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Name: Alexandra Schafer

Business: Velvenoir

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Industry: Professional Services – Art + Design Consultancy

Reason for starting: The desire to create the brand Velvenoir originated not only from my passion for art and devotion to design, but also from realizing that finding a sensitive interior designer was a constant challenge. Therefore I developed the concept of Velvenoir, which stands for high quality with regards to outsourced art, interior designers and our art consultancy service, which all goes hand in hand.

The mission of Velvenoir and the team behind it is to introduce carefully selected interior designers and a selected art collection to both our clients and partners, by offering a unique tailored platform with an online and offline combination where original art and interior design are the focus. This has all been developed out of my passion for making a difference with art and interior design. I just love seeing, how clients respond seeing the entire concept and how they fall in love with it.

How do you define success? Success for me means, artists, interior designers and partners who love working with us and the constant growth of our platform.

We do have a lot of goals planned for this year, such as exclusive events for our clients and partners, gaining more brand awareness internationally as well as launching a new venture with our luxury partners.

Biggest success: The biggest success to date was a project we’ve developed with one of our interior designers, and integrated one of our artworks in the design project, which made the client more than happy.

Ever since I’ve started it has been such an interesting journey – I’m really grateful for all the people I’ve met, and especially for those who still support Velvenoir in a way I never imagined. Although the journey has not always been easy, and we did experience some quite significant situations, but sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, and make a decision asap before it’s too late for both parties involved.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? We’ve been short on staff since we’ve started. I feel like we haven’t found the right candidate yet to join our team as a lot of passion and devotion is required to manage all our partners, clients and projects accordingly.

Who is your most important role model? Richard Branson.

Twitter   @alexis_2203

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