The latest edition of our crowdfunding column spotlights women-led ventures that promote exercise, dance, exploration and new educational paths.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Getting Active at the Office (via iFundWomen)

The Business: Jelyse Dawson is the founder of Fusion Fitness by Jelyse, a Raleigh, N.C., business she started in 2014 to promote employee wellness at a variety of client firms. She became passionate about the subject after the demands of her previous career wore her out and hurt her health. Along with introducing more exercise into people’s work days, Dawson’s larger goal is to “address disparities in preventive health and wellness for low access populations” by offering low-income workers affordable exercise options that fit into their schedules, she says in her campaign.
The Money: Just 2 days remain for Dawson to meet her $5,000 goal. If she succeeds, she will put the money toward creating office-friendly videos that employees can use to get fit during breaks.

2. A Bold Dance Troupe (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Kim Lusk is a Seattle-based choreographer who uses dance as a storytelling medium. Her latest project, “A Dance for Dark Horses,” is a 60-minute choreographed piece that combines “humor, physicality, rhythmic music and a story about a group of underdogs,” she says in her campaign. Lusk aims to stage this show in March of 2018, and has turned to crowdfunding to pay for production expenses, including space rentals and payments to collaborators.
The Money: Lusk’s campaign has 10 days still to go, but she has already exceeded her goal of $7,000, which means her production will happen. Meeting her new stretch goal of $10,000 would allow her to pay for custom costumes, additional curtains and other perks.

3. Luggage That Lasts (via StartEngine)

The Business: Samsara Luggage is creating an aluminum carry-on suitcase suitable for every type of traveler. Co-founder Atara Dzikowski brought her design expertise to the look of the luggage, while her business partner, David Dahan, used his business acumen to get the New York City-based venture up and running. After carrying out two early, successful perk-based crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the duo is now turning to equity investors on the StartEngine platform for additional funding.
The Money: Dzikowski’s crowdfunding campaign has hit its minimum goal of $10,000. Money from investors will be used to manufacture more suitcases.

4. The New Bookstore in Town (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Katie Terhune and Kacey Wyttenhove are co-owners of Cream and Amber, a bookstore moving into Hopkins, Minn., that will also serve craft beers to customers. The duo met while they were students at Luther College. “That’s where we first started imagining a place where you could go to sip on a beer while you work, study or read a good book,” they say in the campaign. Now, they are turning those dreams into a reality.
The Money: The duo has a month to meet its $20,000 goal. That money will allow Terhune and Wyttenhove to pay for kitchen and bar construction, bookshelf installation and other set-up costs.

5. Rethinking STEM Education (via WeFunder)

The Business: Impact Science was co-founded by educators Ladie Malek and Robin Cooper to improve learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math for middle school students. “If we can set students up in middle school to be excited about science and engineering, and empower them to feel they are creative, intelligent individuals who are capable of going into any field, then they will have access to more opportunities going forward,” the campaign says. The pair is now piloting its program in more than 60 California schools, with plans to launch in 18 more states by 2019.
The Money: Malek and Cooper’s equity campaign has garnered $36,000 in investor funding to date. Funds will be used to further develop Impact Science’s curriculum, boost marketing efforts and more.

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