Technology continues to evolve at impressive speeds. Every time we get acclimated to one product or gadget, it seems like a new version is just reaching stores. Though the pace can be overwhelming, these advances often make our lives easier. And while many observers (including us) have bemoaned a dearth of women in STEM, there are female technologists out there making an impact. Check out the impressive ventures of these female entrepreneurs, whose products could — if funded — revolutionize how we dine, play and live in the future.

Check out these five women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Splitting the Check While Helping Those in Need (via Indiegogo)

The Business: When you’re out to dinner with a group of friends, dividing the bill at the end of the evening can be tricky. That’s where Full Society comes into play. Created by Baltimore-based entrepreneur Paige Toni, the app allows patrons to view, split and pay bills easily using their iPhones (and Android phones, if the campaign’s stretch goals are met). Full Society also makes it easy to donate meals to people in need.
The Money: Time is running out to support this campaign — Full Society has only five days left to raise the $20,000 it seeks. If the campaign succeeds, Toni would use the money to help her team of tech-savvy women plunge into further tech development and programming. A portion of the funds would also go toward marketing costs.

2. Teaching Sustainability in a Fun, New Way (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Kickstarter

The Business: Nina Sickenga and Tessa Florence Duste in Amsterdam are the co-founders behind ROOFLAB, a public educational facility and roof garden that “shows the possibilities of our smart city’s exploration of biodiversity, urban farming and water storage,” according to the campaign. The space will house a terrace, cafe and stage, among other things.
The Money: By May 19, Sickenga and Duste are hoping to raise $16,201. They have divided their plans for the money into four phases, each of which focuses on creating another component of the ROOFLAB space. Completion of each phase is dependent upon the amount of money they raise.

3. Getting Girls Excited About Tech (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Kickstarter

The Business: Playtime can be both fun and formative for children. That’s why Dr. Lyssa Neel is encouraging girls’ interests in the STEM fields through toys. Her invention, Linkitz, teaches girls about technology and coding by allowing them to create an array of toys by joining “links,” or electronic components with various functions. For example, a “magic wand” might be made from a speaker link and a light-up link, among others parts.
The Money: Neel is hoping to raise $95,000 by or before June 5. If the campaign succeeds, she and her team in San Francisco will be able to manufacture the product itself, as well as build an accompanying app.

4. Monitoring Pet Health the Modern Way (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Dog lovers, take note of Swiss-made DogsSense, a monitor in the form of an eco-leather collar that syncs with a downloadable app. Dorina Thiess — who links the tech and business sides of the venture — and her co-founders have created a device that will track your dog’s location, activity and even his or her health. “If you have a puppy or an oldie — DogsSense will let you know about the well-being of your dog,” the campaign states.
The Money: Just over one month remains for the team at DogsSense to raise the $7,575 they need. The next steps for DogsSense include hardware development, collar production and packaging work.

5. Crafting the “First Drone for Everyone” (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Kickstarter

The Business: From the mind of iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner comes a drone for everyday people. CyPhy Works is producing drones that will allow users to take previously impossible aerial photographs and more. “Thanks to technological advances like our Level-Up Technology, Swipe-to-Fly capabilities, Real-Time sharing to social media, Geo-Fencing and more, you no longer need to learn how to fly — you just fly,” the campaign promises.
The Money: Those interested in contributing to this project have until June 18 to do so, though it has already met — and exceeded — its fundraising goal of $250,000. All money raised will be used to fund production.

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