The entrepreneurial women featured below are making products that use colors in all kinds of ways — from bras for every skin tone to brightly hued children’s clothing to a 3-D globe that teaches about color. Learn more about the clever ways their ventures are making our lives more vibrant.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Spreading Colorful Knowledge (via Kickstater)

The Business: Color is alive in almost every human activity, but few understand how various shades and hues influence and impact us every day. That’s why the inventor Nicoline Kinch and her team designed “Kolormondo,” which means “world of colors” in Esperanto, a complex color chart presented as a 3-D globe. The model gives experts and beginners alike an easier way of understanding and communicating through color. The company, based in Trosa, Sweden, has partnerships with prestigious universities and companies globally. Kolormondo’s mission is to “enable anyone and everyone to know, enjoy, use and talk: color.”
The Money: The Kolormondo team is looking to raise $5,535 by Nov. 21. The company has reached 48 percent of its targeted goal. If successful, campaign funds will be used to develop “Kolormondo Pro,” which has three times as many colors and is printed in higher quality.

2. Every Shade, Every Size, Every Woman (via Kickstater)

The Business: “My mother used to say, ‘Nothing in life comes easy.’ Was she talking about finding the perfect bra?” asks Danai L. Pointer, a Brooklyn native. She launched her bra line, TruNude, to create options for women seeking bras in a “nude” shade that matches their skin tone and fits well. To that end, they have come up with an intuitive platform that allows customers to take selfies and receive a personal color code to guarantee a perfect match. Pointer is confident that TruNudes will help her customers feel fabulous — day or night — in the perfect bra.
The Money: By Nov. 26, Pointer hopes to raise $20,000. She is currently at 48 percent of that goal. The funds will be used to further develop the company’s technology and deliver funders’ Kickstarter rewards.

3. Made by Hand, with Heart (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Based out of Montreal, Canada, Blueberryjams is a fledgling business that exudes sustainability and creativity, while fostering community. It was started by artist Pamela Fillion, who is looking to officially launch Blueberryjams to the masses by raising funds online. She aims to offer a variety of crafted products, penned texts and more that play up her DIY passion. Her motto is, “Everything made by hand, with heart.”  
The Money: Fillion is looking to raise $7,000, and is currently at 17 percent of her overall goal, which she hopes to reach by or before Dec. 1. The proceeds will go towards branding, materials, equipment, fees and more. If the goal is met, Fillion will immediately set to work on fulfilling orders. (Production slated to take place even if she does not meet her crowdfunding goal).

4. Experimental Hooks (via Kickstater)

The Business: As a recent graduate with a talent for furniture design, Isabel Farchy wanted to experiment with the way materials behave in a variety of circumstances. To satisfy her curiosity, she created the London-based brand Test Cups, which sells a series of coat hooks and handles that use the natural process of mental patination to affect the appearance of her products. The handmade pieces are artfully colored because of this scientific process, and will buff and polish the more you use them. “This project is part of the Cass Starters collective crowdfunding initiative,” Farachy says. “The aim is to bring together the enthusiasm of young creative graduates.”
The Money: Fundraising for the Test Cups began in October, and Farchy hopes to meet her campaign’s goal of $1,468 by or before late November. The money will be used for development of the product and towards rent for a space to make them.

5. Handcrafted with Love (via Indiegogo)

The Business: YUME is an affordable children’s clothing line created by Ksenia and Dmitriy Sazhnikov. The idea was born along with with their children, after clothing Ksenia made for her daughters attracted praise and, later, price inquiries. The clothing line is careful about what materials it uses, so it can ensure comfort and durability. It also offers “best friends” for children — teddy bears that also wear the brand’s featured outfits. YUME also has a philanthropic component: a partnership with the charity foundation AdVira, which helps fight children’s cancer.
The Money: The Sazhnikovs are looking to raise $15,000 by Jan. 2017, money that will help turn their children’s clothing line into an elegant entrepreneurial venture. The proceeds will go toward design, production and quality assurance. In addition, a portion of the money raised will be donated to AdVira.

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