The entrepreneurial women featured below are addressing a wide range of issues — from cyclist safety and diversity in the book publishing world to helping new mothers and figuring out the perfect birthday gift. Learn more about the clever ways their ventures are working to make our lives better.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Hands-Free Pumping for Working Mothers (via Indiegogo)

The Business: As a mom of three, Crystal Harris was tired of wasting time undressing to take pumping breaks. She finally came up with a way to make breastfeeding easier with the Brauxiliary Band, a band that snaps around the bra and holds the breast pump flange against a woman’s chest. The Brauxiliary Band is a dual-layered bra attachment that makes pumping easy. The hands-free pump comes in one size, but can be adjusted to fit most any body. It is also quick to attach and compact for busy moms who are on the go. With her product, Harris hopes to aide women of  different demographics by being environmentally friendly, reducing absenteeism and, as a result, helping them earn more on the job.  
The Money: Fundraising for the Brauxiliary Band began in August, and Harris hopes to meet her campaign’s goal of $11,200 by or before late September. The money will be used for development and refinement ahead of production, which is slated to take place in October and November of this year.

2. Giving Gifts with an Impact (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Packed with Purpose is a specialty gifting company created by Leeatt Rothschild. The idea was borne of her desire to give gifts that are both impactful and socially conscious. Each box showcases items picked carefully and produced by other purpose-driven companies. The gift boxes can be purchased on a one-time basis or as a seasonal subscription of four boxes per year. Items within the boxes are not fully revealed online, but each one is filled with an assortment of products infused with the ideals of valuing high-quality workmanship and serving a greater good.
The Money: Rothschild’s goal is to raise $30,000 by September 16. The bulk of the money raised will be used to curate and distribute individual gift boxes. Some funds will also go towards branding development, as well as other small items.

3. Grow Your Passion (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Copenhagen-based entrepreneurs Giulia Cavalli and Bianca Baldacci started their plant-based adventure looking for different uses for plants. They came up with the idea of Clorofille, a collection of urban farming kits that have different themes. Their kits make it easy for customers to grow plants to makes paints, soaps, drinks and gourmet dishes. Their mission is to encourage plant lovers to explore different all-natural activities. “Clorofille wants also to promote a sustainable lifestyle giving you the chance of experimenting with the different uses of plants on your balcony, garden, or rooftop,” Cavalli says in the campaign. “Because nature can bloom everywhere, also in the city!”
The Money: Cavalli and Baldacci are looking to raise $2,274 by October 2. If successfully funded, the Kickstarter campaign will help fund the manufacturing process that will turn their prototypes into products.

4. A Box Full of Culture (via Indiegogo)

Credit: Indiegogo
Credit: Indiegogo

The Business: As a professional librarian and avid reader, Jamillah Gabriel noticed a lack of diversity in the books being published and promoted to book lovers. To address the issue, she created Call Number, a curated box filled with items that elevate African-American authors. Subscribers receive a monthly box with a newly released book, as well as several items, such as bookmarks, based on prominent themes in that book. “I’m excited to share with you a taste of what’s to come with a monthly Call Number book subscription,” Gabriel says. “Whether or not I reach the funding goal, anything given will still be used to launch Call Number.”
The Money: Gabriel is hoping to raise $1,750 by next month. The money will go towards covering the costs of producing, marketing and distributing each box. She also hopes to use some of the funds to create online platforms for marketing the products and managing the service.

5. Feel Safe, Look Epic (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Ros Clitheroe, a former semi-pro cyclist, is the founder of CARNEY, a women’s reflective cycling apparel brand. Her goal is to make biking safer through visible and stylish cycling gear. After being hit by a car while biking, Ciltheroe decided it was time to develop kits to ensure bikers are visible to drivers. To that aim, she partnered with a design agency in the U.K. to collaborate on apparel that is both safe and stylish. CARNEY is planning on introducing a full collection in the future, but will start by launching its arm warmers featuring reflective beads embedded into the material that will shine day or night.
The Money: Clitheroe’s goal is to reach $1,418 by October 1. The funds she raises will be put toward production, material suppliers and taxes. She hopes to initiate a first round production run in September of this year and to ship orders by December.

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