It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Though the weather is far from seasonal at our New York City office, the storefronts and streets are, all the same, resplendent in holiday decorations, which has us feeling festive. To celebrate, we’ve compiled five timely crowdfunding campaigns by businesses that, if funded, can help customers celebrate life well into the new year. Happy Holidays!

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Resolving to Make Your Kids Healthier (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Health and wellness are resolutions for many, including parents worried about the well-being of their kids, so often glued to their devices rather than outside playing. For those determined to get their young ones to be more active, certified yoga teacher and business owner Bobbi Hamilton has the answer. The Venice Beach, Calif.-based entrepreneur’s venture, Phresh, has yoga mats, games and card decks that are designed to get children up and moving. Her work even received a stamp of approval from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign!
The Money: Within the next 11 days, Hamilton hopes to raise at least $9,750 (she has already cleared $8,000). Thanks to Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding option, she will receive some funding no matter what. The money she raises will be used to jumpstart mass manufacturing of her mats, posters of poses and card decks.

2. Saving Time and Space at Christmas (via Kickstarter)


The Business: Sofie Wann of WanNovation, located just outside of Los Angeles, has taken the concept of the artificial Christmas tree to the next level. Her product, the Space Saver Christmas Tree, is designed to bring holiday cheer to even the smallest room, without compromising space or comfort (as the name promises). It’s perfect for workplaces, small apartments (which we appreciate!), and any closer quarters in need of a little holiday cheer.
The Money: By or before Dec. 28, Wann is hoping to raise $100,000 — money that she will put toward production of the trees, website upgrades, packaging, shipping costs and more, should her campaign succeed.

3. Mix-and-Match Gifts (via Kickstarter)


The Business: For those who wish to be accessorized from head to toe, U.K.-based business {Adorable} has you covered. Run by woman business owner Christine Stedmann, the operation lets folks pick and choose a set of elastic hair ties all their own. It’s a fun, unique idea that’s even received acclaim from the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine. For now, customers can only place these orders by email or by posting to the site, but Stedmann is hoping to change that.
The Money: She needs to raise the £2,500 by Jan. 3 for her campaign to be funded. If she’s successful, the money will be put toward streamlining the online hair-tie selection process, as well as manufacturing, marketing, shipping and other business costs.

4. Helping the Polar Bears (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Santa Claus’ furry North Pole neighbors have some big fans a tad farther south. The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in Ontario, Canada, has since 2004 “done nothing but care for, increase awareness of and educate people on the plight of polar bears in both the wild and captivity.” Karen Cummings and her team are dedicated to making sure the future looks bright for polar bears like Henry and Ganuk, the two furry friends presently in their care.
The Money: Cummings has 16 days let to raise the $5,000 CAD needed to keep the bears fed, entertained and safe. The money generated by the campaign would also help with maintenance costs.

5. Festive Recipes for Detoxifying (via Kickstarter)


The Business: For most people, holiday eating isn’t exactly about being health-conscious. But chef O. Johnston is putting out what she says is a revolutionary new e-book that will have folks ending the holiday season feeling healthier than ever before. “Detox Your Way Through the Holidays” will feature gluten-free, Paleo and vegan recipes. And, the e-book will link to sources for harder-to-find ingredients, making it easy to get what you need delivered right to your doorstep.
The Money: Johnston has raised just over the $2,000 she was hoping to get from her campaign. That and any additional money she raises by her deadline, will go to completing the production of her e-book.

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