Look, we all scroll. No judgment – we’re just here to help you freshen up those social media feeds. (Credit: Nicola Barts, Pexels)

When it comes to creating quality content, mothers know best.

As much as we may endeavor to stay off our screens throughout the day – especially when spending time with little ones – sometimes, you just need a little social media breather from everything else that’s going on around you. But if your feed has gotten a bit stale of late, maybe you need to add something, or someone, new to the mix.

Maybe you need to find and follow one of the many Instagram-popular moms producing and sharing everything from thought-provoking videos on critical causes, laugh-out-loud memes about mom life – and of course, cute family photos – to their considerable followings. The moms on staff at The Story Exchange rounded up seven of our personal favorites, to get you started.


Dr. Becky Kennedy

@drbeckyatgoodinside – Dr. Becky, a clinical psychologist and mother of three, doles out great parenting advice in digestible nuggets via her Instagram page. For those seeking more of her wisdom, Dr. Becky also offers a podcast, a series of workshops through her business, Good Inside, and a New York Times best-selling book.


Melissa Pintor Carnagey

@sexpositive_families – This operation is run by licensed social worker and longtime sex educator Melissa Pintor Carnagey, also a parent themselves. A best-selling author as well, Pintor Carnagey shares tips to help parents navigate tricky birds-and-bees conversations with honesty, respect, and an awareness of the tech-centric world our children are growing up in.


Caitlin Murray

@bigtimeadulting – “This woman is just hilarious about mom stuff.” With a staff endorsement like that, how can you resist taking a look at Murray’s feed? This recent video, in which she requests a well-earned badge of honor for parenting on the weekends, is a great example of her wit. Murray also hosts a podcast, for those who prefer to get their parenting laughs in that way.


Dr. Traci Baxley

@socialjusticeparenting – How can we raise children who believe in – and want to fight for – equity? Author, professor, coach and mom Baxley has built a multi-pronged answer to that question, including a parenting course and her active Instagram account. The latter features a smattering of sage advice and updates on Baxley’s in-person appearances.


Sarah Nicole Landry

@thebirdspapaya – This Canadian mother of four centers body appreciation and honesty in her shares. Take, for example, this post, which proudly showcases her beautiful postpartum body. “I will always look like I’ve had a baby,” she plainly states. It’s that sort of refreshing candor that’s earned her over 2.3 million followers, to date.


Here 4 the Kids

@here4thekidsaction – This new but rapidly growing account is run by a coalition of mothers who have grown tired of political inaction around America’s gun-violence problem. To effect change themselves, the Denver-based group is rallying parents around the nation to protest and lobby elected officials to accomplish one simple yet crucial goal: ban guns.


Twins and Multiples

@twinsandmultiplesOk, sure, this may have been recommended by a mom staffer who has twins. But mothers of multiples: This online community is just for you. It’s got great advice for effectively parenting your twins or triplets, plus insights on how to weather burnout and more as an over-extended parent.

And of course, it’s a reminder that whatever your situation – whether you’re a mom of multiples, or a mom of boys, or a mom of teens – there’s probably another mom out there, in a similar situation, posting on social media. Join along for the fun and company, if you’re still awake.