Your Name: Alicia Vanderschuere

Business Name: rosieMADE LLC, an online gift retailer

Type of Business: E-Commerce/Social Enterprise/Gifts

Business Location: Meridian, Idaho, United States

Twitter @rosieMADE

Reason for starting
I spent too many years outsourcing product and jobs overseas. I wanted to feel proud again about how I was spending my work day. I also saw all of the struggles women were still having. Although people talk of the “glass ceiling” as being a thing of the past, it is still present in most companies! Women continue to get paid less than men for the same work. They have a harder time getting loans. All of the statistics prove that there is still disparity! I created rosieMADE as a way counter these disparities–and as a way to show women another way to succeed. I can’t change the way American corporations work. But I can give new opportunities to women who work hard but don’t get the same rewards. The rosieMADE Foundation will provide grants to help women businesses. Instead of microloans that create debt, these grants will create empowerment!

How do you define success?
Being able to make a difference! I will succeed when my vendors succeed, our rosieNETWORK companies thrive, and when women have equal access to pay, promotions, loans, and opportunities! I will be successful when there’s no longer a need for rosieMADE!

Biggest Success
Right now, I’d say my biggest success is getting off the treadmill of that safe, well-paid corporate job, and chasing my dream! It has been an amazing experience and such a journey!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
The biggest challenge has really been educating people about what our business is, what we hope to accomplish, and WHY it’s important. People seem to accept disparity, without really being conscious of it. Our challenge is to help people see it, and demand more. Then, we MUST encourage people to use their power and their dollars to make change happen!

Who is your most important role model?
My mom! She taught me optimism, strength, compassion, and tenacity. She taught me to always do my best and ALWAYS look for the best in people! She also taught me that hard work and the right attitude make the difference in achieving goals!