up with an exercise regime. Her larger mission is to “teach women how to best steward their health,” she says in the campaign.
The Money: Meredith still has 27 days to achieve her goal of raising $15,000. If she makes it, the money will fund a first run of the planners.

5. A New Kind of Shampoo (via iFundWomen)

The Business: Lotus Rx is the fruit of founder Katharine Grimmer’s pursuit of an everyday shampoo to provide moisture to hair, avoid stripping out color and maintain a healthy scalp. Her San Francisco venture also became an ecologically conscious firm with products and packaging that use green ingredients and are made in an eco-friendly manufacturing plant. One of her products, Lotus Rx Scalp Relief, was designed in part for cancer patients, who can suffer from seborrheic dermatitis on their scalps following chemotherapy.
The Money: Grimmer aims to raise $50,000 through her crowdfunding campaign, and has 32 days left to meet that goal. The funding would go toward ramping up production of her shampoo.

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