In this edition of our ongoing crowdfunding series, we’re spotlighting projects, products and services that were conceived and designed with fellow women in mind.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. An Informative Infertility App (via StartEngine)

The Business: Alice Crisci is the founder and CEO of MedAnswers, a Washington, D.C.-based startup that offers an app for women and men grappling with infertility. Through the app, users can connect with doctors and other experts who can competently answer their questions, sparing them the process of trying to find the right answers alone. “We are giving patients unprecedented access to the education and information they need in a far more manageable — and anonymous — environment than Google searches, public groups and forums allow,” Crisci says in the campaign.
The Money: Just 5 days remain in Crisci’s equity fundraising effort, and she has met her goal of raising $107,000 in investment funding. The money will help MedAnswers launch new verticals featuring information on genetics and oncology.

2. Examining Portrayals of Women in the Arts (via Indiegogo)

Credit: The Bechdel Group Facebook page.
Credit: The Bechdel Group Facebook page.

The Business: The Bechdel Group, based in New York City, has been hosting readings and discussions of theatrical works for the past 3 years, emphasizing material that highlights women’s experiences beyond the romantic or sexual. “Hosting free monthly readings and events that workshop new plays and screenplays in development, we work to foster a community of passionate, supportive theater lovers who care about the representation of women on stage and in film,” founder and artistic director Gina L. Grandi says in the campaign. Now, she and her team are looking to expand and formalize their efforts.
The Money: Grandi has 10 more days to meet or exceed her goal amount of $5,000. If she succeeds, the money will support The Bechdel Group’s new monthly readings, the production of a series of 10-minute plays, and filing paperwork to become an official nonprofit.

3. The Latest Installment of an Anthology Comic (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Ladies’ Night began in 2012 as founder Hannah K. Chapman’s search for a community full of “awesome women” reveling in “shared nerdy loves.” Since 2013, the women of Ladies’ Night have published a series of comic books appropriate for all ages — completed thanks to previous successful crowdfunding efforts — and a new volume is now ready for sharing. The series is executed by 24 women and gender non-binary creators from around the world, a manifestation of the group’s core belief that “education and community are vital for helping more underrepresented creators succeed in the comic book industry.”
The Money: Money from this campaign will pay for printing and shipping of the fifth volume in the Ladies’ Night Anthology series. The group has 14 more days to reach a goal of $8,500.

4. Inspiration from Women Around the World (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Sunny Eaton was an attorney, and Karin Balsley was a systems engineer. But in 2015, they ditched their corporate jobs and sold their possessions to embark upon a journey that began in Nashville and ended at the southernmost tip of South America. Their 2-year trip introduced them to a whole new world of women who were also living life on the road. The pair chronicled these meetings on a website — and, now, they want to share what they learned from the women they met in a self-published book.
The Money: Balsley and Eaton have 17 more days to hit their $10,000 fundraising goal. With that money, the duo will hire an editor and designer to complete the book, and pay for printing.

5. A Coworking Space Just for Women (via iFundWomen)

The Business: Emmarie Dempsey, CEO and founder of Girlspace, is on a mission to help her fellow female entrepreneurs find a space that caters to their specific needs. The Venice Beach, Calif., coworking space offers day-care services, meeting rooms and other amenities that are designed to help other women “gather, focus, build relationships, support each other and launch businesses that enrich themselves, their families, their communities and quite possibly the world.” But Dempsey needs help to keep things running.
The Money: In all, Dempsey hopes to raise $60,000. That money, if she gets it, will be put toward the space’s day care facilities and rent. There are 27 days left for her to meet or exceed her goal.

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