From baby-wearing shirts for Dad to coloring books that come alive, these ground-breaking works from enterprising women are changing the game in their respective industries. Read on to see how these female fundraisers are shaking up the worlds of photography, food and more.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. A Kangaroo Pouch for New Moms and Dads (via Indiegogo)

The Business: In 2013, Lalabu created the Soothe Shirt, a comfortable and reliable baby-wearing shirt for moms. Three years later, they have a new design — for Dad. Now, fathers, too, can carry their newborns around with the ease they need and the closeness they want. Lalabu is also coming out with gentle compression leggings for women. Founders Keri and Brian Fosse named their company after a woman who taught them about babywearing while they were in Africa. “We were impressed with how easily babies integrate into daily life when they’re worn throughout the day,” the Fosses say. “And we wanted to help more parents discover babywearing in a way that’s simple, easy and convenient.”
The Money: The duo has 8 days remaining in their campaign but has already surpassed their goal of $22,000. The bulk of the funds will be used for sourcing materials and ramping up production. In addition, 2 percent of all sales from the new line of shirts will provide microfinance to mom entrepreneurs in Africa.

2. Wander Without a Doubt (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Karen, Sharon and Sivan Siman-Tov are making traveling easier and cheaper with Wanderpak, a customized box of traveling essentials delivered right to your door currently offered to campaign contributors. Users indicate their destination and the types of activities they plan to do. Using that information, Wanderpak sends a box of 15 or more must-haves, which can include anything from to-go laundry detergent to travel flashlights to journals. The team at Wanderpak says it has researched the essentials for travelers in any part of the world and guarantees customers a budget-friendly and stress-reducing way of preparing for travel.
The Money: Wanderpak’s goal is to raise $8,500 by September 4. The money raised will be put toward developing, producing, marketing and distributing its boxes. It also hopes to begin selling through their own website soon.

3. Underneath We Are Women (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Amy Herrman is helping women embrace their bodies. In her book of photography, Underneath We Are Women, the Australian showcases female subjects of all shapes, sizes, ages, personalities, colors and abilities. Her photographs are raw and personal, and depict beautiful, confident women discovering joy and love in who they are — inside and out. “How long will you wait until you start living your life? How many goals will you set yourself before you choose to embrace your present self?” Herrman asks in her campaign. “This book is being created to show people that we can start loving ourselves now.” She hopes that showcasing the diversity of women’s bodies and the stories that shaped them as people will debunk stereotypes that women must look a certain way.
The Money: Herrman’s goal is raise $23,607 by September 7. The money will be used to print a run of 400 books. If she exceeds her goal, the extra money will be used to photograph more women in different parts of the world who have expressed interest in her project.

4. Picture Books Come to Life (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Coloring books are coming to life through Sarah Jackson’s tech innovations. She has created an app that sparks children’s imaginations when they read a story. With Jackson’s Head in the Clouds App, kids take a photo of what they have colored, point the app over a page in Jack & Abby, a 36-page picture book, and then their drawings come to life in 3D animations. “There are few things more imaginative and engaging than getting lost in the pages of a good story,” Jackson says. “What if you could extend the story by enabling your child to not only read a story, but become a part of it?”
The Money: By September 8, Jackson hopes to raise $46,500. The funds raised from Kickstarter will be used to complete the app’s design and fine-tune its coloring feature. Money will also go toward beta-testing, research and development, among other costs.

5. Old Jar, New Tricks (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Relid, based in Taiwan, offers a convenient way to reuse empty jars for leftovers or drinks. With secure, FDA-grade silicone lids, Relid allows customers to reuse their mason jars without worrying about spills, leaks or rusted caps. When they are done, they can put the lid in the dishwasher for reuse. Relid is the first product from Vitrop Design, according to founders and designers Jui-Wen Fang and Ching-Chia Lin. They have created lids in all shapes to fit a jar of any size and offer many different colors to match your style. Fang and Lin hope that Relid will help make it easier for people to recycle their jars and help preserve the environment.
The Money: Fang and Lin hope to raise $5,500 by September 18. The funds will go toward production of the lids. And the more money they make, the more colors and sizes they will produce.

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