Social media is becoming more influential. (Credit: Flickr, Lyncconf Games)
Social media is becoming more influential. (Credit: Flickr, Lyncconf Games)

Social media is constantly changing, and it is hard to keep up with every meme and Twitter trend that might help your business. If you’re running a company, the idea of keeping up with several different media platforms can be overwhelming. We compiled a list of the top social media trends that are going to be relevant in 2020.

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1. The Death of “Likes”

Instagram has been talking about getting rid of likes for a while. According to Bloomberg, Instagram has slowly rolled out testing in various countries. It won’t be long before this spreads to other social media platforms as well. The death of likes could be good for businesses, as people will be drawn in by the product and not by its popularity.  Entrepreneur notes that the focus of social media will soon be about the response to the post, rather than the likes.

2. Social Commerce Will Continue to Grow

Social commerce is a convenient way for people to shop, as many individuals are already spending copious hours daily on social platforms. According to Forbes, Generation Z spends 2-3 times more than the average consumer shopping on social channels. Apps like Depop and Wish, which have generated interest in social shopping, have prompted Instagram and Snapchat to launch the ability to sell products on their apps. Consumer product companies would be wise to note that younger generations have clearly embraced shopping in this manner.

3. Niche Platforms Will Begin to Become Big

Companies should be careful to not overlook social media meant for a distinct audience. This Forbes article predicts niche platforms that allow smaller groups of people to connect over similar interests will continue to grow. While Facebook continues to be a social media giant, its growth is slowing and platforms like Tik Tok are becoming popular with teenagers. New platforms allow for new marketing opportunities for engaging with customers.

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4. Content is King

According to Inc., there will be a shift to quality over quantity when it comes to social media posts. A saturated media field has caused social media users to want creative content. Regular postings are still valid, but an update everyday is no longer required to grow your business. Take time to think about what will make your company stand out. Originality and authenticity are what people are looking for. When posting, think about what will be valuable to the consumer.

5. The Continued Use of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been big for a while. How many times has someone seen Kylie Jenner promote a product? The good news for companies and customers alike is that new platforms are coming on the scene to make influencer marketing easier and more ethical. For example, Nadia Lee created Kollectin, which allows influencers to become entrepreneurs and promote their own jewelry collections. And Ava McDonald launched Zfluence, which aims to take the “ick” factor out of influencer marketing by connecting Gen Z influencers to brands they genuinely like and use. Authenticity in marketing? That’s something to get behind in 2020. 

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